Overview dishwashers Flavia( Flavia)

Flavia dishwasher is a relative novelty in the market of household appliances. Dishwashers "Flavia" differ affordable price, as calculated on the average buyer. Note the features of all models:

  1. "Smart" detergent dispenser - controls the hardness of the incoming water and adjusts the amount of salt.
  2. Flow-through heating element for heating water already at the stage of filling the bunker.
  3. ASC motor makes it possible to adjust the speed of rotation of the nozzles inside the hopper.
  4. S-Type nozzles direct water to all compartments of the bunker, ensuring the highest quality washing.

We will understand the types and types of dishwashers brand Flavia, consider the popular and new models and reviews to them.

The content of thecompact dishwasher CI 55 Havana, width 55 cm

  • 2.3 partially recessed pattern
    • 2.3.1 Example: a full-size dishwasher SI 60 ENNA L, 60 cm wide
  • 2.4 Detached MMP
    • 2.4.1 Example PolnorazmDishwasher FS 60 ENZA, 60 cm wide
  • 2.5 tabletop versions of the developer 17
    • 2.5.1 Example: compact dishwasher TD 55 Valara, 55 cm wide
  • 3 User reviews
  • Where the FIMM

    dishwasher has been produced; 17A
  • 3 User reviews
  • where the PMM

    dishwasher has been produced; 17A
  • 3 , but, according to reliable information, all Flavia dishwashers are made in factories located in the PRC.How quality and reliable Chinese assembly - to judge you. Today, China supplies such a “disparate” product: from ordinary fakes to premium-class equipment, that it would be a mistake to draw preliminary conclusions.

    Types of dishwashers Flavia

    Consider the main types of PMM presented on the official website of the company.

    Fully recessed

    One of the most popular options that can be installed in a kitchen set or under the countertop. These machines are completely closed by the furniture facade, without destroying the integrity of the design solution in the kitchen. Flavia has an impressive range of dishwashers with the possibility of full embedding, among which you can choose the right one:

    1. Compact model of fully built-in type - up to 45 cm wide. An excellent choice for a small kitchen, when its weight in gold is every square meter. At the same time, the models are inferior to others in capacity and launder up to 10 sets of dishes in one cycle, therefore they are suitable for a small family of 2-3 people.
    2. Full-size machine with a capacity of up to 14 dishware sets. Select from a wealth of programs to efficiently use resources and detergent. Suitable for those who do not want to change the style of the kitchen and uses a lot of dishes in everyday life.

    Example of a model: a narrow machine BI 45 Kamaya S, 45 cm wide


    • The “beam on the floor” function, with which it is easy to control the progress of the washing process.

    • Alternative wash( an alternative way to boot), through which you can choose which basket to wash the dishes.
    • Power Wash - enhanced sink. This option can be activated in addition to the main mode;will help to wash even the most difficult pollution.
    • Express Wash - express wash. The option will save up to 30% of time in any standard mode while maintaining the quality of washing.
    • EXTRA DRYING - additional drying, drenching the dishes with water heated to 70 degrees for disinfection from pathogenic bacteria.

    Compact built-in models

    For a small kitchen, an integrated compact model is what you need. Its advantages:

    • usability, wide functionality;
    • high speed of standard and additional cycles due to the availability of instantaneous water heater;
    • acceptable cost - now everyone who wants to save themselves from the troubles in the kitchen can afford PMM.

    Example: built-in compact dishwasher CI 55 Havana, 55 cm wide

    Features of the model:

    • availability of instantaneous heating water heater;
    • launch delay timer to turn on the machine at a convenient time - at night, early in the morning or while you are at work;
    • housing and camera are protected from leakage.

    Partially Embedded Models

    Their main advantage is the front-mounted control panel. We devoted a whole review to the open panel machine - take a look if you are interested. Briefly: these are PMMs that are built into the headset, but the user panel remains visible. Thanks to this design, you can monitor the sink and monitor the progress of its implementation.

    What is the difference from a fully built-in model? To check the operation of a regular typewriter, you need to open the cabinet door, while the program will pause, which will increase the washing time. Flavia dishwasher with an open user unit allows you to control processes without interrupting the washing cycle. Installation of both types of machines is identical, the difference is only in the final result and appearance.

    Example: full-size dishwasher SI 60 ENNA L, 60 cm wide

    Differences and functions:

    • bunker interior lighting;

    • basket with adjustable height;

    • special filter "breathable" type;
    • custom stainless steel panel, protected by a coating that prevents fingerprints;
    • alternative load( wash in any of the baskets);
    • disinfection dishes.

    Freestanding PMM

    If the design of the kitchen has long been chosen and has already been repaired, and there is no provision for a dishwasher in the headset, the freestanding is the best solution. Features not built-in dishwashers from Flavia:

    1. Exquisite design. This PMM is always in sight, and this was taken into account by the developers when designing the facade of technology. The touch panel, laconic lines, style and quality of parts - you yourself will not agree to hide such a machine in the furniture.
    2. Maximum load capacity.60 cm models are placed in the hopper to 14 dish sets. This will save time and resources.
    3. Annual warranty. When purchasing Flavia PMM, you can contact the service center within 12 warranty months.

    Example: Full-size dishwasher FS 60 ENZA, 60 cm wide

    Functional and features:

    • alternative load;
    • additional drying with disinfection of dishes;
    • turbidity sensor that scans the purity of the water to determine the number of rinses;
    • accelerated cycle, reducing the time of any program by 30% while maintaining the quality of washing.

    Desktop Options

    This PMM is suitable for anyone who cannot afford to clutter up their living space in their kitchen. The main plus of a desktop design: reliability and mobility. Rent an apartment? Do not buy the built-in or full-size model , buy a desktop dishwasher and facilitate the move. Features of compact models:

    1. Modest dimensions. The width of 50 cm allows you to hide the machine in any cabinet, place it on a small pedestal, tabletop or under it.
    2. Capacity up to 6 sets. This is quite enough for a small family. An additional plus is saving resources and washing dishes in small batches( there is no need to collect mountains of dirty dishes all day).

    Example: compact dishwasher TD 55 Valara, 55 cm wide

    Advantages and features:

    • flow-through heater;
    • leakage protection( body and washing bunker);
    • modest dimensions.

    User feedback

    Flavia BI 45 DELIA

    Elena, Kirov

    Get an inexpensive dishwasher Flavia BL 45 Delia. The instruction is written in Russian, so there were no problems with the installation. For the year of use it was not noticed that the machine is flowing or buggy - everything is stable. Sufficient capacity for a narrow machine, no complaints about drying, washing - the highest class. Among the drawbacks, I would like to note the absence of a container for cutlery - it used to be like this in Indesit, so they got used to it. Conveniently, with a narrow design, pans and pots easily enter the bunker. A separate plus is that there is a portable basket, thanks to which the issue with cutlery is solved. In general, I am satisfied with my choice, despite the fact that it is a Chinese brand.

    Flavia CI 55 HAVANA

    Natasha, Simferopol

    The machine was acquired relatively recently, but I already managed to fully test all the programs and modes. Attracted and design, and the price, and functionality, and most importantly - compactness. We live in a little odnushke, so it was always problematic to install large household appliances, as a result - the washer is narrow, the refrigerator is small, there is no microwave. But she always dreamed of a dishwasher, so she bought a desktop version. I use on average three times a day - after each meal. There is much to say about the quality of washing - everything is shiny, the plates and mugs are clean to squeak.

    Flavia TD 55 VALARA

    Alena, Kaliningrad

    This is some kind of nightmare. After breaking the favorite dishwasher, “Bosch” decided to save money and bought this Chinese nonsense. From the first day surprises began: the door is no longer there! She barely holds on, and her husband could not do anything about it. The time until the end of the sink is not counted, so how much is left to guess, looking at the light bulb. Well, that managed to pass back. Sorry for the money spent on salt and rinse - out of habit, she fell asleep all under the string.

    As you can see, the reviews on the Flavia PMM are very ambiguous, someone is delighted, and some people don’t like the equipment of this brand. Given that the cost of these machines is much lower than products of proven brands, this is quite expected. But let us add on our own that the quality of dishwashing, functionality and uninterrupted operation depend on many factors: proper installation, selection of detergents, and compliance with operating rules.

    We wish a balanced and deliberate choice! Share your impressions with us and other users, leave comments.

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