How to install a dishwasher

In this article, we'll show you how to build a dishwasher yourself. The task is facilitated when the dishwasher is bought with furniture. Then the niche of the necessary sizes is prepared beforehand. But if you do not have the opportunity to make repairs and buy equipment at the same time, here are tips on how to install the machine in a finished kitchen.

Content of the material:

  • 1Types of dishwashers
  • 2Features of self-hosting
    • 2.1Installation in a new kitchen
    • 2.2Accommodation in a finished kitchen
  • 3Tools and parts for embedding
  • 4How to connect the dishwasher correctly
    • 4.1Water supply
    • 4.2Draining

Types of dishwashers

According to the type of installation and dimensions, there are several basic models.

Partial- or fully-tunable (Electrolux ESL 4500 LO, Bosch SKE 52M55, Whirlpool ADG 658/1 IX). Can easily be placed in the kitchen. For example:

  • Under the sink. The advantage is the proximity to communications, the size of technology often coincide with the location. Less is the probability of buying a new siphon.
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  • In the closet. In this case, the device is completely hidden behind the facade. Plus - the preservation of the design of the room, you do not need to carefully select the color and the appropriate appearance of the PMM. When installing in a finished kitchen, you may need to rework the furniture elements.
  • In place of niche headset. One module is dismantled and the machine is installed. It is necessary to pick up the ideal dimensions of equipment, while the space for storing kitchen utensils will decrease.

Compact (Bosch Active Water Smart SKS41E11RU, Candy CDCF 6-07). Easily fit into any kitchen set. Their size does not exceed the usual microwave oven. Place the model PMM can be on any surface, given the convenience of connecting to communications.

Separate dishwashers (Bosch SRS 45T62 EU, Indesit DSG 051). Not intended for installation in furniture. To save space, you can place under the countertop if you change or dismantle the cabinet.

The operation of PMM requires connection to water and electricity. Therefore, when installing by yourself, follow the instructions.

Features of self-hosting

Consider two possible options for installing equipment in the interior. This is installation in a new set, the scheme of which takes into account the order of a special niche for dishwashers. And also, accommodation in the old kitchen, given the availability of ready-made cabinets.

Installation in a new kitchen

Typically, the built-in PMM models are made narrower. It is much easier when ordering a kitchen in advance to provide a place for the appliance, otherwise then it will be difficult to fit the car into the headset without furniture alteration.

If there is nothing in the room except the walls, then make a sketch of the future kitchen. Consider the place for household appliances, the possibility of convenient connection (location of outlets, proximity to communications).

Have you already decided on the choice of dishwasher (Bosch, Virpul, Kandy)? If you want to fit the device into the kitchen of Ikea, then measure the dimensions of the model in the store, enter the results in a sketch and pass it to the furniture makers. Do not forget about the place for ventilation. The walls of the PMM should not touch the furniture. From the sides and behind leave a minimum gap of 5 cm.

It is important to remember the connection of hoses and wires. Therefore, the cabinet can be ordered without the rear part.

The thickness of the facade is added to the calculations. This is a panel headset that will help to hide the technique from prying eyes. The method of fixing it to the dishwasher is taken into account. These can be bolts or screws.

Accommodation in a finished kitchen

If space allows, extend the kitchen cabinets to a distance of 45-60 cm. It is important to choose a location near the sink. Also consider the distance of the outlets.

The usual PMM on the legs with wheels facilitates installation. You can put it in the locker or under the sink, adjust the height of the legs. In addition, there can be attachments for fixing the case to the walls of the headset.

The construction of a stand-alone machine under the table top must take place in such a way:

  1. The top panel of the PMM is located close to the table top. But this should not interfere with the opening of the door.
  2. The desired height is set when the feet are adjusted. If the legs are static, and you need to raise the technique, then adjust the wooden box under the base.

If the niche depth allows, push the dishwasher inwards so that the headset is hung in the door.

Prepare the cabinet for installation:

  • remove the facade part;
  • remove all drawers and shelves;
  • unscrew the rear wall, it will no longer be needed.

No free cabinets to accommodate equipment? Then there is the option with a sink. This may be an angular arrangement, the main thing - that the dishwasher fit into the hole.

To win extra space, put a new siphon, which draws water back, and then down. If the sink is too deep, it can be replaced with a shallower one.

Choosecompact car. It perfectly fits under the sink.

Tools and parts for embedding

Depending on the installation site, you will need the following accessories:

  • eurosets (moisture resistant);
  • copper three-core cable cross-section, mm (for supplying wiring to the outlet);
  • brass tee;
  • drain and filler hose of increased length (connections are not allowed, it is better to take whole hoses);
  • corner crane;
  • a 16-A Diafavtomat (in the case of an independent preparation of electro-communications);
  • rubber gaskets, yokes, tow, fum-tape;
  • siphon with two outputs (for installation under the sink);
  • filter for water (extend the life of the device).

Tools prepare in advance, so that everything was at hand:

  • adjustable wrench;
  • pliers;
  • a set of screwdrivers (cross and splined);
  • building level;
  • roulette;
  • screwdriver;
  • perforator (for grooves for wiring).

It is recommended to install a stabilizer on powerful equipment, which will protect the model from spoilage at a voltage jump.

How to connect the dishwasher correctly

The appliance requires connection to the mains, water supply and sewerage. Note that the cord with the plug is short enough - it's no accident. It is important that the PMM is connected to a moisture-proof outlet of the European type. It should be located at an altitude of 25-30 cm from the floor and be routed through the diaf.

Important! If you are not an electrician, contact a specialist. He will take out the outlet in the right place, observing the safety rules.

The electrical connection took place, go to the next stage.

Water supply

Usually it is enough to connect the built-in and detached PMM only to cold water, for this, follow the instructions. How to attach hoses:

  • take a tee with a tap;
  • connect it to the outlet of the cold water pipe;
  • install a coarse filter, otherwise the dirt from the water pipe will enter the machine, settle on the heater; As a result, you will have to change the heater;
  • there are two free conclusions;
  • to one, connect the filler hose (it is included in the kit);
  • another output goes to the mixer.

Some users connect the filler hose directly to the faucet, but this is not aesthetically pleasing. In addition, it will be necessary to remove and reinstall it permanently when using the technique.


Before assembling the compact PMM under the sink, remove the sink. To properly connect with your own hands, you needspecial siphonwith an additional drainage, a drain hose is connected to it. It is important that the hose does not bend, otherwise there will be problems with the discharge of waste water.

All seams and joints are sealed with a pencil or a ribbon for secure connections.

It is recommended to glue the inner walls of the cabinet with a vapor barrier. This approach will extend the life of the furniture. To protect the countertop from the effects of steam, secure a metal plate under the surface. Then set the dishwasher level, make sure that the door opens freely.

Even the smallest model is able to effectively wash dishes, and also save space.

If you want to hide the PMM, hang the door on the facade. Also run a test run with detergent without utensils.

Track it:

  • as the water enters and merges;
  • how heating works;
  • how drying works.

Now you know that you can choose the place yourself and connect the equipment. Your kitchen may take the place of a dishwasherIkea, "Bosch "Whirlpool "Indesit" or "Candy". Everything depends on personal taste and preferences. The main thing is that you have knowledge about the features of the installation, so you can ergonomically place the device in the interior.

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