Connect the dishwasher to the water supply

Not curious about one curious thing - the dishwasher is protected from leaks in full, and the washing only case is equipped with a sensor in the pan, if the bottom is worth. Exceptions are more likely to be considered white ravens than the rule. What is the difference? Sellers of washing machines do not advertise protection. The Americans and Europeans decided to put a washing machine where a drain hole in the floor is installed( like toilet bowls).And if the hose starts to flow, the bad won't happen. And the connection of the dishwasher to the water supply is in the field of kitchen. ..

Connecting the dishwasher and installing


We assume that the seller is not deceived, and the loaders delivered the product intact. Together with the product there are hoses for connecting a dishwasher:

  1. Drainage( corrugation or ribbed, rubber or plastic).
  2. Bulk( rubber).

In this dishwasher is no different from washing. We check products for integrity. According to the instructions, let's see if full leak protection is available. If a positive outcome at the end of the filling hose put a special valve. The design is impossible not to notice. If we understand correctly, the valve is closed by default. If it does not work, in the future the dishwasher will not pick up water. Similarly arranged washing inlet.

Door and hinged panel

We tell about the built-in equipment, since the other is installed much easier. A number of models have a hinged decorative wood panel. The presence of other material is also allowed. If the washing machine door is hung, the dishwasher has an external element for beauty.

Included is a template, on it, applying, the panel is drilled. Facing untouched. We start the dishwasher connection from this part. We take a drill and, without drilling through, carefully make holes on the pattern. Screws, hinges and other hardware are included. Take it and screw it with a screwdriver in places. On the template colorfully drawn location of parts. What to do if this paper is not included. It is necessary to check the equipment even before buying in the store. If the template is missing, it is recommended to take the other product, change the seller.

It was the turn of the springs. There is a video on YouTube, where a Russian American was wondering a lot about why the door tries to close all the time. Forgot to hang the panel. The connection of the built-in dishwasher is accompanied by the adjustment of the door springs. Two designs are known:

  • ASKO models, they have faces, with the exception of the front, are wrapped with vapor insulation. There are two springs on the side of it on both sides, they need to be adjusted. The springs on one side cling to the bottom of the door, and the other to the bottom of the case. For adjustment along the bottom edge there are four identical holes at different distances. The spring is equipped with a precision mechanism, it is adjustable by tightening a special nut. Using these two means, make sure that the door does not close or open independently in any position.

  • As for the Midea, they have one screw each from both sides at the bottom of the front panel. Twisting, get the settings you want.

If the door closes without a hinged panel, this is normal. The main thing is that the assembly works as described above.

Steam Insulation Countertops

Slip about steam insulation. If the kit is missing, the installation and connection of the dishwasher will certainly be accompanied by special measures to prevent harm to the countertop. It is necessary to glue the vapor barrier film from below. It is better to buy the equivalent in the hardware store, because polyethylene does not let moisture through, and the special material passes, but slowly. This ensures that there is no condensation on the body of the dishwasher.

A number of manufacturers provide external edges with a similarity to felt. This is done for reasons of thermal insulation and damping vibrations that inevitably arise during operation. The builder must understand that a dishwasher is a source of moisture and vibrations. And the efficiency is improved during wall insulation.

Connection of a bulk and drainage hose

The time has come to look at the filling and drainage hoses. Siphon to connect the dishwasher is equipped with a special pipe, where the drain socket is pushed. This is a necessary purchase. But allowed the use of tee. For example, 50 mm. If the drain hose socket is too small, look in the store for a special adapter a la 50x20 mm. This is a trimmed cone in appearance.

Ideally, a tap for connecting a dishwasher. Under him need a tee made of bronze. Do not take other material, especially hot water. If the pipes are plastic, you will have to call an expert for tapping the parts. Although with skillful hands and a soldering iron( having previously trained on trimming), you will perform the operation yourself. In the light of modern materials it is not dangerous. Moreover, a tap is available to block the water in the apartment.

Connecting the drain of the dishwasher and the suction hose will require you to drill a couple of holes in the furniture. Saw these hefty round holes, but how to make similar ones. You need a Forstner drill. In America, it is advised to take two inches, and we take, allowing you to stretch both hoses, preferably through one hole. The connection of the dishwasher to the water is complete.

Connecting to the outlet

This is the easy part if there is a man in the house. We take in the store extension cable, better with a filter, like a computer power cord. Next:

  • Cut the plug.
  • Find a power outlet nearby.
  • Turning off the light in the house.

  • Mount the wire under the socket.
  • We nail the nails along the plinth.
  • We hang the socket on the wall behind the cabinet half a meter from the floor.
  • Turn on the button to check for voltage.

It remains to connect the dishwasher to the mains. Time to push the device into place.

Fixing the dishwasher in the compartment

To prevent the dishwasher from moving across the floor, there are several metal clips on the body. They have one or two ears. Push the unit back. We adjust the height of the legs so that the top of the case rests on the tabletop. Please note that not all products are allowed to adjust the rear legs. We believe that strict leveling is not important for the device. Nevertheless, we take the level and adjust all the legs until we reach the ideal position. Focusing on the bottom of the working compartment. It will be necessary to push in and push out the product several times, so pay attention that the complete row of dishwashers comes with special sliders( plastic nozzles on the legs) that prevent scratching the surface.

In conclusion, we screw the screws into the mounting brackets, and the process is completed by 99%.It remains to check the product for performance and no leakage.


Make sure that the connection of the washing machine and dishwasher goes the same way. It is advantageous to supply electricity and provide a connection to the sewage and the riser. There are models that collect and hot and cold water. In this case, the process goes the same way, but you will need two tees and two cranes. These products are standard and identical. Try to take a bronze - more durable. Although modern plastic taps are credible. But not strong enough.

A tabletop dishwasher connection may require a pair of holes in the countertop. The price in terms of tools is unlikely to exceed 100 rubles.

Some models of dishwashers have a removable base. The position changes to align with the contour of the kitchen furniture: the base is removed, and the brackets bend as necessary. They did not say the main thing - try to choose a product to match the furniture.

A few words say about measurements. Here, with washing machines, there is a small scatter. There are no models for a 67 cm high sink with dishwasher equipment. The nearest size is 60 cm. They are called compact. There are heights:

  1. 82 cm.
  2. 85 cm.
  3. 45 - 47 cm.

Gradable and width. The range of values ​​is 80, 60, 45 - 50 cm. The depth of dishwashers varies between 45 and 60 cm. They pay little attention to it, but let us work to choose one so that the equipment fits comfortably into place. Do not place the unit against the backside of the wall against the wall: there is a pump inside, it needs cooling. Heat product allocates a small amount when compared with other appliances.

. You can also install external leakage protection if required. Beware of turning on appliances without human observation. There are cases when this led to unpleasant consequences.

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