5 cheap ways to quickly clean the hood: folk remedies cleaning hoods.

Every housewife knows that the hood must be cleaned at least once every two to three weeks. Built-in filters to quickly get dirty, which is why the device is no longer operate efficiently. Moreover, if the layer of fat, accumulated over time, is too large, it becomes even dangerous - may cause a fire. On the device cleaning is not necessary to allocate a lot of time and money. There are at least five easy ways to make a budget.

Folk remedies hoods cleaning

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  • Folk remedies hoods cleaning
    • Soda
    • suds
    • Vinegar
    • Lemon acid
  • Shop tools

What if the last bottle of the usual detergent is ended, and the time to run to the store does not? Do not panic! You can always use the means at hand, that there are in each apartment.

hood 1


hood 4Saves even from long-term pollution. This option assumes that a little training: need large capacity, which fit the filter from the hood. About 2/3 of it to fill with water and put on fire. After the water was boiling, stirring fall asleep soda. When the powder is dissolved, can be omitted and filters.

Already after half an hour of this procedure oil and dirt go away by themselves, You will only have to rinse items under running water.


Use ordinary soap (5 liter bucket will leave about a one piece). It must rub on a medium or coarse grater, and dissolved in hot water. In such a solution for an hour and a half, necessary to leave soiled items, then it is possible to start to clean them using coarse sponge or plastic scraper. The result you will love!

hood 2

Reference! Outer casing hoods of any material may also be wiped with soap solution. This tool does not damage the surface.


The more concentrated the solution obtained, the better. Particularly dirty removable parts required drench acetic acid and leave for 15-20 minutes. Then you need to be thoroughly rinsed with water. If somewhere there are stains or particles of fat (which is unlikely), you can rub the more actively.

extractor vinegar

Important! Vinegar can seriously harm your skin, so be sure to use household rubber gloves!

Lemon acid

For preventive cleaning can even use real lemon. Slice the fruit and rub them the entire surface of the hood - from fresh contamination will be over!

If the situation is more difficult, the saving will be a mixture of citric acid with soda. Such aggressive dirt means uniquely cope with all the difficulties. Leave it for 30-40 minutes and then rinse with water - your exhaust filter will shine like new!

hood 5

Shop tools

If the dirt is ingrained deep and the methods described above do not help, it's time to use one of the tools for cleaning and plumbing pipes.

Sanoks, Mole, Chirton or Deboucher - the household chemicals can be found in any hardware store at a low price in the form of gels and powders.

For the procedure, you need to make a highly concentrated solution: about half a glass of liquid or powder sachet 2-3 funds in a bucket of water. Soak the items recommended for 5-7 minutes.

hood 6
vytyayuka 9
hood 7
hood 8

Important! If you soak longer, there is a risk that the material will come into disrepair, as these substances are used in caustic soda (strong alkali). For the same reason it is impossible to resort to such an extreme method too often. And do not forget the rubber gloves!

As you have seen, there are many ways to effectively clean the hood. Some of them help to cope with the most stubborn dirt, while others are only able to maintain cleanliness at regular care. The main thing - keep in mind that this device is in need of constant attention. And what to do to choose - you decide.

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