Review of tablets Eared nanny for dishwasher

The company "Ushasty Nyan" develops detergents for children's dishes. Among them are especially popular tablets "Ushasty Nyan also in the line of preparations there is a washing powder. We suggest to stop on tablets - to consider the composition, characteristics, basic properties and reviews of experienced mothers and housewives.

Content of the material:

  • 1Characteristics and properties
  • 2Instructions for use
  • 3User Reviews
    • 3.1Positive reviews
    • 3.2Negative feedback

Characteristics and properties

The package contains 20 tablets. Producers promise that they will be able to:

  • completely wash off the dirt from the dishes - old and sucked;
  • protect the glass from corrosion;
  • erase stains, tea or coffee deposits;
  • Protect PMO from lime scale;
  • Rinse the dishes to a shine.

The package shows the characteristics of the product:

  • the components are completely washed away from the dishes;
  • do not pre-soak dishes and utensils;
  • suitable for children's dishes (from 3 years);
  • Net weight: 405 g.

It is noteworthy that the composition of the tablets does not include fragrances and dyes, therefore each capsule is white without color impregnations.

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On a note! Tablet can be divided into 2 parts for economical use, which is especially important if the dishwasher supports a half load mode.

Instructions for use

On the pack "Eared Nanny" detailed instructions for use are indicated:

  1. Remove the protective film.
  2. Send the capsule to a special compartment (for cutlery).
  3. At high water hardness, it is recommended to additionally useregenerating salt.

Tips from the manufacturer:

  • Do not load wooden, aluminum utensils and thin glassware into the dishwasher.
  • Before cleaning products with gilding, hand painting or Teflon (non-stick) coating, make sure that the label has an enabling icon. Do not downloaddevices and products that can not be washed in a dishwasher.

These are the rules for using any capsules for dishwashers. It is important to buy an original remedy, not a fake. Country of capsules manufacturer: Denmark, the product is packed into a cardboard box (parameters of length, width and height: 137x52x130). Shelf life - 3 years.

If you find any deviations in the appearance of the package or notice significant differences from the original product shown in the photo, go around the pack with the side. You choose a substance for washing children's dishes - you should not take risks.

User Reviews

We will give you the opinions of positive and negative-minded users so that you can analyze two points of view and draw conclusions.

Positive reviews

Arina, Ufa

With the birth of a child for a long time choosing the means for dishwashers - I had time, because the first years I washed the dishes manually without chemistry. Later she moved to "Ushasty Nyan" and immediately was satisfied - not only my children's dishes, but the rest. I noticed such advantages:

  • after use no plaque;
  • there is no sharp smell of "chemistry" from washed dishes;
  • wash the traces of coffee on white cups - this is "bingo
  • wash the baking dish;
  • remove a thick layer of fat from the pans.

I do not see any flaws, although recently the "Hare" is attacked on TV and online. Given how much around the chemistry in products, shampoos, soap - how to protect from this I do not know, so I'll buy "Ushastogo" and beyond.

Arthur, Moscow

Mark "Eared Nanny" I love very much - I buy for myself, although I do not have any children. Cost cheap, dishes are washed, chemistry in them at a minimum, in general, satisfied, I advise.

Tata, Novosibirsk

I'm a fan of "Somat" and "Finish but I only buy "Hare" for children's dishes. Before that, I thought that there was only "eared" powder in the stylalko, but recently I saw tablets and ventured to try. I will not say that the quality of washing is the same as that of the capsules of well-known brands, but at a miserable price everything is more or less good. Confused that they have an insoluble packaging, so you have to dirty hands with chemistry.

Negative feedback

Anya, Tula

A terrible nanny - that's the real name of this tool. In the store the seller touted, said that she uses and everything is fine. And now I think that she and the dishwashers probably do not. Capsules are very poorly soluble, the packaging was insoluble, open the film uncomfortably, after washing there are stains on the glass. What is the price, this and quality.

Irina, Kaluga

A friend advised the tablet "Ushasty nanny interested in low cost. Economy is a loose and unstable concept, and this is 100% for the "Nanny". Having paid 2 times less, I received fat baking sheets and pans, nothing that I perfectly wash "Finish was not washed.

Olga, Omsk

I do not like this brand in principle. But I decided to try the pills. The smell is sharp, you need to rinse the dishes twice, so there is a lot of chemistry in them. I have three children, I can not so risk their health, I no longer buy such aggressive and cheap capsules.

As you can see, some consumers are absolutely happy with the action of the tablets, but the reputation of the product is significantly spoiled by a large dose of counterfeit, which in our market is a dime a dozen. Most likely, those who did not like the "Ushasty Nyan" tablets got a fake. To buy a really high-quality and original product, avoid buying in the spontaneous markets and little-known outlets.

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