Nano-dish for a dishwasher - overview

Nano-dish for the dishwasher is positioned by the advertisers as a revolutionary novelty, facilitating the operation of the equipment. Experts do not particularly believe in attractive advertising assurances, so we thoroughly figured out what the nano-bag is, how it works, and how to use it. Feedback from experienced users will help you make up your own opinion about this innovation.

Content of the material:

  • 1Nanomuscules: the principle of action
  • 2How to use a nano-bag correctly
    • 2.1Review of reviews about nanomeshochkah

Nanomuscules: the principle of action

First we will find out what it is, because it is difficult to understand from the title what it is about. In fact, it is a substitute for detergent and rinse aid for the dishwasher. By the principle of operation resemblesballs for washing, designed as a substitute powder for a washing machine. Based on tourmaline - balls from this substance and useful minerals fill the "wonderful" bag.

Nanomeshochek looks like a small pillow made of porous material, filled with a handful of small mineral balls.

Balls ionize the water entering the PMM, activating it, and supposedly destroy the dirt, grease spots and other food residues from the dishes. Producers promise that with the use of this tool you will get clean plates, like after washing in a dishwasher using the usual powder, capsules or "3 in 1" tablets.

Important! Manufacturers insist that the "working capacity" of 1 bag is designed for 1000 washing cycles.

How to use a nano-bag correctly

The bag is sold in a package and sealed in polyethylene. Before using, perform the following actions:

  • open the box with the pouch;
  • remove the plastic wrap;
  • place the pouch in any PMM basket;
  • close the hopper door;
  • select and run the required washing program.

The advertisers insist that you do not need to use another household chemistry with a nanosmoke - a detergent or a conditioner. This is due to the fact that the bag and without auxiliary tools must cope with washing dishes, and there is a risk of damage to its contents under the influence of aggressive chemical components.

At the end of the program, the bag is removed from the hopper and dried in natural conditions. These are the exhaustive rules for its use.

Important! To improve the efficiency of balls, choose washing cycles with temperature conditions from 60 degrees and above.

Review of reviews about nanomeshochkah

Truthful user reviews will help to understand whether it is worth to spend money on a bag with tourmaline or leave it as it is and buy the usual "chemistry" for dishwashers.

Elena, St. Petersburg

I bought a novelty for only 100 rubles in the nearest supermarket. I loaded the shelves with dirty plates, threw one pan and a couple of pots, put the nanomachochok in the top drawer. I chose a program lasting 80 minutes, with a temperature of 80 degrees. I was surprised - the usual dishes washed on the "five and from the frying pan, most of the fat came off, although there was a little strange plaque on the glass were small stains. Then I decided to launch the same program with the same dishes, but without anything - without a bag and detergent. The effect is the same. Another divorce.

Maria, Kostroma

I ordered a bag on the Internet. They promised , 00 sinks for the price of 100 rubles. Was surprised - my expectations were justified! I bought all these bags for all my friends and relatives on March 8 as a gift, then I did not hear any negative comments from them.

It is interesting! Those nanomachochki that are sold in shops of the European Union or the United States cost from $ 50. And in Russia they can be bought at a price of 100 to 200 rubles. Do your own conclusions.

Olga, Nadym

The bag was brought by a goddaughter, bought from the Germans, traveling through Europe. I asked about the price - about 40 euros. For 1000 sinks do not disperse - served almost half as fast, there were about 700 launches PMM. After losing the ability to buy a new one, and for a penny. He does not wash! What's wrong with him, that without him - like drinking water dishes, no more. I came to the conclusion that if you buy nanomachochki, then only abroad.

Arina, Moscow

Nanoshechok advised her friends. As a result - in vain spent money. Then she asked her friends why they had advised, then confessed that they had not tried, they just saw the advertisement. So a powder, a gel or a tablet is the only effective tool that will wash the dishes in the typewriter. All the rest is deceit or fake.

So, nanomeshochki were another fishing rod, which manufacturers tried to catch a trustful buyer. At least, so you can say about the means that are sold in the Russian Federation. If you have a positive experience using such tools - write to us!

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