Corrugated pipe for exhaust

As is generally known, at each turn of the duct 90 degrees drawing branch loses efficiency at 10% percent. The corrugated pipe also power drops, because the air rubbing against the wall. From this viewpoint, smooth metal or plastic is preferred. To reduce friction, the ducts of the select polymers, coated inside with an antistatic composition. Due to the electric charge accumulating inside of plastic tubes become magnet for dust. Corrugated pipe for exhaust behaves differently.


Most household hood top has an exit aperture circular or square for ducts. Allow exception made for plastic rectangular pipes, but this is unusual, rather than the rule. Often we meet hood with air ducts in the kit.


Replace conduit of any material other than aluminum corrugations. Anyone who has seen the goods in the shop, struck the small dimensions, in reality, a short "tube" is stretched at least three meters. Advised to operate just with a maximum length, which reduces to a minimum the resistance of passing air.

Difficulty in installing the hood. Most often attached to the wall of a block of wood along the length of the cooker. The main thing that hood hanging down the middle in both planes:

  • by lenght;
  • in width.

Equipment instruction accompanied with instructions suspension height relative to the plate surface of the drawing. For gas cookers value is greater than the other, it is 75 cm. In other cases the hood is hanging at a height of 60 cm. Do not get too removed from the portal of cooking, otherwise some substances pass aperture, to settle on the ceiling.

Rules on installation drawing

Corrugated pipes are flexible and go in different directions. Severe cases, is the location of the vent holes under the kitchen ceiling in the opposite corner of the plate. If the output lead plastic or iron pipes arbitrary cross-section, get at least 3 turns. So hood will operate at 30% worse. The situation will correct the suspended ceiling, above which will go a flexible tube for drawing straight into the hole, crossing diagonally kitchen. The result is a unique twist on the stove and smoothed bend near the entrance to the ventilation system.

Scheme tube assembly

Resistance threads determine pipe diameter for drawing and linear dimensions. Here is simple - the longer the course, the harder the air to pass out. To yield extracts having a circular path tried to perform without the use of rectangular ducts. The adapter between the two types of the power tube will eat. rectangular ducts for several standard sizes, and all inferior to the cross-sectional area and corrugated round pipe.

Note that the hood does not close the outlet. Ventilation and exhaustion - two different things. Unacceptable sacrifice inflow of fresh air from outside the kitchen ceiling for getting rid of smoke released during cooking. At the inlet ventilation duct buy special grating with a check valve. The device has:

  1. A number of small holes for air ventilation of the kitchen due to the natural flow of impulses coming into the windows and doors.
  2. The central hole for outputting exhaust system. It connects the corrugations or PVC pipe for exhaust.

When drawing the fan stops, the check valve opens and ventilation starts to operate.

Note the equipment performance is chosen to be the three volumes of the kitchen, but to determine the actual value of the parameter after the setup is difficult. You need a special device - an anemometer. Usually incorporated in the conduit system after the measurement section and dismantled or replaced by the region containing the meter.

We repeat - at every turn hood loses 10% of the performance. Result installation be capable zero. Try to estimate the channel work prior to installation. Since the decorative pipe for exhaust is put into the hole of ventilation systems, must ensure that no reverse thrust. Lean paper sheet to the grid. I should hang without a helping hand year round. Otherwise, the installation malorezultativny system.

With the described scenario, it is recommended to look at the kitchen extractor hoods, working on the principle of recycling. Aggregates intake air stream is passed through a cascade filter and discarded back into the kitchen. Able to cope with:

  • soot;
  • fat;
  • smells.

Decorative corrugated pipe

The principle of operation depends on the type of filter installed inside removable elements selected depending on the individual needs. For example, preparing meat and fish necessitate in removing air from fatty droplets. But the smell, you can leave, if you like home. The advantage of the solution in the waste duct. exhaust system works without it. Needless equipment flat shape, is placed under the hanging cabinet above the plate section. Naturally, you need to take care of a safe fastening of furniture: the fall in induction cooking plate break plate, need to buy a new (replacement of glass ceramic coating is not much different from the full cost equipment).

Extractor fan for heating boilers and furnaces

Today it is fashionable to use gas to warm in the winter. In February 2012, died the family, choking in his own house, equipped with a boiler. The reason: in the chimney on top of a visor formed ice plug. As a result, the carbon monoxide did not go in the hood, and went into the living room. Even the animals were killed.

Consider a couple of common mistakes that lead to such an outcome. What caused the situation described above, is not officially reported. Thus, the gas is a hydrocarbon compound formed by the two substances in the combustion by:

  1. Water.
  2. Carbon dioxide.

That's the theory. In practice, the natural gas contains sulfur impurities. During the combustion of sulfur oxide gas combines with water gives a dangerous acid. Because it is impossible to apply the standard gas boiler steel pipes, even brick. This will lead to disastrous consequences in relation to the hood. Brick thoroughly impregnated with the combustion products through an unknown time sulfuric acid corrodes the material completely. Pipe and chimney are able to simply crumble down on the host.

A variety of corrugated

Do extract of the plant can not be stainless steel. Steel easily corroded by sulfuric acid. Hood to work properly, use the two materials:

  1. Refractory ceramics (permissible clinker and terracotta).
  2. Special steel such as AISI 321.

The design drawing is provided an apparatus for discharging condensate to avoid an ice plug formed in the winter. This is done using special tees.

Steel and ceramic pipes for drawing

Stainless steel 6 mm thick mineral wool is surrounded by a heat-resistant, enclosed in a shell of the additional layer of stainless steel. Together form a sandwich construction which reliably insulates heat drawing and does not allow condensate to settle on top chimney. The operating temperature is 750 ° C elements, the marginal - 1000 ° C. Here is the factory hood volcano.

As for ceramics, Tona plant offers two options:

  1. Square tube for drawing a connection pazogrebnevyh outdated today.
  2. Modern hood, pipe diameter equivalent to the square cross section is based on flanged connections.

Fastening element drawing with a special solution, which is not afraid of any heat. Limiting temperature ceramic rolls for 1000 ° C, the manufacturer gives guarantee on the product is 30 years.

Important! When installing, follow the instructions exactly, in order not to lose the right to after-sales service. Warranty violated arbitrariness.

When purchasing items note simple rule: drawing diameter must exceed the amount of the outlet gas of the boiler, furnace or other heating devices. Plan drawing device for the boiler correct - no one gets hurt, the house is warm.

From the review it is clear that any material is not suitable to use in the selected location. Flute is appropriate for drawing on the kitchen ventilation system installation at the output is better to do plastic. Ideally, if the input tube of stainless steel or slate. The portal is placed a special review of the similar solutions.

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