Review of dishwashers Indesit (Indesit)

The dishwasher "Indesit" is often the No. 1 choice among domestic buyers, this brand is known and loved. Why it has won such popularity that today Indesit offers users, you will learn in the review. We will consider the features of the PMM of this brand, we will tell about the novelties so that you can make a deliberate decision in favor of (or not) buying the "Indesit" equipment.

Also you are waiting for reviews of real users and interesting facts.

Content of the material:

  • 1A little bit about the brand
  • 2Features of MMP "Indesit"
  • 3EXtra line-up details
  • 4Overview of new products: features, functionality, owner reviews
    • 4.1DFP 27B + 96 Z
    • 4.2DSR 57M19 A EU
    • 4.3DIF 16T1 A
    • 4.4Indesit DISR 16B

A little bit about the brand

Indesit is a junior in the world of household appliances, compared to such giants as Bosch or AEG. The company is part of the well-known concern Merloni Elettrodomestici.

On the Russian market, household appliances came only in the early 90's. In 2000, the company bought the plant "Stinol which produced refrigerators. The second plant "Indesit" was opened four years later. Today, Indesit Company produces almost all types of household appliances under such brands as Ariston, Indesit, Stinol, Hotpoint, etc.

Interesting! Annually, the company produces 14 million units of household appliances.

Features of MMP "Indesit"

The buyer can choose between a built-in or a stand-alone model. The first is suitable for those who have a kitchen in the same style and all appliances are also built-in. The individual machine without embedding is distinguished by an authentic design decision, it will be appropriate to look at any kitchen.

Important! Typically Indesit PMM body is made in white or metallic color. These colors are universal and easily combined with others. For a dark kitchen, a white dishwasher is suitable and vice versa.

The potential buyer is offered three standard options:

  • full-sized machines with a width of 60 cm;
  • narrow dishwashers 45 cm;
  • compact (desktop) models.

Before choosing the appropriate size, measure the seat of the machine in the headset or the free space in which it will be. You need to take into account not only the depth, width and height of the place in which the dishwasher will be installed, but also the doors and passageways through which you will carry the machine.

What are the functions of MMP from "Indesit" differ from the machines of many brands:

Delay start timer. It allows you to delay the start of the dishwasher for a certain time. Did the child fall asleep? Do you want to save and wash the dishes at the "night rate"? No problem! Just choose yourself when the machine should start washing.

Additional washing. This feature is typical for the collection Indexit eXtra, which we will consider separately.

EXtra line-up details

The line of eXtra dishwashers is positioned as a new generation. All models are equipped with inverter motors and have some features:

  • The eXtra cycle option helps save time. Now in the hopper are placed pots and baking trays, frying pans and saucepans. You just need to remove the top basket and get +53 cm of free space for washing the largest kitchen utensils.

  • Hygiene eXtra class. All PMM from this model range are characterized by increased hygiene. Thus, the design provides a cycle BabyCycle, which ensures the safety of washing of adults and children's dishes, at times increases efficiency and kills pathogenic microbes. In addition, in the bunker you will find BabyZoo - a tray for hygienic dish washing for the youngest.

  • Maximum purity at a temperature of 72 degrees. This is an absolutely innovative washing mode, in which you can not only wash and dry dishes, but also disinfect. All this is due to rinsing in hot water, the temperature of which is 72 ° C.
  • Design from Italy. Elegance of shapes, clarity of lines, models with and without display - all this emphasizes the design solution in the Italian style. Color variations of the model range: stainless steel, silver and white with gray elements.

Overview of new products: features, functionality, owner reviews

Consider representatives of dishwashers in a narrow and full-sized enclosure, as well as built-in and stand-alone options.

DFP 27B + 96 Z

Full-size (width 60 cm) stationary dishwasher with a bunker, accommodating up to 14 dishes set. Reduced power consumption (, 3 kW / h) is provided by the upper class - A ++. Reduced water consumption (9 liters) and relatively quiet operation (only 46 dB). The case is made in classic white color. The legs of the machine are adjustable - so you can safely install the equipment on an uneven surface and avoid unnecessary vibrations.


  • hygiene eXtra class;
  • possibility of half loading of the hopper;
  • delayed start up to 9 hours.

A water heater of flow type is provided in the design.

Important! Be careful, this model does not block the user panel (child protection or accidental keypress).


  • "Express mode
  • "Economy
  • "Soak
  • Auto programs.

Features of the device and options:

  • protection from leaks;
  • indication of rinse aid and salt;
  • stainless steel bunker inside;
  • the holder of wine glasses;
  • container Baby Zoo.

Unfortunately, the manufacturers did not provide for the presence of a turbidity sensor, the possibility of using universal capsules or "3-in-1" tablets, and there is no auto-regulation of water hardness. These shortcomings are justified by the affordable cost in the region of 2, 00 rubles.

DSR 57M19 A EU

Narrow, individually standing model: 45 cm wide, designed for 10 dish sets. Classes for cleaning and drying - A. Energy efficiency is marked by class A +. Electronic control is facilitated thanks to a user-friendly panel with a display and a digital timer, which displays the time until the end of the cycle. Noisiness - 49 dB.

There are 7 programs in total, among them "Usual "Express "Delicate "Economy "Soaking" and others. Drying - condensation type.

Features of operation:

  • possibility to delay launch;
  • protection against leakage of partial type is provided (only body);
  • The level of salt and rinse aid is monitored and displayed on the control unit - the lights are on when special equipment is to be replaced;
  • in the complete set the holder of glasses;

  • nice classic white color of external panels;
  • lightweight body weight 3, kg.

The market price is 17 000 rubles. Most likely, because of this price there is no automatic adjustment of water hardness. However, this function is found only in premium models from a high price category (such as Miele, etc.), so we will not mention it further.

DIF 16T1 A

Full-size (width 5 cm) dishwasher with the possibility of a full integration into the kitchen set. Wash for one cycle up to 14 sets of dishes. All classes (drying, washing, energy efficiency) - A. Despite the electronic control, the display is not provided - the functions are selected using the convenient buttons.

The water consumption is 11 liters, electricity - 4 kW / h.

Important! We believe that this is a somewhat overestimated consumption of resources. But if you do not set out to save on a communal, you can omit this point.

Noisiness is 49 dB (slightly above the comfortable threshold).

Of the 6 programs, users note how particularly useful these modes are:

  • "Normal
  • "Intensive
  • "Fast
  • "Soak".

Partial load mode will also be useful.


  • partial leakage protection;
  • display level of salt and rinse aid;
  • the possibility of delayed launch;
  • stainless inner surface of the washing chamber;
  • the holder of wine glasses in the complete set.

Inconvenience: it is impossible to use universal agents (tablets, capsules) in the "3-in-1" type. The cost, depending on the region, ranges from 19 000 to 24 990 rubles.


Olga Valeryevna, Moscow

First of all I chose this machine because of the low price and high classes of washing and drying. Surprisingly, the flow of water and electricity did not hit communal payments, it seemed to me that the water even began to pay less. It works loudly, so it will not work for a sensitive ear. But with her husband for the night we remove hearing aids and everything is fine - nothing hinders. The instruction is simple and clear, as for people over 60 - neither children nor grandchildren were asked to help understand. Here we are modern pensioners. In the repair for the year yet never passed, no malfunctions appeared. We read that someone had problems with the connection - we paid the master, he let himself down, then there were no difficulties in this regard. Specially she selected a leaf from the manual, where codes and errors, but still never shone.

Mironova Lyudmila, Tver

The first and only plus: the price. In the rest all has disappointed. Like an Italian brand, but I got a classic Chinese assembly with all its flaws. Written in the technical passport, that there is protection against leakage, in fact it is not. Noise. A week later carried back. Or the brand has deteriorated, or you can not take the Chinese assembly, I do not know. I do not advise. Overpaid for 10 000, took "Bosch everyone is happy.

Indesit DISR 16B

Narrow fully built-in dishwasher, capacity of 10 dish sets. Has received a class A for washing, drying and consuming electricity.

  • Management is electronic.

  • Protection from children, parental control are absent.
  • The water consumption is 10 liters.
  • Electricity consumption 3 kW / h.
  • The duration of the normal mode is 3 hours.
  • Noisiness is 51 dB.
  • 6 programs: "Ordinary "Intensive "Delicate "Preliminary" and others.
  • Half load is not provided.
  • Drying of condensation type.
  • Protection against leakage of partial type, only housing.
  • No turbidity sensor.
  • The use of "3-in-1" means is inadmissible.
  • There is no sound notification.
  • There is an indication of salt and rinse aid.
  • The internal material of the hopper is stainless steel.

  • Weight - 3, kg.

The holder of wine glasses is supplied with the PMM. The cost is within 16 000 rubles.

Owner feedback

Sima, Kerch

Cheap simple machine. I do not like the ECO regime, it launches badly. The rest are normal. For its price perfectly handles both with a sink and with drying. Baskets of metal - and this is already some kind of quality sign.

Sofia, Alexandrov

Perfectly washes. It is very easy to operate, the dishes are loaded without difficulty - you just need to stuff your hand a little. I did not find any shortcomings. The designations on the panel are clear and simple. Often write in the reviews that parts are difficult to look for. People, do you have that, it breaks? Everything is normal for the 4th year already. Not a single fault. Sometimes programs are suspended when the voltage jumps, but here I am to blame myself, I can not afford the stabilizer. By the way, in the instructions, if anything, the scheme is clearly described: how to turn on, disassemble the dishwasher, how long the regimes last - the management used the first year actively, then learned it already. This is my first dishwasher, and she did not disappoint me. I do not understand the issues of installation - I can not say easily or difficultly, I installed the "husband for an hour did everything just in an hour. Still like the size - 44 cm wide enough to be built into the kitchen. I advise everyone - I think the built-in is better than the stand-alone one. Although there is someone like - a matter of taste and convenience. I want to give to my dacha, but from Indesit I have not yet found such options in our stores.

As you can see, despite the fact that Indesit produces quite budgetary equipment, its dishwashers are in demand and serve their owners perfectly. Choosing a suitable installation, capacity, management and functionality option, you will be satisfied. The main thing: check the marking and ask the seller the place of assembly PMM, so as not to buy a model from China, whose quality is inferior to European counterparts.

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