Installing a built-in dishwasher - what to do

Finally you bought a dishwasher. But instead of rejoicing at the purchase, understand how the installation of the built-in dishwasher. The instruction helps with these questions, but it is common to all models, so it is not always clear in what sequence to act. In the article you will learn how to properly install the dishwasher with your own hands.

Content of material:

  • 1 Features of embedding PMM
  • 2 How to set a dish for aksau tools and detailsIf you don’t share headsets to install the equipment, then the embedded model is perfect. Such a dishwasher will hide behind the external facade, without giving anything away.

    The choice of PMM built-in type is especially great today. Among them are the following brands: “Bosch”, “Combustion”, “Electrolux”, “Zanussi”, “Kandy”, Veko and others. They differ not only in functionality, but also in size:

    • full-size models come 60 cm wide, 80 cm high, 45 cm deep;
    • compact PMM go in the size of 45 cm both in width, and in height.

    These dishwashers are best built into a new kitchen, where space is provided for them. Usually this box is larger than the machine, because it does not have to stand close to the walls. Be sure to leave room for ventilation - at least 5 cm. The back wall of the cabinet may be missing or have openings for hoses.

    Self-install embedded PMM is quite simple. The set includes templates with markings for fixing the decorative panel.

    If you have to start from furniture that is already in the kitchen, choose a place near communications. Ideal - on the right or left of the sink. Empty the appropriate cabinet from the shelves, remove the door. Building under the tabletop is convenient if the machine is equipped with legs, wheels, which are adjustable in height.

    It is not advisable to place a dishwasher near stoves, ovens or heating appliances.

    A warranty is issued on equipment when purchased, which is invalidated if connected incorrectly. For example, do not use tees or carry. Do not connect the PMM to the oven outlet. The cord of the machine is quite short, so the socket must be located at a height of 45 cm from the floor, in addition to have European standard, grounding, connection through difavtomat.

    How to install a dishwashing machine: tools and parts

    Prepare everything you need to keep your tools at hand. You will need:

    • a set of slotted and cross-head screwdrivers;
    • wrench;
    • pliers;
    • drill with a set of nozzles;
    • cutting pliers;
    • level;
    • chisel;
    • Roulette.

    Stock up on accessories:

    • siphon;
    • euro socket;
    • ball valve;
    • brass tee;

    • fum-tape;
    • difavtomat;
    • gaskets and clamps.

    Electricity supply

    If you have not organized a special outlet, we recommend that you call a specialist for installation. He will tap a channel in the wall and lay a three-core copper wire, install a difavtomat and connect a moisture-proof socket through it.

    Now you are ready for further action.

    Water connection

    Connect the dishwasher to a cold water source, as it is better in quality. Moreover, the equipment is equipped with heating elements that independently heat the water.

    Carefully read the instructions. It is possible that only cold water is allowed to connect your model and if you connect to hot water you may lose the warranty.

    We recommend additionally installing a coarse filter. It will provide protection from coarse debris, soften the water, so scum will not settle on the heater.


    • , put a tee on the end of the cold water pipe;
    • connect a filler hose to one outlet and a mixer to the other.

    If your tee is not equipped with a stopcock, install it immediately.

    Wrap the joints with a fum-tape. It seals all connections.

    Works with sewer systems

    First of all, a siphon with two holes for drainage is installed. One serves to connect the dishwasher, the other - a washing machine. You can also replace the sink with a more compact version.

    1. Run a drain hose at 60 cm from the floor. Secure it with cable ties.
    2. Before connecting the end of the hose to the siphon, bend it so that the water from the car goes into the siphon.

    Not enough hose length? Do not rush to build, better buy a new item of the desired length. So you avoid the risk of a flood.

    Now you know how to do all the work yourself. It remains to arrange the equipment in place. How to do it right:

    1. Move the MMP closer to the cabinet( you can immediately install it into the cabinet, if that’s more convenient).
    2. Connect the drain hose to the siphon.
    3. Plug the intake hose into place.
    4. Slide the dishwasher under the countertop.
    5. Use the bolts to install the front part.

    Works are over. It remains to conduct a test run to verify the connection. A video on the topic will help you:

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