Dishwasher Comparison by Type, Features and Price

Choosing a dishwasher, you should consider a lot of important characteristics. To help you decide, we offer you to compare dishwashers of different types and types. You are waiting for popular models from various brands, a comparison of their functionality and prices, as well as feedback from real users.

material Contents:

  • 1 Standard PMM for home and life
    • 1.1 Bosch SMS 50D48
    • 1.2 Indesit DFG 26B10
  • 2 Compact PMM for a small kitchen
    • 2.1 Candy CDCP 6 / E
    • 2.2 Bosch SKS 41E11
  • 3 Narrow PMM
    • 3.1 HotpointArson LSFK 7B09standard - due to their size, in allworld renowned unified. Such dishwashers are not built into the kitchen set, therefore they are distinguished by the most capacious bunker: it includes up to 15 kitchen sets. The design is so familiar and simple that it will fit into almost any interior.

      Consider the models that are most in demand among domestic buyers.

      Bosch SMS 50D48

      This is a full-size freestanding model that holds 12 crockery kits. All classes( drying, washing and energy efficiency) - A. PMM consumes 12 liters of water per wash cycle and 1.02 W / h. Noise Bosch SMS 50D48 is 48 dB.

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      Of the 5 programs, users mark as the most useful “Express”, “Economy” and “Soak”.In addition, there are 4 temperature conditions and condensation drying. Full leakage protection.


      • delayed launch - from 3 to 9 hours;
      • water turbidity sensor ;
      • rinse aid and regenerating salt indicators;
      • anti-fingerprint coating;
      • wine glasses holder included;
      • VarioSpeed ​​function.

      What is not in this PMM: the display on the control panel, protection against accidental pressing and a sound signal at the end of the cycle. At a cost of 32,500 rubles, according to YandexMarket, these are minor shortcomings.

      Indesit DFG 26B10

      Even 5 years ago, users complained about the quality of assembly "Indesit", now the MMP of this brand are on the same level with more famous brands. So, the DFG 26B10 model competes with the “Electrolux”, “Bosch” and even “Siemens” cars. Let us make a reservation in advance that the dishwasher has some drawbacks:

      • lack of display on the control panel;
      • normal white color without other colors;
      • high noise level noted in the technical documentation - 51 dB.

      Important! If the task is to choose a relatively silent model, select options with noise up to 45 dB.Need a very quiet dishwasher? Then the value should not exceed 40 dB.

      Often users report that the details in this PMM are too low quality and constantly break. These allegations have been repeatedly refuted by masters and experts. All components are reliable enough, and the cause of a breakdown can be a factory defect( no one is insured against it) or a violation of the rules for operating the device.

      Now the merits:

      • low cost - only from 19,690 rubles;
      • capacity of the bunker - 13 crockery sets;
      • hidden heater;
      • 6 washing cycles: normal, intensive, economical, fast, delicate and soaking mode;
      • condensation drying;
      • half load;
      • delayed start of the cycle;
      • possibility connection to hot water .

      Also, the machine provides protection against leakage of a partial type( by body) and there is an indication of salt and rinse aid.

      Compact PMM for a small kitchen

      Small models include the minimum dimensions. This dishwasher, which will fit on the table or under the sink - where there will not stand full-size PMM.Approximate dimensions in width, depth and height are 55x50x45 cm, although less can be found on the market.

      Fact! In terms of size, compact dishwashers are like household microwaves. Therefore, if you decide to throw away the old stove, the MMP will easily fall into its place.

      Candy CDCP 6 / E

      The leader of the compact PMM segment - Candy CDCP 6 / E.Despite the fact that the brand "Kandy" of Italian origin, this machine is assembled in China, which slightly affects its build quality.

      For 12 700 rubles you get an excellent dishwasher, designed for 6 sets. The functionality of a small car can be envied by more dimensional models - it provides for 6 cycles, among which are “Intensive”, “Express” and “Delicate”.In addition, there are 5 temperature regimes.

      There is no automatic adjustment of water hardness in this model, but in its improved and more expensive version of CANDY CDCP 6 / E-07 there is.


      • noise - 51 dB;
      • drying class B, whereas the market has long been replete with options with classes A;
      • primitive electronics without display.

      Specifications are as follows: water consumption of 7 liters, power consumption at 0.61 kW / h. The duration of the standard cycle is 195 minutes.


      • full leak protection;
      • delayed launch - up to 8 hours;
      • wine glasses holder;
      • indicators of salt and rinse aid;
      • lightweight design - 22.5 kg.

      Bosch SKS 41E11

      Compact freestanding dishwasher, worth 22,000 rubles and a capacity of 6 sets. The design is as simple as in the previous version, but at the same time there are plenty of positive reviews.

      Consumer Reviews

      Zhanna, Vladimir

      Very high quality dishwashing. Virtually no drawbacks, except that there is no display, there is no sound at the end of the wash and the function of a separate rinse. For the rest, in a month and a half I have already managed to evaluate the functionality and the real benefits of the acquisition. For our small kitchen it was the most suitable option. Plus the fact that you do not need to save for 2 days the dishes, so we get clean dishes every day. Basically, my favorite is the ECO program - I load dishes for the night, the wash time is 3 hours. For those who say that they are washing badly - my advice is to arrange the dishes correctly on the shelves, then everything will be washed by .

      Tatyana, Moscow

      Washes to shine and crystal clarity. Less than a month of use has not yet been identified. Prior to that, there was a similar model of an older type, in which a heating element burned out. I consulted with my husband and did not fix it, went to the store for a new one. This was even better. By the way, a little more tableware climbs into it due to the different arrangement of the trays.

      Narrow PMM

      We continue to compare dishwashers of different types from different brands. And our following "experimental" - PMM with a narrow body. Only the width, which is not 60, but 45 cm, distinguishes them from ordinary ones. This is a plus for placement in a small kitchen, but a minus in terms of the capacity of the hopper.

      Hotpoint-Ariston LSFK 7B09 C

      The dimensions of the machine are 45x60x85 cm( W x D x H).Capacity - 10 dish sets;not a bad indicator, considering that often no more than 9 sets enter the narrow case. Noise level - 49 dB.Electronics provides 7 programs, among which: "Intensive", "Express", "Delicate", "Soak".

      Positive aspects:

      • cost from 16 990 rubles;
      • possibility of delayed start of the program at 3, 6 and 9 hours;
      • permissible use of universal "3-in-1", including tablets and capsules;
      • turbidity sensor;
      • possibility of partial loading of the bunker.

      Important! Part load washing reduces resource consumption by up to 50%.The advantages can also include a modest weight of 39.5 kg. Read in a separate review on how affects the functionality and service life of an dishwasher.

      Of the minuses, we note a modest design, increased vibration( this is the reverse side of low weight), electronic-mechanical control.

      User feedback

      Mikhail, Moscow

      Noise is not strong, although they write that at 49 dB.Wash well, filter for cleaning goes without difficulty. Clear selection and settings of all modes. There is a convenient basket for every evil( kitchen utensils, appliances).True, he understood the algorithm for adjusting the water hardness for a long time - he shoveled all the instructions, but figured out and installed, all the more so for a long time - not to press every day. Buying arranged in all respects, including the price.

      Embedded PMM

      First, let's look at how fully embedded models differ from machines with the possibility of partial embedding of .The first ones are supplied with an unsightly door and assume that the kitchen facade is hinged on it. And the latter are not completely hidden - the case is installed in the headset, but the door is visible, the control panel is accessible.

      Siemens SR 64E002

      Inexpensive PMM from the German brand Siemens - from 26,490 rubles. After embedding, it works much quieter than the indicated 48 dB.Capacity is 9 sets. The main plus - the design is complemented by a durable inverter type motor.


      • washing and drying classes A;
      • class A energy efficiency( consumption 0.78 kW / h);
      • electronic control( without display);
      • water consumption - 9 liters per cycle;
      • 4 programs and 3 temperature modes;
      • function of partial loading of the bunker;
      • leakage protection of the full type;
      • the ability to delay the launch up to 9 hours;
      • wine glasses holder included.

      Bosch SPV 43M00

      Narrow PMM with the possibility of full embedding. The cost of 24 990 rubles refers it to the average price category, although it is noticeable in the quality of the case, and in some details. The facade to the typewriter can be purchased separately or ordered from the master.


      • bunker for 9 sets;
      • all classes A;
      • electronic control with display;
      • full leak protection and panel protection against accidental pressing;
      • noise - 48 dB;
      • 4 washing modes and 4 temperature variations;
      • condensation drying;
      • delayed start up to 24 hours;
      • " beam on the floor ";
      • turbidity sensor;
      • holder for wine glasses and others.

      Asko D5896 XXL

      Another built-in dishwasher, designed for high-income buyers. Its cost is 139 900 rubles. With such a price, the characteristics are really impressive:

      • energy efficiency class A ++( energy consumption 0.96 kW / h);
      • capacity - 16 sets;
      • electronic control with display;
      • child protection( accidental pressing);
      • water consumption - 10 liters;
      • noise is only 42 dB;
      • 13 programs;
      • 7 temperature modes;
      • Turbo Drying;
      • full type leakage protection;
      • turbidity sensor;
      • automatic installation of water hardness;
      • "beam on the floor" and others.

      The Asko D5896XXL has a very convenient tank for dishes, equipped with unique baskets. Trays are arranged in such a way as to accommodate as many dishes as possible. Plates are arranged rationally, and the quality of washing remains on top.

      draw small comparative characteristics of the models, the results in the table below:

      Model type Capacity efficiency class Price( rubles)
      Bosch SMS 50D48 Full-size, freestanding 12 A 32 550
      Indesit DFG 26B10 Full-size, freestanding 13 A 19 690
      CandyCDCP 6 / E compact, freestanding 6 A + 12 620
      Bosch SKS 41E11 compact, freestanding 6 A 22 200
      Hotpoint-Ariston LSFK 7B09 C narrow, freestanding 10 A 16 991
      Si_SD195_D_An_Enginstallation size hull. Having understood all the technical aspects and comparing the options available on the market, you can profitably buy PMM.We hope that our comparative review will help you make the right choice. Have a good shopping!
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