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The best embedded dishwashers are expensive. Today we talk, rather, about the unusual models. For example, compact Siemens models with a height of 60 cm are unusual. The standard value is a number selected from a range of 45 cm, 82 cm and 85 cm. Of course, no one can withstand the parameters. They are, respectively, a compact, built-in and freestanding dishwashers. Moreover, the adjustment range of the products is wide. Reaches up to 6 cm in height, there is a copy for each kitchen cabinet.

Embedded dishwashers

Today, the embedded dishwashers segment accounts for over half of the demand. Obviously, the consumer is interested. Siemens compact built-in dishwashers have a large load, easily hiding under the sink, showing a unique combination. To wash 9 sets, get the equipment not lower than 82 cm, and the mentioned baby will cope with 8 sets. The model name is SC76M522RU.

Siemens has been making consumers happy with new products for over a hundred and fifty years:

  1. Today, the company's dishwashers are able to choose the best program for a dishwasher. It comes to complete automatism. The program is automatically selected even for fragile dishes.
  2. For fine dishes, water is constantly monitored and preheated in heat exchangers.
  3. The best dishwasher will cover the door on its own at an angle of less than 10 degrees.
  4. The height of the box is flexibly adjusted; if you remove the object, you will wash the inside of the trays and the fat-absorbing filters of the kitchen hoods inside.
  5. Electronic indicators of the rinse level and salt will show when it is time to replace the active substances.
  6. Rocker arm special waveform. Thanks to the solution, the jets do not intersect, which significantly reduces water consumption.
  7. Salt is added only when necessary. A special sensor measures stiffness.
  8. After each washing step, the transparency of the water is checked. If it is clean enough, it recycles, saving up to 4 liters per cycle. An additional sensor ensures that water is used in one step as long as the level of contamination of the fluid allows.
  9. VarioSpeed ​​software allows you to manage up to three times faster.
  10. A special open niche on the inside of the door will allow you to use 3-in-1 combined tools more efficiently.
  11. The increased drying temperature of the hygiene option destroys 99.9% of the germs.
  12. Water pressure varies. For heavy pollution, the highest jet speed is used.

These are curious features. Of course, the best models of dishwashers are able to dispense cleaning products and prevent children from interfering with the process. Do not wait for similar charms for the minimum 10,000 rubles. Top equipment is more expensive. Wonderful models start at 17,000 rubles. Cheap, as a rule, donate options.

Compact dishwasher SN56T590RU

Dishwasher SN56T590RU reaches a height of 81.5 cm and is built into the kitchen cabinet. On the manufacturer’s website there is scant information about the product, if you walk through specialized resources, we add up a decent description. I didn’t like the height of the two models on the official website( 60 and 45 cm), and for this model the width was 60 cm. I was alarmed by the shape of the product that was too far up, and they were right! This is a full-size unit under the tabletop, which holds 14 sets of dishes. More does not happen, but the price rolls over. Makes 36,000 rubles.

This is interesting! Sometimes the seller takes from the kit installation instructions to impose their own course of events. Before purchase, check the availability of the document. Or you can go smarter: check the availability of the electronic version on the Internet( on the manufacturer’s website, etc.).

The model is connected to a hot water riser, but it does not describe whether the technician can mix warm and cold for a lot of money. After all, the inlet temperature should not exceed 60 ºС.We understand that for Europe the application is enough, there the batteries are by law no hotter than the specified threshold. Connect the car to the riser, and live in peace. For our country, we get a strange function. Hot water is higher in temperature, in addition, heavily polluted with salts. Halite into the system is charged in the boiler room to rid the pipes of scale.

Which dishwasher is better, decide, but the opinion of the authors: preventive maintenance in the summer and rust( after the intervention) will not benefit the dishes. Pleases consumption of hot water per cycle.10 liters for 14 sets - it seems that the device synthesizes a vital fluid inside, from the air.

For the rest, this is the best dishwasher - still, for that kind of money!- equipped with options like half load, accelerated program, indicators of salt and rinse, full protection against leaks, water purity and accessibility sensor use 3 in 1. Despite the quiet inverter motor, we continue to wonder about the high price. Probably, the warranty conditions will please. Or the explanation is in flexible loading options.

I am glad that Siemens launches dishwashers by adding a postfix from the word that characterizes the class of the unit. Reading "Basic" or "Kofmort", we will already make up an idea of ​​the waiting inside.

Built-in dishwashers SR65M035RU Comfort and SR64M000RU Basic

What distinguishes the two classes of Siemens dishwashers:

  • There is no more varioSpeed ​​option in the model that allows for faster washing. The special function will quickly clean the plates that did not have time to dry.
  • Instead of the VarioFlex, the basic version has the “possibility of adjusting the height of the upper shelf”.This is important, but it is worthwhile for the manufacturer to tell the consumer what dishwashers do with the curious option.
  • Special cool flickering blue lights class Comfort will put in places. In the basic dishwasher there is simply no such thing.
  • The budget model does not provide an advanced function of hygiene, which means that 99.9% of microbes will remain alive.
  • Siemens guarantees leak protection during the life of the dishwasher. It is curious what lies behind the quoted words. Check with the dealer when deciding which brand of dishwasher is best.

The basic model has three properties that do not intersect with the description of Comfort, we believe that the options are inherent in both brands:

  • Durable silent motor on the inverter circuit.
  • Built-in lock for the door.
  • Mode of washing fragile dishes.

The best manufacturers of dishwashers

The best manufacturers of dishwashers today are known. In the world, according to some sources, the leader is Bosch. If the washing machine market remains for LG, a not so high percentage is allocated in the South Korean dishwasher segment. We trust Samsung refrigerators, but in the segment of the products being described, manufacturers are clearly not the leaders. It is worth paying attention to the Swedish Electrolux, traditionally high-quality products.

Do not pass by if you have money Kaiser and Kuppersberg. With a price of up to 24,000 rubles, you will find decent models. They do not have VarioFlex and VarioSpeed, but there are accelerated washing modes and other interesting options.

Which firm is better than a dishwasher, definitely difficult to say. I like ZANUSSI ZDS 105 for 10500 rubles. They will allow you to use 3 in 1 products( the best tool for dishwashers), which means you can save time. Noisy, fit 9 sets, give out 53 dB.Slightly more noticeable than the refrigerator. It is unpleasant that there is no half load, but an economical program is present. In addition, you will find a soaking mode that allows you to cope with dirt( for a long time).This is a budget equipment, giving a chance to get acquainted with the concept of a dishwasher.

We believe that the best dishwashers are suitable for quality, price, functionality. It is foolish to take a model for 40,000 rubles on credit with incomes at the level of the minimum wage. It is inappropriate to save, receiving 200,000 rubles a month.

Tip: do not trust someone else's ratings and reviews. Keep your head on your shoulders. Be sure to read a couple of our articles in order to start orient yourself in the options and be able to choose the dishwasher yourself.

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