How sizes of dishwashers influence the choice

Creating a harmonious kitchen space, we take into account every square centimeter, especially if the room is small. To rationally arrange all the equipment, you need to know exactly all its parameters. The size of the dishwasher depends on its type. Consider them in detail to correctly select and install it in the kitchen.

All household dishwashers are divided into two major groups: free-standing and built-in.

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  • 1 Built-in PMM
  • 2 dimensions Parameters of stationary PMM
  • 3 Mini dishwasher

Built-in PMM dimensions

While trying to create a pleasant kitchen design, many users prefer embedded appliances. You can find options with full embedding in the furniture, and with partial installation in the closet. Based on the dimensions, the built-in are divided into three more groups:

  • Full-size , with a width of 55 to 65 cm, a depth of 54 to 63 cm, and a height of 60 to 85 cm.

  • Narrow , overall dimensions: the width is only 44-45 cm, depth - 51-65 cm and height - 81-85 cm.

  • Compact ( small, mini), standard sizes range in height from 43.8 to 60 cm, width 54.5-60 cm and depth 495-60 cm.

Important! The height of the built-in equipment is most often 83 cm - these are standard parameters for comfortable installation under most worktops.

Consider the main examples of the sizes of popular models in the table:

Brand and model Embedding Height in cm Width in cm Depth in cm Spaciousness( in kitchenware) Cost in rubles( YDF) Smeg stf3 full 82 60 55 13 21 000
Bosch SMI 46IS09 E partial 81.5 59.8 57 13 47 390

In addition to the above three main groups, it is impossible to ignore a technique whose dimensions are difficult to standardize. These are the PMM:

  • Kuppersbusch IGVS 6609.3 .If in width and depth it is standard and is 60 and 55 cm, respectively, then the height of the body is significantly different: as much as 87 cm. Spaciousness - 13 crockery sets. The price is 160 650 rubles.

  • Kuppersbusch IGS 6908.1 GE - a dishwasher with a standard width of 60 cm. The depth is 57 cm and the height is 91 cm. These parameters are reflected in the capacity: 14 sets. The cost is 76,650 rubles.

  • Smeg STO905-1 - one of the most non-standard models. WxDxCh are: 85.9x55x57.8 cm. The bunker is designed for 12 sets of dishes of the standard type. Cost - 100 390 rubles.

  • Samsung DW50H4050BB is a narrow fully built-in dishwasher with body parameters: 45x65x82 cm. The tank is designed for 10 dish sets. Price - from 25 000 rubles.

You can learn more about the sizes, features, advantages and disadvantages of such equipment from the “Built-in dishwashers” review. Also useful instructions will come to your aid from the pages: “How to choose a dishwasher of 45 cm” and “How to choose a dishwasher of 60 cm”.

Parameters of stationary PMM

Single-standing machines are represented by such brands as “Bosch”, “Ariston”, “Indesit”, “Electrolux” and many others. They can be easily divided into two main groups: floor and table. As well as built-in, stationary PMM are divided into three types:

  • is full-sized;
  • narrow;
  • compact.

The height of narrow and full-size PMM is slightly larger than similar built-in models - up to 95 cm, because they do not need to be embedded under the table top. But if you want to place such a car in the headset niche, you can find a model with a removable lid: a dishwasher 85 cm high can easily “turn” into a model with a height of 83 cm.

Attention! The minimum and maximum installation dimensions of vehicles can often be exaggerated or deliberately reduced in advertising. Therefore, always pay attention to the technical documentation, in which all the parameters of the case are precisely written. Sometimes every centimeter is worth its weight in gold.

An important feature of stationary dishwashers: “Bosch”, “Siemens”, “Kandy”, “Electrolux” and “Hansa” are consumer-oriented in the Russian Federation. At the same time, the dimensions of the equipment are unified, therefore they fit perfectly between furniture cabinets. Smeg, Kuppersbusch or Mile instruments are mainly manufactured for a European buyer, therefore their dimensions may differ significantly from standard ones.

Consider the popular options for free-standing dishwashers in the table:

Brand, model WxDxH( in cm) Capacity of Banks( in sets) of the engine 0 Type Cost( in rubles)
Kstish in the amount of rest in the form of the engine in the kafe in 019DD , full-size 19 990
De'Longhi DDWS09F Rubino 60x60x84,5 14 floor, full size 30 990
Siemens SR 26T897 45x60x85 10 floor, narrow 38 500
Bosch SPS 53E06 45x60x85 9 floor, narrow 28 700
Bosch SKS 40E22 55,1x50x45 6 Table compact 19 300
ElectroluxESF 9451 LOW 45x62x85 9 Napote a narrow 26 730

Flavia FS 60 ENZA


60x60x85 14 floor, full size 25 000

What other solutions are there for a small kitchen? If the height of the kitchen box allows, some compact models can be successfully entered under the sink: this is not about the built-in, but about the mini-stationary PMM, which you can just successfully hide. In this case, you can avoid many installation subtleties, because the technique is not built into the closet, but simply put. For example, you can buy a compact Candy CDCP 6 / E for 6 sets, dimensions 55x50x43.8 cm and weighing 22.5 kg;set under the sink, hiding a small technique behind the wall of the facade.

Read more about the dimensions in the reviews “Dishwasher Height” and “Dishwasher Width”.

Mini Dishwasher

A few words about miniature models. Of course, it’s unrealistic to find a 30 or 40 cm version, although some manufacturers may loudly advertise products of this size. Make no mistake: in the Russian market the minimum width of the dishwasher is 44.5 cm.

Yes, and with the minimum dimensions of one side of the cabinet, the machine itself can have quite impressive dimensions. Examples:

  • Ardo ME 5661 is only 40.4 cm wide, its standard depth is 52 cm, and its height is only 53.5 cm. According to the latest data, it is not for sale on the domestic market.

  • Elenberg DW-500 is the version with the smallest depth: only 45 cm. The width of the compact model is 57 cm and the height is 50 cm. Like the previous car, it is not for sale in Russia.

  • Whirlpool ADG 1900 - fully embedded dishwasher with the smallest height( also not available on the market): only 40.7 cm. Width of the PMM is 59.5 cm and depth is 57 cm.

See a brief overview of the small models we found to determinewhich size is best for your kitchen:

  • Korting KDF 2095 W - tank capacity: 6 sets, body dimensions: 55x50x44 cm. Electronic control, highest classes of drying, washing and energy efficiency - A, 6 programs and the same temperature regimes. Price - from 18 990 rubles.

  • Flavia CI 55 HAVANA - bunker for 6 sets, drying and washing classes - the highest, energy consumption - А +.Only 7 cycles and 5 temperature modes. The case has dimensions of 55x50x43.8 cm. Cost - from 14 804 rubles.

  • Gorenje GVC 63115 - fully embedded PMM, designed for 6 sets of dishes. The functionality is provided with 6 programs and 6 temperature modes. The parameters of the case: 55x50x44 cm. Cost - from 20 000 rubles.

Details on how to choose an appliance and what to look for when buying, read the page "Overview of small dishwashers."

Now you know exactly what the size of the PMM are for today. It remains to choose a specific model for a kitchen set, or vice versa - to order a kitchen based on the parameters of the MMP.We wish you a good and balanced choice!

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