TOP 5 best dishwashers Midea (Midea)

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What is dishwasher Midea, users have learned recently. The company was founded in China in 1968, but the Russian market the products of the brand fell 20 years ago. The first product became conditioners.

In just a few years, production team and sales increased, and reached a new level. What do we know about her?

The content of the article:

  • Top 5 dishwashers: User rating
    • №1 - a true leader MID60S900
    • №2 - budget miniature MCFD55200S
    • №3 - reliable and convenient MID45S100
    • №4 - «gray cardinal» MFD60S900X leader
    • №5 - small but udalenkaya MCFD55320W
  • comparison table
  • Recommended use
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Top 5 dishwashers: User rating

Make life better (creating a better life) - it is with this motto the company entered into a large swimming. And its products are fully justified. The quality of manufactured goods exceeds user expectations.

Manufacturer manages to combine robust functionality and current design, while staying within a reasonable price.

Midea logo on the store building

Since 1993, the company changed its logo three times. In 2006, it was designed such that it still remained

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All machines are warranted to 24 months. authorized service center network is well developed - in terms of service work in the big cities and in the regions. There is round the clock telephone hotline, where you can consult in the case of equipment problems. Let's look at the best copies in stock.

In the line of dishwashers "Midea" full-size cars have a detached and narrow instruments for a large family. There are compact models that are purchased for the garden or in a small family operation. Miniature equipment of this brand is in demand and bachelors.

№1 - a true leader MID60S900

What immediately stands out in the model parameters - the presence of three sprinklers. One is located on the compartment for small utensils, next - under the lower compartment, the main - under the upper compartment. Last called InnoWash and is a structure of two parts.

Development InnoWash - the pride of the manufacturer. The mechanism allows the ingress of water into all nooks dishwashers, washing ensuring faultless result. When the washing process is started, then in addition to the main blade sprinkler rotates about its axis and still more movable batten.

For the location of the dishes in the chamber has three branches:

  • Lower equipped folding guides 6 rows, four of which are added. This compartment is designed for washing lids, plates of different sizes, pans, pots.
  • The top is designed for cups, dessert plates, saucers. In it, there are special guides for tall glasses.
  • Basket Small Kitchen utensils interestingly designed: its position can be changed. Among the possible options - to deliver smooth, tilt toward the middle.

Inexperienced user is not always clear why so many features invented by the manufacturer. Usability has been going in the operation.

The upper basket the machine can be moved in height with just one touch. Even when fully loaded it is easily extended and rearranged to a higher or lower level.

The only negative - a baking tray in the upper basket is not located. His need to download at the bottom side. Developers take into account the wishes of customers and promise to eliminate this drawback by means of special fasteners. Back in the dishwasher brand Midea not fit large dishes, there are restrictions on the size of saucers. In total, it can put 14 sets.

Programs laid 8: normal, fast, sensitive, intense, half load, pre-rinsing. Dry machine turbo system, which provides a reference, "squeaky" clean. And for all its merits, the unit has a power consumption class A +++, therefore operates using a minimum of resources - only 0.83 kWh.

We should also note management. panel sensor is very sensitive. After switching on the unit selected and the program indicator lights. On the opposite side of the panel has option buttons. For any program selected only one function. Track cleaning process helps optional beam on the floor. After the end of cycle signal sounds melodious.

№2 - budget miniature MCFD55200S

This machine is quite broad, but low, so the device can be installed on the countertop or in a cupboard. Despite the size, it fits 6 sets: cups, plates high, banks, even a saucepan loaded into it without any problems. For small kitchen utensils in the chamber is a separate cart.

This machine is much more spacious than it looks. It can be downloaded from 6 deep, shallow, salad dishes, plus 6 cups and fine cutlery.

Satisfactorily washes, removes even long-standing pollution, but after a few washes. Management in electronic devices, there is a LED-display. Two offices: the main and cutlery. Sprinkler only one, but it does not affect the quality of cleaning. Per cycle consumes only 6.5 liters of water.

In the electronics incorporated 6 programs:

  • daily half-hour fast to washing at 45 degrees;
  • delicate glass;
  • Intensive (60 degrees) for the trays and pans;
  • eco remover moderate contamination;
  • for one and half hours soiled dishes, which requires careful handling;
  • usual for the standard cleaning.

The program is 90 minutes - the most popular. It is less time-intensive, and outputs the result is approximately the same. Plus there is a rinse. If the machine is over salt or rinse aid, it will report the indicators on the panel. When they light up, you need to download the tool in a special section.

The instructions to the user's machine all questions in detail painted. 6 of program information presented in tabular form with basic characteristics.

Of the additional functions is protection of children, the option of recognition of complex detergents All in One. The second basket can adjust the height, making it easy to load large dishes. Delay start working within 3, 6, 9 hours. The design provides A slider and a dispenser.

№3 - reliable and convenient MID45S100

This narrow approach built machine small kitchen owners. There is nothing superfluous, but everything is created for qualitative washing up to 9 place settings. Separating the two: lower and upper. And they both are designed for large items. Yes, the small width of the machine, but sufficient height - 82 cm.

The bundle includes a basket of small kitchen appliances - forks, spoons, knives. The level of the upper compartment varies with the help of special guides. This occurs just two clicks.

The control panel is clear at a glance, the location of the buttons quickly and easily memorized. But some users do not have enough software titles, the options in the control unit.

Individual praise worthy of a loading compartment for detergent. A slider dispenser - finding innovative manufacturer, it opens sideways. Thanks to him, a tablet or powder is completely dissolved, and the cover is not placed next to cling dishes.

In other machines it is implemented differently - the dispenser cover is opened inside the camera. This design can sometimes cling to the bowl, which prevents complete dissolution of the detergent.

Software dishwasher is divided into 2 parts: the main and additional functionality. Mainly in machine 5 modes. Eco convenient smallest consumption of water and electricity. If you collect a little malozagryaznennoy dishes, it is fine. In the opposite situation, need intense two-hour mode or normal. In a hurry, you can put a quick wash. There is also a program of 90 minutes.

Among the additional features available half load. An interesting option and additional drying. It is useful when you need to dry the dishes better than standard modes. Joined to the machine later, provided delayed start at 3, 6, 9 hours. And the dishwasher is equipped with a leak protection - AquaStop system.

№4 - «gray cardinal» MFD60S900X leader

This machine is similar to the first in the ranking, but it is executed in gray. A very successful model, so look closely closer to her. Full-size design is classified as detached. One of the advantages - the price is lower than the MID60S900, a feature set is the same. If the interior kitchen suitable silver color, it is better not to find this model.

What it is? Accommodating chamber designed for 14 sets of dishes. Three offices. Upper basket Infinity system, so can be easily adjusted in height. The controls are quite simple. Programs are designed for all occasions.

There are auto-mode when the machine independently determines the load and degree of contamination, selecting the optimal algorithm washing. There is an option of additional savings of resources that can be enabled in conjunction with any program.

The efficiency of the program 90 minutes amazes even experienced users. Just half an hour the machine washes the most heavily soiled dishes at a temperature of 65 degrees.

Interestingly enhanced cleaning mode. It is supplied with water increased by 30% pressure that guarantees the elimination of stubborn and burnt food residue on utensils. A fast program is suitable for easy rinsing of dishes. Drying at this time is minimal.

Basket for shallow utensil consists of two parts. They can be rotated in different directions or to use one and the other removed to expand the space in the chamber.

Dishwasher runs very quietly. It can be attributed to the most silent of all the typewriters in the market. Yet it implemented a unique drying system. With the two fans are mounted left side. They are fed into the air chamber room temperature. Right fan "throws" out of the machine hot and humid air. The result is a perfectly clean and dry the dishes.

№5 - small but udalenkaya MCFD55320W

The smallest machine in the rankings. It is not very spacious, the camera is designed only 6 sets, but it takes up little space in the kitchen. The device is detached, so it can be placed on a countertop or come up to him a suitable compartment in the kitchen set.

Managed by the machine electronic board. There is a digital display. With this unit it is possible to wash the dishes in the six modes: an intense, normal, fast, eco, innovation for 90 minutes and delicate.

The main modes, as well as in other models, different algorithms for different degrees of pollution and consumption of resources. The program is based on a delicate respect for the fine glassware. This dishwasher control panel is intuitive: the left are 6 programs, right - key additional features on top of the middle - display.

The camera is a common basket and a container for cutlery. Despite its size, quite roomy compartment. The front and rear of the main compartment mounted rails. They are designed to control the camera space.

The machine has a functional delayed start from 1 to 24 hours, the time is selected from a predetermined range at intervals of 1 hr. If it is necessary to stop the machine, you can use the pause button. A slider is equipped with a dishwasher and a dispenser.

comparison table

In tabular form clearly visible variation in prices. Buy mini dishwasher for 14-15 thousand. rub. or spend twice as much on a full-size unit? It all depends on what tasks should handle the device.

If the day is accumulated little dishes, quite a miniature model. If daily cleaning is time-consuming, you regularly use the oven, the house is often the guests are going to need a serious roomy unit.

Dimensions (width, height, depth in cm) The number of sets of dishes Noise level (dB) Water consumption (liter) Number Of programs
MCFD55200S 55h48,3h50 6 49 6,5 6
MID60S900 60h82h55 14 40 10 8
MID45S100 45h82h55 9 49 9 5
MFD60S900X 60h85h62 14 40 10 8
MCFD55320W 55h43,8h50 6 49 6,5 7

In studying the reviews, it is clear - the manufacturer of fully meet the expectations of buyers. Negativity is minimal. If defects are seen, they are insignificant, no complaints about the basic functions of dishwashers. We conclude that with any dishwashing machine of this brand cope perfectly well.

Recommended use

Not to blame then producer for very dirty dishes after washing, or the need for frequent repair of equipment, enough to stick to simple rules of operation.

Recommended use dishwashers

All instructions are advised to remove large pieces of food from dishes before loading them into the machine, to avoid having to frequently clean the filters and change the details of the mechanisms

And if on the surface there are sites with long stubborn remnants of food, it is better to use a pre-soak program or manually delete those items in a bowl with hot water.

How to place the dishes in the chamber:

  1. Use the special levers to expose the upper basket height.
  2. Adjust holders, which can fold and unfold for a more secure fit items.
  3. Glasses, glasses fasten in dedicated compartments upside down.
  4. Do not put one thing into another. It is desirable that crockery is not about "neighbors".
  5. Make sure that the camera did not get along with utensils kitchen towels or sponges.

Choose a program, the most appropriate degree of contamination on surfaces that require cleaning.

And leave your car for 15 minutes after the end of the cycle, so that it has cooled down. And utensils not get temperature shock, and you do not burn hot steam. Remember that modern dishwashers are not suitable for the treatment of old glassware, wooden objects.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Innovative developments in the field of dishwashers Midea at the Berlin exhibition in 2017:

In the line of this brand enough models to choose from. If you need premium class at affordable price, feel free to buy an embedded MID60S900. The range of products and it has a detached analogue in gray - MFD60S900 X. If you do not need a large dishwasher, look for compact devices - MCFD55200S, MCFD55320W. In the mid-market, and with a mass of useful features - it MID45S100.

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