How to choose a dishwasher 60 cm

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Not so long ago, a dishwasher was considered a luxury, and boast it could only very well-off people. Today, everything has changed radically, and the dishwasher has become just as familiar a technique as a washing machine and a refrigerator. Its convenience and time savings can not be underestimated, therefore, if you decided to purchase an "assistant you will hardly regret buying. It remains only to choose the right model, buy, connect and use!

This review we will devote to the most common dishwashers 60 cm. In the PMM range from any manufacturer, a machine with a width of 60 cm is presented in the largest assortment, so there is something to choose from. Let's consider features, criteria of a choice of such cars and we will offer a rating of popular models. Our advice will help you find out which machine is the best.

Content of the material:

  • 1Criteria for choosing a dishwasher 60 cm
    • 1.1The quality of washing dishes
    • 1.2Reliability
    • 1.3Cost
    • 1.4Functional
  • 2What are the characteristics to pay attention to?
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  • 3Top-10 built-in dishwasher machines 60 cm
    • 3.1Siemens SN 64D070 - 10th place
    • 3.2Siemens SK 76M544 - 9th place
    • 3.3Smeg STA6443-3 - 8th place
    • 3.4Hansa ZIM 628 EH - 7th place
    • 3.5Beko DIN 5840 - 6th place
    • 3.6Bosch SMV 47L10 - 5th place
    • 3.7Bosch SMV 65M30 - 4th place
    • 3.8Siemens SN 66M094 - 3 place
    • 3.9Electrolux ESL 6810 RO - 2 nd place
    • 3.10Bosch SMV 69T70 - 1 place
  • 4Comparative characteristics graphs
    • 4.1Price
    • 4.2Power Consumption
    • 4.3Noisiness
    • 4.4Programs
    • 4.5Water consumption

Criteria for choosing a dishwasher 60 cm

To make TOP-10 of the best detached dishwashers, it is worth comparing them for a number of basic characteristics. Often, according to one parameter, the machine takes the leading positions in ratings, while others stand at the very end. Of course, the ideal model has not yet been invented, but from the huge assortment in the market of home appliances, you can choose the best option even for the most demanding buyer.

Before compiling TOP machines, we will understand the criteria by which models were evaluated.

The quality of washing dishes

This is the main parameter, for which this technique is bought. Grosh the price of that PMM, which does not wash the dishes. How to evaluate the quality of the washing process? According to two factors: the class of washing and drying.

Important! Often, manufacturers overestimate the real performance of their products, so do not completely believe their commercials - you need to get acquainted with the real feedback of customers.

If you need a productive and functional machine, stop at Class A - both washing and drying dishes.


This characteristic is difficult to assess, and it consists of a number of factors. So, in really reliable models will hardly be present plastic containers for dishes - good manufacturers complete the equipment with stainless baskets. The same goes for the tank - in a reliable PMM it will be made of high quality metal.

On such a parameter as reliability, it can also be judged by the presence of a system that protects against leaks - it can be either partial or complete. The number of users' calls to workshops and repair forums also forms a measure of reliability.


This is not the most objective, but often decisive criterion when choosing a dishwasher 60 cm. Every second buyer would not refuse to buy good products at the lowest price. Both low and high prices should equally embarrass you.

Important! The price often reflects not the quality of the assembly and details of the PMM, but the brand's fame. Even expensive options from well-known brands can break.


According to this parameter, the machines are divided into two types:

  1. Standard: with a limited set of modes.
  2. Advanced: with a large selection of programs and additional options.

It is important not the number of programs and modes, but their usefulness. If you are not going to use half of the functions offered by the manufacturer, is it worth overpaying for them?

What are the characteristics to pay attention to?

If you check with the statistics on sales of leading online stores of home appliances, you can come to the conclusion that for a large number of consumers are important such parameters of dishwashers:

  • Indicators of salt and rinse. Those buyers who purchased cars without these sensors, have difficulty loading detergents.
  • Protection from leaks. PMM without "Aqua-Stop" is taken not so actively - not everyone wants to repair the neighbors' apartment from the bottom, if the dishwasher flows.
  • Delay start timer for night washing dishes in order to save money for electricity.
  • Detergent tablets 3 in 1.
  • Notification of the end of the washing with a beep or flashing light bulb.

The sizes, ways of installation and the rating of the manufacturer of potential buyers interest in times less and it is no wonder - these are nuances.

Top-10 built-in dishwasher machines 60 cm

In the rating of "the best of the best" were full-fledged and partially embedded models, because compact or desktop PMMs are usually somewhat narrower than 60 cm.

Siemens SN 64D070 - 10th place

This is a fully built-in model, which is suitable for a standard kitchen. Productivity - 13 dishes sets for 140 minutes of washing. The whole process requires only 12 liters of water. Energy costs per hour 5 kW. In this model, Siemens provides 4 standard and temperature modes. After the wash cycle, the machine signals a soft sound.


  • Dimensions (width-depth-height): 60x55x8, cm.
  • There is a "parental control" that blocks accidental depression.
  • Indicator of presence / absence in the bunker of salt or a clouding agent.

Also, users noted some of the disadvantages of this dishwasher:

  • high noise level about 50 dB;
  • there is no possibility of auto-selection of water hardness.

The cost of the model is within 36 000 rubles.

Siemens SK 76M544 - 9th place

A compact machine built in type, accommodating up to 6 tableware sets. Suitable for a small kitchen. Among the proposed functional - 5 temperature variations and 6 standard programs. For one cycle only 8 liters of water and, 2 kW of electricity (per hour) will be required. "Parental control" and "Aqua-Stop" system are provided.


  • Quiet operation - up to 45 dB.
  • Modest dimensions: 60х50х4, see

Because of the compactness, there is a minus - a small capacity, so for a large family of performance machines will not be enough. The average price for the market is 5, 00 rubles.

Smeg STA6443-3 - 8th place

This model of full-sized type is a novelty from the Italian brand Smeg. According to the characteristics, it differs favorably from previous models, the same can be said about the quality of parts and assembly. For 3 hours of working Smog PMM STA6443-3 launderes 13 dishes, spending on it up to, liters of water and, 1 kW / h, therefore belongs to the energy saving class A +++. The maximum noise level produced by this machine is only 43 dB. Features deserving special attention:

  • 10 programs;
  • 5 different temperature modes;
  • there is a delay of starting up to 24 hours;
  • auto water hardness control:
  • "Parental control" from accidental depression by children;
  • Aqua-stop.

With a size of 60x55x82 cm and a cost of 7, 00 rubles, this is a worthy copy of a good kitchen assistant. In the top five, it did not hit only because of the high price.

Hansa ZIM 628 EH - 7th place

We continue to understand what kind of dishwasher is better: a width of 60 cm or another. This Chinese model from the company "Hansa" - the representative of the ideal combination of low cost and excellent functionality. About such machines usually say: price = quality. The productivity of the PMM from Hans is 14 dishes per wash cycle in 140 minutes. During this time, the machine needs 12 liters of water. Dimensions: 60x55x82 cm.

Functionality and options:

  • 8 standard modes;
  • convenient display of the user panel;
  • "parental control
  • "Aqua-Stop
  • sound at the end of the washing.

Of the minuses, users note the lack of a water hardness sensor. The main advantage: the budget cost of 26 000 rubles. For such money - this is quite a good machine and a decent choice for a large family.

Beko DIN 5840 - 6th place

Need a built-in dishwasher? DIN 5840 is a suitable variant from the Turkish manufacturer "Beko".

Do not have enough money for Siemens or Bosch? This machine will be an excellent analog - at a price of half that of products from German brands. The main advantages:

  • 13 washing dishes consume about 10 liters of water and 1 kW / h of electricity;
  • work as quiet as possible - the manufacturer stated the noise level of 44 dB;
  • 8 different programs;
  • convenient display panel;
  • beam on the floor;
  • full-size model in 60h55h82 cm can be built into almost any kitchen set.

Users negatively respond about incomprehensible instructions. And experts are constructively criticizing partial protection from leaks. With such a functional, the cost of 2, 00 rubles is more than justified.

Bosch SMV 47L10 - 5th place

In Russia, a model of the Polish assembly from the German corporation Bosch is usually distributed. Despite the fact that the machine is not assembled on the "motherland in terms of quality and parameters, it is not much inferior to the original. Features of the model:

  • washing 13 dishes sets with 12 liters of water;
  • noise level of 48 dB;
  • pull-out type of the cutlery tray on top of the structure;
  • 4 programs and 4 temperature modes;
  • there is protection against leaks;
  • function from accidental depression;
  • all necessary indicators are provided;
  • built-in beam on the floor;
  • the turbidity sensor is installed.

A model measuring 60x55x82 cm costs around 4, 00 rubles and deserves mostly good reviews.

Bosch SMV 65M30 - 4th place

In domestic stores of home appliances it is not difficult to find this machine of the original German assembly. Its characteristics greatly exceed those listed above.

1 cycle of washing requires, 3 kW / h of electricity and 10 liters, is designed for 13 dishes set. It is pleased with the noise figure of 42 dB. There are 6 different washing modes and 5 temperature programs. Among the modes, "Soaking which is suitable for stale dishes, is especially interesting. There are indicators of the level of funds for washing, all kinds of protection are provided.

Minus in the absence of autoregulation of water hardness.

For a car with dimensions of 60x55x8, cm, you will have to pay 56 000 rubles. We believe that this is an inflated price with the declared parameters, so we gave the SMV 65M30 only the 4th place.

Siemens SN 66M094 - 3 place

Still do not know which dishwasher to buy? Opens our top three leaders of the dishwasher Siemens (Germany). The characteristics are similar to the previous model from "Bosch but the capacity of the bunker for 1 dish set is more. The volume of 14 sets this machine will wash for 175 minutes, consuming only 10 liters of water. Like the analogs, the model is equipped with 6 modes and 5 temperature variations of washing. There are all necessary functions, including all types of protection.

Dimensions: 60x55x82 cm. Censures from the use of almost no, except the cost of 63 000 rubles.

Electrolux ESL 6810 RO - 2 nd place

"Silver" of our TOP-10 goes to this functional machine from the concern "Electrolux". The quality of the parts is ensured by the Swedish assembly. The parameters are comparable with the previous models:

  • capacity up to 12 dishes sets;
  • 8 functional modes;
  • 6 temperature regime options;
  • display of the electrical appliance operation time on the floor;
  • there is protection from leaks, from the intervention of children.

This model with turbo-drying, therefore, favorably differs from all previous ones - they only provide a condensation drying type. Additional advantages:

  • quiet operation - noise level only 42 dB;
  • reduced consumption costs of electricity 2 kW / h;
  • standard dimensions for classical embedding in the kitchen set: 60x55x82 cm;
  • relatively reasonable price in the region of 40 000 rubles.

Cons: you can not automatically adjust the hardness of the water, there are difficulties with the installation.

Bosch SMV 69T70 - 1 place

Why did not the dishwasher "Indesit "Samsung" or "Ariston" occupy the first place in our rating? Because the highest award is worthy only firm "Bosch". And for good reason:

  • Wash up to 14 dishes sets per cycle;
  • provides conventional and thermal modes - 6 and 5, respectively;
  • for one wash spends 10 liters of water;
  • consumes a record low quantity of energy resources 4 kW / h;
  • sound accompaniment of washing completion;
  • display time on the floor by a ray;
  • there is lighting in the washing bunker;
  • adjustment of baskets for dishes of various heights and dimensions;
  • the average cost of 53 000 rubles.

Comparative characteristics graphs

When compiling the rating, we created charts with the characteristics of all those included in the TOP-10 machines. We decided to offer them to your attention so that you can clearly see which car suits you best and why.


Power Consumption



Water consumption

Now you know how to choose a productive, quiet, spacious and high-quality dishwasher 60 cm. Pay special attention to the models from the brand "Bosch" - they took three places in our rating due to excellent characteristics and a small number of users' appeals to service centers.

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