Connect the dishwasher to the mains

In America, the outlet is located under the knee of the kitchen sink. We believe such a dishwasher connection to the power grid is risky. A leakage will cause a short circuit, if the protective elements do not work, a fire is possible. Pros recommend installing an automatic amp on 16 for a dishwasher, but this seems too complicated. It is much easier to perform the proper connection of the dishwasher to avoid excesses.

How to connect the dishwasher to the

electrical network. First of all, check the rating. In other cases, the connection of the Electrolux dishwasher is allowed to the mains voltage standard. The switch is located on the plug. If put in the wrong position, the equipment will not work. Whether the dishwasher will break, is not written in the instructions.

Always on the manufacturer or dealer site, specify the length of the cord, knowledge will help you choose a place to install the outlet. Do not put low. Suitable height - half a meter from the floor, out of reach of water and splashing from the sink. For compact models that are installed on the table, it is allowed to use an outlet for a refrigerator or hob. It is necessary to estimate the bandwidth of the wire.

Wiring for connecting a dishwasher

Copper three-core wire PVS3 is suitable for wiring household appliances. It is a hard and thick cord that easily holds its shape. It is easily cut with nippers and cleaned from the insulating layer. Specific weight depends on the brand. The main thing is that the PVS3 consists of three wires( the number in the marking):

  • two for the phase( 0 and 230 V);
  • one for grounding.

Each vein with a braid of a fixed color: yellow, blue, white. We will find three types of performance of the cable PVS3 - U, T, UHL.The first option is designed for use outdoors at a temperature of - 40 - + 40 ºС, take note, if there is a need to lay an electrician outside the kitchen on the veranda on the horizon. The rest of the performance for the street are not suitable, are used at a temperature of - 25 - +40 ºС.Maximum heating of PVS3 does not exceed +70 ºС.

The power of the PVS3 depends on the cross section of the cores:

  1. 0.75 mm2 - 2.2 kW.
  2. 1 mm2 - 2.64 kW.
  3. 1.5 mm2 - 2.86 kW.
  4. 2.5 mm2 - 4.18 kW.
  5. 4 mm2 - 5.28 kW.

The cord has a working voltage of 380 V, suitable for powering appliances from a 230 V socket. If you plan to connect a table-mounted dishwasher in parallel with a refrigerator, the wire will be needed thicker. Otherwise, simply can not stand the load. The same applies to microwaves and other equipment. If you are not sure that the electrician will stand in the house, contact a professional!

Take the power reserve at least twice. Try to connect the devices to the outlets or do not use at the same time. It's easier to do this by connecting a dishwasher( Electrolux, for example) with a microwave. Cooking - at the same time, doing plates - at another, for example

. Carrying for connecting the dishwasher. The wire is nailed along the plinth with soft clamps. Do not damage the insulation, otherwise electric shock may occur when washing floors.

Advantages of the method - the calculated throughput capacity has already been allocated for carrying, ask the value from the seller. The chance that the dishwasher will overload the network is reduced.

Attention pay attention to the surge protectors of personal computers, smoothing the ripple voltage. Cost inexpensive, suitable for our purposes. The throughput capacity is indicated. It remains to cut the plug and connect the wire according to the rules. Grounding is available( although not always used).


We are dealing with water. For safety, use differential circuit breakers. This will save households from electric shock. The power of the machine is chosen according to the passport data of the vehicle. Without properly equipped grounding, the RCD is not functioning. In private households, consider a lightning rod, grounding branches, and dig a contour in the courtyard. You can use the ability to cook metal corners for joining knots together.


We do not recommend buying ungrounded appliances into a home in private houses. It’s easy to go out to the yard and do the grounding for the dishwasher and other equipment yourself. It will take a scattering of metal corners and stripes( for example, 40x4 mm).Without a welding machine, we cut corners( for example, 40 - 45 mm with equal shelves) with a grinder or hardworking hands into four pieces 2 meters long. A bit longer or shorter. The main thing is that the pairs are equal in pairs.

Take a drill, drill holes for bolts to collect a rectangular ground loop. Unpleasant left for later. Now that the Siemens dishwasher is already half done, it’s easier to grab a shovel. Do not forget that the steel tape to one end to put on the circuit with a bolt. Help drill metal and patience. Now we dig a hole. For example, to make the wall of the house at a distance of 1 - 1.5 meters or a little further. The unpleasant thing is that the trench is dug out according to the shape of the ground loop. Ideally, the depth will be 2 - 2.5 meters, we believe that 1.5 meters will suffice.

Contour fits inward. In an amicable way, it is necessary to coat it with anti-corrosion primer or special paint. To drain water to the bottom of the pit, sand is poured( tamped down) and gravel( it is permissible not to tamp).The upper part of the circuit must fit snugly to the ground to divert excess current. Drainage may not be done, if desired, after 4 years to repeat the operation from scratch. The ground strip is brought into the room, after checking the resistance to ground. This is ideally Ohm's fraction, in practice it reaches 3 - 5 Ohms( bad).The resulting tire will connect the dishwasher and home equipment.

We will calculate the grounding parameters, here we just led a semi-industrial scheme suitable for the house. Do not be afraid to connect the dishwasher. Use the software for calculations.

In conclusion,

listed popular brands of dishwashers, it is proposed to round out and discuss typical aspects. If you need to lay the electrical network down the street, use a cable. For the ground, take the product with armor, on top you can start up and light brand. Wire and cable are different things, do not confuse. Wires are not intended for use underground or in harsh industrial environments. The difference from the cable in the absence of protection and lower bandwidth. Although the division is conditional( not directly stated in GOST).

Choosing equipment, do not forget to look for a siphon for connecting a dishwasher. The dishwasher siphon is equipped with a special branch pipe for draining sewage. Must fit to the hose. We recommend to check with dealers. On occasion, a tee to connect the dishwasher. It is made of PVC, the pipe is located lower than the siphon due to the design.

Part of the drain from the sink pours out if the drain hose to connect the dishwasher is the wrong size. It is recommended to get an adapter made of rubber, for example, 50 x 22 mm. So that the first end fits to the tee, the second to the hose.

A tee made of bronze is useful for plunging into a riser. It is useful to get a shut-off valve. Heard about the self-cutting fitting for a plastic pipe. Information about the device is drawn from the reference book of authorship Volkova V.A.2006There is a scheme of work, but not a word where to buy a self-cutting tap for connecting a dishwasher. In the composition of the boilers and the individual equipment there are products that must be produced.

Talis sells self-tapping clamps. It is possible that they are suitable for plastic pipes, if you look at a working diameter of 20 - 68 mm. We recommend connecting through a bronze tee, which can be embedded in a plastic pipe branch. Or use the standard fitting with a tap for washing machines.

Do not forget, under the communications you will have to perforate the furniture, carefully choose the location of the purchase and stock up with Forstner drills( do not scare the merchandisers with the true name of the drill, say you need large holes in the chipboard).Seven times, try - cut once!

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