How to choose the best dishwasher detergent

Select a powder or tablets for dishwashers today is not a problem. In stores a huge range of products from different manufacturers and price categories. But you need something better for the dishwasher. How to choose it? Is there a detergent that meets these qualities: environmental friendliness, low cost, efficiency? Let's look at the article.

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  • 1What means for a sink let out or release
    • 1.1How about a security account?
  • 2Which is better: TOP-5 detergents
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    • 2.2Calgonit Finish Gel
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    • 2.4Claro
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What means for a sink let out or release

Manufacturers offer three basic forms of detergent products:

  • Powders. Economical means that contain substances washing up dirt. The powder can be dosed, increasing or decreasing the amount, which is very convenient. The downside is dust in use, as well as volatility and the risk of inhaling microparticles. The powder itself is inexpensive, but it is necessary to buy a rinse aid and salt.

  • Gels. Liquid concentrates, which are also economically used. Instantly dissolve in water, ensuring the quality of washing, well washed away. If the manufacturer indicates the rinse aid content in the gel, it will not benefit. After all, the liquid immediately dissolves, so the conditioner does not have time to act.

  • Pills. Universal briquettes (3-in-1, 7-in-1 and so on) contain compressed powder, rinse aid and salt. Conveniently placed in a container, some have a soluble shell. Additionally, you do not need to add anything. Although the tablets themselves are not cheap.

In addition to fixed assets, salt must be used to protect the dishwasher from scale. It softens the water, attracting heavy impurities settling on the parts.Which salt is better to choose, read in a separate article.

Rinsers (conditioners) give the dishes a shine, radiance, have water-repellent properties, which allows the dishes to dry faster.

How about a security account?

More and more turns are gaining in the production of environmentally friendly products. In the article"Safe means for PMM"we have covered this issue in detail. What does the user get when buying a detergent without phosphates and other "chemistry

  • High cost. Eco-means can cost several times more expensive.
  • Low efficiency. Users note a reduced quality of washing.
  • Fast flow. Since such a detergent is less concentrated, it is consumed more quickly.

That was from what to choose, we will disassemble the basic structure of household chemical goods and we will try to understand, whether so it is harmful.

What includes a common dishwashing powder (gel):

  • phosphates;
  • E1101;
  • E1104;
  • tensides;
  • chlorine.

Phosphates. With the remainder on the plates, 1 substance (maximum), only 1/8 of this amount falls into the body. A decade is not enough for phosphates to accumulate in the body. More phosphate enters the body together with sausage and soda.

Another issue is that the entry of phosphates into the environment leads to irreversible harmful consequences. If you care not only about your health, but also about the environment, you should abandon the funds with phosphates.

E1101 and E1104. Protease and lipase, which dissolve proteins and fats. If you met the inscription "anti-fats" on the package - this is the substance. In small amounts do not harm the body. Until 2008, protease and lipase were used as food additives.

Tenzidy. Contribute to the separation of dirt from the surface of dishes, there is a toilet soap.

Chlorine. The harm of chlorine for the body is undeniable, but its concentration on the dishes is very small. If you compare, you get 150 times more chlorine together with tap water.

Use these tools for the dishwasher or not - it's up to you. Everywhere there are pluses and minuses. First, check out our rating of professional tools for PMM.

Which is better: TOP-5 detergents

How to choose the best powder? Study the compilation and compare the characteristics.


These are eco-friendly 7-in-1 tablets. They cope with pollution at low temperatures, protect the glass, providing a shine to the dishes. Do not require the addition of salt and rinse, since they are already included in the composition. Qualitatively eliminate fatty contamination, raid from tea.

Tablets can be pawned with water-soluble packaging, so do not need to get your hands dirty. BioMio is safe for humans and the environment. Do not contain phosphates, surfactants, chlorine. Despite the environmental friendliness, BioMio effectively copes with pollution, does not leave a divorce. Most users in the reviews are praising the tool.

The cost of packing 30 pieces - from 400 rubles.

Calgonit Finish Gel

Universal gel, is economical in use. Bottles in volume of 650 ml suffice for 26 cycles. It has a rapidly dissolving formula, therefore it is effective on short programs. Protects glass from corrosion. Contains non-ionic surfactants, phosphonates, enzymes, flavor.

Consumers are satisfied with Calgonit Finish, note that the gel is concentrated, so the dosage can be changed. Usually the manufacturer exaggerates with the amount of money per wash.

The price is from 400 rubles.

Eonit 5 in 1

Inexpensive tablets and a good quality of washing, so "Aeonite" takes the third place in the ranking. The choice of users is justified by the fact that the product does not contain surfactants, harmful "chemistry" and additives. Copes with simple dirt, a touch of tea and coffee. Of course, burnt pots and dried up dirt will have to be washed by hand.

Packing of 20 pieces will cost from 200 rubles.


Washing powder of Austrian origin. According to the manufacturer, Claro is 100% environmentally friendly product.

Consists of granules of three colors:

  • Green is a detergent powder. Qualitatively copes with pollution, even with dried food.
  • White granules are active oxygen (rinse aid), which allows to give a shine to the surface.
  • Blue granules play the role of salt. Attract lime particles, not allowing them to settle on the details.

Packing in, kg costs from 600 rubles.

Feed Back

Fifth place in our rating. Effectively removes fat, but the raid from tea and coffee remains. An environmentally friendly product has received positive feedback from consumers. Convenience also takes an important place - he put a pill and started a sink.

Packing for 60 tablets costs from 800 rubles.

Now you know how to choose a tool for the machine, what to focus on and the best to wash the dishes. Look at the comparison of powder and tablets:

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