Overview of Ikea dishwashers - device, reviews

IKEA from the Netherlands has long been familiar with Russian buyers. Despite the fact that many companies associate with furniture and accessories for home and office, it produces quite a powerful home appliances. This review we devoted to the popular dishwashers "IKEA" - reviewed their characteristics, features and prices.

Content of the material:

  • 1Dishwashers IKEA - who is the manufacturer
  • 2Advantages and features of the IKEA HMM
  • 3Models overview
    • 3.3LAGAN / LAGAN
    • 3.6HYGIENISK
  • 4User Reviews

Dishwashers IKEA - who is the manufacturer

PMMs are created in cooperation with companies such as Electrolux and Whirlpool, so they can compete on parameters even with Bosch (Bosch) or Siemens (Siemens). Today, the corporation produces exclusively built-in dishwashers, having a class of energy efficiency from A to A ++. Manufacturers give a whole 5 years warranty on their household appliances (except for the LAGAN series).

Advantages and features of the IKEA HMM

What are the main advantages of IKEA dishwashers:

  • Water saving. To wash the mountain of dishes to a crystal shine, you need from, up to 15 liters of water, depending on the model of the machine.

Important! The manual sink leaves 30 liters of water at a time.

  • Full embedding. The built-in machine easily rises in the closet of the kitchen set. It can be hung exactly the same door as the facades of your entire kitchen in order to preserve a single composition.

  • Safety of fragile tableware. A careful attitude to glass and porcelain is provided by soft supports and a dozen special holders for wine glasses. All this protects the dishes from damage during intensive washing.

  • Well-designed loading of the washing tank. IKEA baskets are designed in such a way that the devices are in an upright position - this ensures thorough washing and easy sorting when loading and unloading kitchen utensils.

Models overview

The model range presented on the company's website is not great - the easier it is to compare and choose the right dishwasher.


Narrow dishwasher (width 45 cm) with the possibility of full integration. The capacity of the bunker is 9tableware sets.A total of 5 washing cycles are provided.

Other features:

  • adjustment of the upper vessel basket in height;
  • removable baskets for appliances and utensils, folding stands for wine glasses and plates;
  • The leakage protection blocks the supply of water in an emergency.

Technical parameters of the model:

  • annual water and electricity consumption: 3640 liters and 246 kW / h;
  • water consumption for one washing cycle - 13 liters, electricity - 78 kW / h (energy efficiency class A);
  • noise -50 dB;
  • the test cycle of IVF;
  • intensive, fast, normal and other programs;
  • indication of salt and rinse aid;
  • hinge of sliding type;
  • Dimensions: 4, х5, х8, -8, cm (WxDxH).

The cost in the official online store IKEA is 1, 90 rubles.


Another narrow model of the built-in type, similar in characteristics from the previous one. Differences:

  • 6 washing cycles;
  • delayed start up to 24 hours;
  • optical projection "beam on the floor Informing the user about the work of the MMP;
  • possibility of partial loading of the hopper.

Differences in technical part:

  • annual water and energy consumption - 2600 liters and 222 kW / h (calculated on 280 cycles);
  • noise - 47 dB;
  • consumption of water and energy per cycle is, liters and, 89 kW / h (energy class A +).

The cost is slightly higher than that of ELPSAM, and is 2, 99 rubles.


Inexpensive model cost 1, 99 rubles. Built-in PMM with a width of 60 cm. Energy efficiency class - A. Features:

  • 3 washing cycles;
  • bunker for 12 dishes sets;
  • protection against leakage;
  • removable tray for cutlery;
  • folding holder of wine glasses.

Technical characteristics of PMG LAGAN from IKEA:

  • water and electricity consumption per year: 4200 liters and 290 kW / h;
  • noise level - 52 dB;
  • consumption of water and energy for one cycle with the standard program "ECO" is 15 liters and, 2 kW / h;
  • intensive and normal washing programs;
  • indication of salt and rinse aid;
  • 4 cup holders in the top wash basket;
  • Dimensions 5, x5, cm (width and depth), 8, -8, cm (height).


The Ringer machine is similar in parameters to MEDELSTOR, but it has some differences:

  • full-length body 60 cm wide;
  • energy consumption class A;
  • 5 washing modes;
  • bunker for 13 sets;
  • holders and stands for wine glasses (soft);
  • The water consumption per wash cycle is 12 liters, electricity - 5 kW / h;
  • noise -47 dB;
  • exact width and depth: 5, x5, cm. Height: 8, -8, see

The cost is 2, 99 rubles.


One of the most "advanced" dishwashers IKEA. Energy efficiency class A ++ (, 3 kW / h). Features:

  • 5 necessary washing modes;
  • 5 years of free warranty;
  • "Beam on the floor
  • a quiet beep at the end of the wash;
  • deferred program start up to 24 hours;
  • protection against leakage;
  • wash 13 sets of dishes with water consumption in, liter.

Technical specifications:

  • Height: 8, see
  • Width: 59.6 cm.
  • Depth: 5, see
  • Wire: 150 cm.
  • Weight: 3, kg.
  • Noisiness: 45 dB.

In addition, there is a LED display, a separate dishwashing program, a diffusion barrier (plate) for protection against moisture.

The price is 2, 99 rubles.


The most expensive model in the range: 4, 99 rubles. Full-size, built-in.

What are you getting:

  • LED-illumination of the hopper for easy loading and unloading of dishes;
  • 7 washing programs;
  • improved "beam on the floor" with the projection of the time of the washing cycle;
  • automatic opening of the door at the end of the cycle for rapid natural drying of plates;
  • silent sound notification about the end of the program;
  • the quietest operation is as quiet as possible: on a standard program the noise level is 42 dB, at night - only 40 dB;
  • The hopper holds up to 15 sets;
  • soft pins-holders of wine glasses exclude damage to fragile products;
  • deferred program start up to 24 hours;
  • salt level indication;
  • protection against leakage.

Technical specifications:

  • weight of the machine is 39 kg;
  • the length of the wire is 150 cm;
  • water consumption per wash - 11 liters;
  • electricity consumption, 57 kW / h for one cycle;
  • The duration of the standard mode is 225 minutes.

A good solution for the kitchen was also the "Welgord" model, which was similar in parameters to "Hygienisk but not so long ago it was withdrawn from production.

Important! You needdishwasher with open panelmanagement?In this case, look for a model with the possibility of a partial embedding from other manufacturers: Flavia, Miele, Siemens, Electrolux, etc.

User Reviews

Alexey, Vitebsk

I drove to IKEA for furniture, and rushed... As a result, together with the kitchen I was persuaded to buy a dishwasher, they say, so that no one will guess that there is a dishwasher in the locker. Did not know with the girl,what you need for a dishwasher, so the first wash was purchased starter kitTopHouse. Later they began to buy cheaper means from "Auchan the quality of washing was not affected. The most important thing is that for more than a year we have not at all been washing dishes by hand - and this luxury is worth its money. Then MEDELSTOR cost almost 30 000, and now almost 5K less (recently stopped by the oven), so take it, until the discount. Frankly, I was very worried at first, to put it mildly, strange names of technology. But later it turned out that behind the ridiculous Dutch words is the excellent quality of assembly and washing. In addition, it was quite understandable instruction manual.

Xenia, Moscow

The machine itself gave herself - six months ago on her birthday. I am indifferent to the washing of dishes, but because of work on this occupation, I simply did not have enough time. First I wanted to take Bosch or Siemens, then I leaned towards LAGAN, and eventually went to IKEA and bought MEDELSTOR. With IKEA always so: you go behind a stool, and you leave with something more dearly. In my case, I bought a dishwasher, although her purchase was postponed a week later - she just wanted to see. Already half a year at me the ideal manicure, always well-groomed hands and more hour of time was added on useful affairs. In repair yet did not carry. But just want to warn about the minuses. I consider the tray for devices wildly unreasonable and uncomfortable. And spaciousness podkachala - it's still a narrow model, only then realized that it was necessary to fork out for a broad car. My rating: 4 points out of 5.

As you can see, companies that are known as suppliers of inexpensive and practical furniture, are able to surprise and create in a tandem with well-known brands quite good household appliances. Given the relatively low prices, we believe that the IKEA PMM is an excellent option, especially if you buy it with a kitchen set. And how do you think? Share your opinion in the comments.

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