Review of Kromo Dishwashers

We bring to your attention the Kromo product overview - the dishwasher of this company will be an excellent choice for professional kitchens. In the article you will find information about the company, a review of the advantages and technical features of MMM "Kromo as well as a description of popular models.

Content of the material:

  • 1Kromo - non-standard solutions for cafes and restaurants
  • 2Frontal PMM
    • 2.1Aqua ruler
    • 2.2LUX ruler
    • 2.3Premium Ruler
  • 3Kromo Dome
    • 3.1Kromo Hood
      • 3.1.1Hood 130S Lift
    • 3.2POT (for washing inventory)
      • 3.2.1KP402E TR Plus
  • 4Tunnel PMM Kromo
  • 5Granulated dishwashers

Kromo - non-standard solutions for cafes and restaurants

The Italian brand Kromo has been setting up the production process for many years, winning customers from all over the world. It is so automated that it allows you to remove one dishwasher every 3 minutes from the conveyor. Due to this, the company has become one of the leaders in the production of professional level machines.

In the mid-2000s, Kromo joined the ALI group (the world's leading manufacturer of catering equipment). The design department is developing equipment for the widest application: from the HoReCa industry to the largest consumers: cruise liners or health facilities.

Engineers and marketers study the needs and requirements of the client, on their basis produce non-standard models. Particular attention is paid to operational and environmental aspects.

Kromo factories produce all kinds of professional PMM: frontal, dome, tunnel and pellet type. Let's consider in detail the features of each segment.

Frontal PMM

In this series there are three rulers: Aqua, LUX and Premium.

Aqua ruler

Small PMM for cleaning cymbals and glasses from "Kromo" will be an excellent choice for bars, restaurants or hotels. Typically, this is a table or desktop design with an elegant design solution. Such dishwashers are a combination of high performance and reasonable cost. Depending on the wishes of the buyer, the equipment can be completed with water softeners, detergent dispensers and a drain pump.

The Aqua 40T and Aqua 50T provide innovative electronic control with a user-friendly panel. Touch buttons are universal and effective, as well as mechanical systems. Thanks to the electronics, the operator can choose any of the 3 washing modes, adjusting them to the degree of soiling or type of dishes.

Devices, in the marking of which the LS index is present, are involved in washing the glasses and provide for an upper sink.

Features of the Aqua PMM:

  • Single walls, but a double door, body material - high-quality stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Intense stamped chamber with rounded corners.
  • Guide cassettes are made of solid steel sheets.
  • They are supplemented with a rinse aid dispenser.
  • There is a system Thermostop.
  • The dimensions of the baskets, depending on the model, can be as follows: 35x35 cm, 37x37 cm, 40x40 cm and 50x50 cm.
  • The lid has a streamlined shape, which prevents the droplets from dripping.
  • Sleeves for washing and rinsing are made of polycarbonate and equipped with nozzles of a removable type.
  • There is both electronic and electromechanical control.

Popular Models:

  • Glass-Washing Machine (CMM)Aqua 35. Dimensions of the case: 40х4, х5, cm (width, depth and height, respectively). Washing efficiency is 30 baskets per hour (480 pcs.). The cycle time is 2 minutes. Cassette parameters: 35x35 cm. Maximum height of glass / glass 1, It is connected to a network of 200 V. Power, kWt. Weight - 35 kg. The price is from 82 000 rubles.

  • SMMAqua 40T. Width of body: 45 × 5, × 70 cm. At the hour it processes 36, 30, 20 cassettes (480 instruments). Duration of washing cycles 2 and 3 minutes. Baskets are 40x40 cm in size, can hold glasses with a height of up to 3 cm. Power, kWt. Requires 220 V network connection. The price is from 115 000 rubles.

  • Glass and dishwasherAqua 50. Dimensions of the case: 59x60x85 cm. Processes 30, 20 dishes of baskets for 1 hour, the parameters of which are 50x50 cm. The cycles last 2 and 3 minutes. Power kW, voltage - 380 V. Weight - 40 kg. The price is from 123 500 rubles.

LUX ruler

Features of dishwashers:

  • Stamping guides for baskets, made of stainless steel;
  • some structures are equipped with the "Plus" system - the head and water temperature does not depend on the pressure in the water supply;
  • the water inlet temperature is 55 degrees;
  • The standard equipment includes a rinse aid dispenser, and a dispenser for the detergent is optionally added.

PMU LUX class with front-loading of the last generation save water and electricity, and also have simple and convenient control, easy control of functions and programs.

Parameters of some models:

  • Lux 60 EL.Dimensions of the case: 60x61x85 cm, cassette parameters: 50x50 cm. The productivity for 1 hour is 48, 30, 20, 12 cassettes, and the duration of the cycles is: 1, 2, 3 minutes, respectively. Suitable for washing dishes, gastronorms and glasses with a height of up to 3 cm. Voltage - 380 V, power kW. The water consumption per cycle is, liter. Weight - 64 kg. The cost is from 134 000 rubles.

  • Lux 85 EL PLUS. Dimensions (WxDxH): 60x70x138 cm, baskets - 50x50 cm. The maximum height of a glass or a plate is 44 cm. Power - 10 kW, connection to 380 V network. The price is from 270 000 rubles.

Premium Ruler

Premium machines are equipped with innovative washing and energy-saving systems, so they are suitable for washing elite dishes.

The "Premium" technology is the simplicity and intuition in the management of cycles. The technology is equipped with a Soft-touch panel with a multifunction and multi-color button. Also on the control panel there is an LCD-display, on which operating temperatures are displayed, washing modes and other options are adjusted. The system of automatic diagnostics, providing 2 levels, always accurately reports the problems, displaying fault codes on the display. In addition, PMM is equipped with an innovative rinsing system, 6 washing cycles.


  • Dispenser of detergent and rinse aid, drain pump, pumping pump as standard.
  • 6 cycles, 4 of which provide partial discharge, and 2 - complete replacement of the cleaning solution.
  • A multicolored start button indicates the operation of the equipment - each function has its own color.
  • CUTLERY UV - 9 cycles, of which 2 involve thermochemical sanitation of devices using ultraviolet.

The lineup includes such popular options:

  • Premium 40 DA. Width: 42x49x6, cm, basket size: 37x37 cm. The capacity per hour is 30 cassettes, with a cycle time of 2 minutes. The maximum height, the diameter of the loaded dishes - 2, Power kW, connection to the network of 220 V. The price is from 207 000 rubles.

  • Cutlery UV.Dimensions: 59x60x85 cm, cassette parameters: 50x50 cm. Productivity per hour: 40, 30, 20 on cycles in 2 and 3 minutes. You can load dishes with a height of up to 32 cm in diameter. The equipment capacity is, kW, voltage - 380 V. The price is from 354 000 rubles.

Kromo Dome

This type of dishwasher is represented by two rulers: Hood and machines for inventory POT.

Kromo Hood

Ideal dishwashers with high performance with modest dimensions of the case. In the Hood series, you can find devices with both mechanical control, supplemented with the necessary options, and with innovative electronic systems with the most powerful functionality.


  • Hood 800, Hood 110 have single walls, double are provided in Hood 110T, Hood 110-I, Hood 110-S, Hood 130, Hood 140;
  • in each case there is a system Thermostop;
  • Some PMMs are equipped with the LIFT system, which involves lifting the dome upon completion of the operating mode;
  • part of the model range is supplemented by the HR system - the heat recuperator;
  • multicolor start button;
  • the Hood 140 PREMIUM has a built-in drain pump and partial discharge programs;
  • Hood 130 and Hood 140 are equipped with a rinse aid dispenser.

Hood 130S Lift

Available in dimensions (WxDxH) 72x7, x14, -188 cm, cassette parameters: 50x50 cm. Productivity: 70, 40, 30, 20, 12 (6530 pieces per hour). The maximum height of the dishes, the diameter of the plate - 41 cm. Power - 1, kW, connection to a voltage of 380 V. The tank is designed for 42 liters. Electronic control is provided. Boiler for 10 liters. Weight - 120 kg.

The cost is from 403 000 rubles.

POT (for washing inventory)

Washing equipment for cleaning the inventory can be equipped with energy-saving technologies, which does not reduce their productivity. As in the front models, touch control is provided, and in KP152E, KP202E, KP302E, KP402E Plus there is a multi-color key. They are equipped with a steam condenser and a heat recuperator.

KP402E TR Plus

PMM, consuming half the electricity, than similar designs. Equipped with a TR system with a heat exchanger that sucks in hot steam and uses its heat to heat up new batches of washing solution - all this saves resources when rinsing. Technology TR is beneficial for the microclimate of the room in which the appliance is installed. Humidity is reduced by 20%, in contrast to models without a heat recuperator, and the air temperature, which is released by the machine, is reduced by half.


  • Dimensions of the case and baskets: 149 × 8, × 232 cm and 135 × 7, cm, respectively.
  • The height of the tray loaded into the hopper can be as much as 82 cm.
  • Power - 1, kW.
  • Performance - 13 cassettes hourly.
  • The required voltage is 380 V.
  • The water flow is 11 liters per hour.
  • The capacity of the bunker is 120 liters.
  • Weight - 180 kg.
  • The cost is from 1 237 135 rubles.

Tunnel PMM Kromo

In this segment the company has excelled the most and offers the buyer a wide choice:

  • Rack Compact- for small and medium-sized businesses.

  • Rack- for medium and large enterprises.

  • Flight- for washing large volumes of dishes; suitable for educational institutions, hotel business, large dining rooms, polyclinics, catering.

  • Tray- An economical technique for washing trays.

  • Kromo KP -for washing dishes and equipment in especially large food production.

  • Kromo FP- tunnel structures for washing equipment in conditions of large food production.

The lineup:

  • K1700from the Rack Compact series. Dimensions: 108 × 7, х15, -190 cm, dimensions of baskets: 50х50 cm. The capacity is 70, 100 cassettes per hour, the cycle duration is 2 minutes. The voltage is 380 V. Power - 23 kW, weight - 210 kg. The price is from 210 000 rubles.

  • K3100-K10.Width Height: 215x100x177-220 cm. Baskets: 50x50 cm. Washes 150, 190 cassettes per hour. The cycle lasts 6 minutes. Voltage - 400 V, power - 2, kW. The price is more than 1 000 000 rubles.

Granulated dishwashers

Dishwashers of granule type are used for cleaning the dirtiest inventory and various utensils with minimal waste of resources. Assume the abrasive action of granules mixed with water and detergent chemistry, on the most complex pollution. Suitable for dining, restaurant, airport, etc. requests.


  • 12 cycles, half of which involve washing solution with granules;
  • display and multicolor button;
  • multilingual user panel;
  • double walls with thermal and sound insulation;
  • steel grade AISI 316 as the main material from which the body and main components, such as a washing pump, are made;
  • protection of electrical and electronic components of electrical appliances with easy access to them;
  • a pellet basket equipped with an indication for monitoring their residue;
  • a service trolley for easy loading and unloading of inventory;
  • thermal recuperator and other options.

There are three options:GR 300 PLUS,GR 300 TR PLUSandGR 800 TR PLUS.Connect to a network of 380 V, have a power of 13 kW.

The result.If you need truly professional technology for business of any scale, Kromo has excellent solutions from various price categories. The quality and efficiency of the equipment has been confirmed for years, so you can safely buy products by selecting the necessary functionality and performance.

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