Overview of compact dishwashers

Do you think that a small kitchen and a dishwasher are incompatible? We hasten to please you: today manufacturers offer not only narrow and built-in models, but also compact ones. Such dishwashers will not occupy space more than a microwave oven.

In the article we will present an overview of compact dishwashers, we will tell you about the ways of their installation, advantages and disadvantages. Also we will make a rating of the most popular models of PMM from different manufacturers.

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  • 1Features of compact dishwashers
    • 1.1Advantages and disadvantages
  • 2Overview of compact dishwashers
    • 2.1Flavia CI 55 HAVANA
      • 2.1.1User Reviews
    • 2.2Bosch SCE 52M55
      • 2.2.1User Reviews
    • 2.3AEG F 55200 VI
      • 2.3.1Customer Reviews
    • 2.4Siemens SK 76M544
      • 2.4.1Customer Reviews
    • 2.5Candy CDCF 6
      • 2.5.1Customer Reviews
    • 2.6Indesit ICD 661
      • 2.6.1User Reviews
    • 2.7Hansa ZWM526SV
      • 2.7.1Customer Reviews

Features of compact dishwashers

Which dishwasher to choose? Consider the installation types:

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  1. Stand-alone PMMs will fit perfectly on the table. The overall dimensions of models can be 44х50х55 cm or - height 60 cm, width 55 cm and depth 50 cm. The tank holds from 4 to 6 sets. The advantage of a separate arrangement is that, if necessary, the machine can be rearranged to another location.
  2. Embedded models have a special design for convenient placement in the kitchen. Dimensions of equipment on average 45h60h55 cm. Some users believe that there are smaller dishwashers with a width of 45 cm, but they refer to small desktop models.
  3. The most interesting option is a dishwasher under the sink. Its dimensions correspond to the previous versions, but the design is slightly different. The upper cover is slightly chamfered specially for installation under the siphon.

When choosing a compact PMM, it should be borne in mind that the energy and water consumption does not differ from the standard machine, if they belong to the same class. In this case, the rate is made to save space by size.

Advantages and disadvantages

Before you make a purchase, you need to consider all the pros and cons of mini dishwashers.


  • dimensions - you can put equipment even in a small kitchen;
  • loading - there is no need to accumulate dishes, you can wash it right away thanks to a small load.


  • difficulties with washing large saucepans, frying pans, baking trays. Some pans are larger in size than the height of the technique;
  • the cost of compact machines from well-known manufacturers is not less than full-size;
  • if necessary, to wash more dishes, the resource costs are increased.

Judge for yourself, whether for compactness it is worth sacrificing capacity. Perhaps, there will be a place for another model.

Pay attention to the equipment manufacturer. Users praise desktop models from Midea, Electrolux and Ginzzu, which differ in capacity and affordable cost.

In the installation, built-in PMMs do not differ from stand-alone. Connect the machine to the drain and mains by following the instructions. The only difference is the presence of a protective plate on the body, which protects the countertop from the effects of hot steam.

Overview of compact dishwashers

Consider the characteristics of the most popular models PMM, as well as study customer feedback.

Flavia CI 55 HAVANA

Fully equipped dishwasher with dimensions 55x50x4, An excellent choice for a small family, at a time you can accommodate 6 sets of dishes. Protection of the housing from leaks allows you to install the equipment in the kitchen without fear.

Manufacturers did not forget about the economy. The energy consumption class A allows you to use, 1 kW / h. The water flow per cycle is 7 liters. Class A for washing and drying at the highest level. Devices are dried by a condensation method. In the chamber it is possible to conveniently place the glasses thanks to a special holder.

The electronic control panel is located on the end of the door. You can choose from 7 programs, among which there is a delicate and fast washing. Of the additional functions can be identified:

  • the delay timer for 24 hours - you can load the dishes and set the beginning of the cycle at any time;
  • Pre-soaking will help remove dried food.

At the end of the washing, an audible signal sounds. The cost is from 19 000 rubles.

User Reviews


For our family of 2 people a compact dishwasher came up perfectly. Often mine in it plates, cups, cutlery, sometimes pans, but much does not fit. Management is clear, there is a timer, an indicator of salt and rinse. The display shows the time until the end of the program. In general, the technique is liked, but it is suitable only for a small family.

Bosch SCE 52M55

The model can be built into one of the closets in the kitchen. This is a shallow dishwasher measuring 5, x5, x50 cm. The bunker is designed for 8 sets of dishes, which will be enough for a family of 4 people. The technique is economical: water consumption is, liters per cycle, class A + for energy consumption.

The company "Bosch" is known for its developments, without which the model SCE 52M55 did not. It is equipped with a powerful engine EcoSilence Drive. The noise level is 47 dB. The quality of the washing corresponds to class A, as well as the condensation drying.

Electronic management provides for 5 programs. There is a delayed start mode. The optional HygienePlus feature allows you to rinse the dishes with high-temperature water. Therefore, quality washing and hygiene are provided. VarioSpeed ​​Plus mode reduces the time of installed programs.

The control panel with the display was protected against accidental pressing. The PMM casing is protected from Aquastop leaks. Baskets in the chamber can be adjusted for convenient placement of large dishes. The price is from 45 000 rubles.

User Reviews


The dishwasher was given to us for a wedding. Immediately upset that compact, a lot of dishes are not damp. But when they settled down and made the kitchen furniture, I realized that this was her advantage. The car is working quietly, you need to get used to opening the door at a certain angle. Of course, immediately place the pans and plates will not work, it turns out well to wash only the kits after eating. For large appliances, you need to free up space. In general, the technique suits if you wash dishes immediately after eating.

AEG F 55200 VI

The device of the machine makes it convenient to place it in the interior. This is a fully built-in model released by a well-known brand. Capacity is calculated for 6 sets of dishes. At the same time, the dimensions of the PMM are 45x55x51 cm.

The closed control panel is equipped with a display. You can track the time until the end of work. An integrated purity sensor will send rinsing signals until the instruments are perfectly clean. Condensation drying will allow you to get already dry dishes.

The dishwasher consumes 7 liters of water per cycle. Class A for energy consumption and washing, but with the drying technique is worse - class B. The housing was protected from leaks. Functionality provides 5 main programs and 3 temperature modes. There is a possibility of delaying the start and night washing. The noise level is only 45 dB. The cost is from 24 000 rubles.

Customer Reviews


I was looking for a low model for installation under the sink. Dimensions are satisfied. The quality of washing at an average level. If you install an abbreviated program, the dried particles may not be washed. The dishes fit a bit. In general, it works quietly, suitable for daily use.

Siemens SK 76M544

If you are looking for an assistant for a small family, pay attention to the Siemens SK 76M544. The technique is calculated for 6 sets. If necessary, it is possible to build in a cabinet or a niche thanks to the dimensions of 45x60x48 cm. The open control panel has been protected from children. All keys are locked.

There are 6 programs, a delay start timer. The housing is protected from leaks. The built-in self-locking mechanism ensures a gentle closing of the door. The machine consumes energy according to class A, washing and drying also A. 8 liters of water are used per program. Drying is carried out by a natural (condensation) method.

The cost is from 47 000 rubles.

Customer Reviews


I chose the technique in the kit for other Samsung devices. The front panel of stainless steel is quickly soiled, it is necessary to wipe after each use. At incomplete loading it is noisy working, despite specified 45 Db! After starting the door is not locked, so you can report the plates, while the program stops. It's a pity that only one lower sprinkler, I would like the upper one. Despite this, the dishes are washed well.

Candy CDCF 6

Desktop PMM with a capacity for 6 sets of dishes. Dimensions of equipment - 55x50x44 cm. You can install it in any convenient place: on the table top or pedestal. Easy installation, the consumption of resources is not more than the previous models: Class A for energy consumption (, 3 kW per hour), water consumption - 8 liters.

On the functional also no differences. You will find 5 main programs and 1 additional program - the delay timer for the beginning of the cycle. Dry the dishes with condensation drying. A compact and budget dishwasher worth from 15 000 rubles.

Customer Reviews


I like the dishwasher at the expense of compactness. Adapted to the programs, we chose the optimal 3 in 1, when the dishes are well washed, and dried without streaks on the surface. Our PMP fit under the sink. Some complain that it works loudly, but setting the night mode, absolutely nothing to hear, sleep does not interfere. It's great that you can immediately wash dirty dishes, and not save them for a full load.

Indesit ICD 661

Compact, detached model, which will please with dimensions 4, x55x50 cm. Refers to the higher classes A for washing and drying. The consumption of electricity is 3 kW per hour. The bunker will put up to 6 sets of dishes.

Mechanical control with selector helps to quickly select from 6 programs, among which Eco mode is provided. This function allows you to save on the consumption of resources and detergent. Built-in protection against leaks. In the Chamber of MMP "Indesit" there is a basket for dishes, guides can be folded, which allows loading pots and pans. The price is from 16 000 rubles.

User Reviews


With the correct allocation of space is placed even a few pans. The upper shelf for the cups is useless, water jets do not reach it. So PMM normally laundered contaminants, even dried up areas. Washing is sparingly consumed. But! After 2 years of happy use, the engine broke down. Repair cost about half the cost of the dishwasher.

Hansa ZWM526SV

One of the most compact models, whose height is 44 cm. The width of the baby is 55 cm, the depth is 50 cm. Despite the dimensions, the dishwasher is able to wash 6 sets of dishes at a time. It will perfectly fit both on the table and in the niche of the cabinet.

The ZWM526SV has a turbocharger function that makes the dishes dry quickly and efficiently. The water consumption is 7 liters, energy consumption, 1 kW / h. Electromechanical control offers 6 programs and 5 temperature modes.

At the end of the operation, an audible signal sounds. The system "Aquastop" protects the housing from leaks. The price is from 13 000 rubles.

Customer Reviews


This is my first dishwasher. I enjoy using it, her stylish design has become an ornament of my kitchen. Of course, the main advantage is compactness. The dishes get in enough, everything is perfectly washed and quickly dried. However, to achieve such results, it was necessary to get used to the arrangement of plates in the basket. The display on the panel helps to track time. Excellent machine for a small family, put five points.

Having reviewed the rating, having got acquainted with the opinions of consumers, you can choose for yourself the best model of the dishwasher. The equipment is affordable, and its dimensions allow installation even in confined spaces.

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