Which is better to buy electric heater

These devices are a hot air blower or heat gun, in terms of Yandex-market. Soviet citizens familiar term vetroduvka. Inside the heater costs spiral, fan cooled. This is the principle of action. Then in the course are a means to simulate flames. Consider what the electric heater is better to buy, how to find.

What is an electric fireplace

We turn to the theory.

illuminated electric fireplace

illuminated electric fireplace

Most people are deprived of the opportunity to put the brick fireplace. Medieval made of stone, chimney laid out certain forms, depending on the area of ​​the furnace. The dimensions are standardized: the century went on the formation of correct relations. Under the current circumstances, to use means for removing the products of combustion in a high-rise is not possible.

Decorative fireplace is an option, too, is not satisfied with any man. Like heat in addition.

From these considerations, and people buy electric heater. By the principle of action and objectives of the devices can be divided into:

  1. Purely decorative device designed to create the right mood in the atmosphere.
  2. Real heaters small capacity.

In both cases, a lot of time paying simulate open flames from rags waving behind the screen material to an illuminated steam generator on a quartz member. Depending on the complexity of the simulation generated price. With regard to the heating device, the element on the value does not exert a large influence.

Fire simulation system in modern electric fireplaces

Today simulate open flames several systems that are primarily interested in buyers. Is possible to see on the shelves of electric fireplaces are equipped with LCD or plasma displays. When it comes to grain, drop the plasma.

LCD is better to take an apartment for a fireplace. Plasma panel look from a distance greater than 3-5 diagonals - three meters and more. Understand the fact that people often come up to the electric heater close, not wanting to see the images of grain instead of fire! The conclusion is obvious.

A promising (not the most expensive) method of simulating orange looks languages ​​using a quartz oscillator steam. The principle of operation is based on high-frequency vibrations of the crystal under the influence of an electric current. The vapor formed in the grate already at room temperature. It's great global challenge of premises became the lack of moisture. Often it manifests itself like winter. If properly regulate the heater, do not need a humidifier.

Add that optionally includes a heated part. In winter, a portal for the heater gives heat, let shine without heater summer. As for humidity control, to pay 400 rubles for decoration (for example, in the style of the captain's cabin sailboat) hygrometer is not difficult.

Simple system to simulate the flame electric fireplace is rightly called mechanical. Often at the illuminated screen hung pieces of cloth, driven by chaotic movement of the flow heater. As a result, we see something similar to the glow of the fire.

Search electric fire in the Network

Search electric fire in the Network

Finding the heater on the internet

Yandex catalog deprived of a clear classification of electric fireplaces, search for the desired model is difficult. But, perhaps, we find a way to get the necessary.

Classification of e-katalog incomplete, see what options are presented to find the electric heater:

  1. Fitting type selected from the chimney and kaminokomplekta. Package characterized by the presence in the composition of individual decorative portal. This ploy will further decorating apparatus.
  2. 5 types of mounting are designed to cater to the wishes of the buyer: wall, corner, side, embedded, separately-standing. Wall hung on a vertical plane, which frees up a little space. Other installation options in the comments do not need.
    Wall-mounted electric fireplace

    Wall-mounted electric fireplace

  3. Compilers e-katalog instruments were divided into two groups according to the presence of heating properties. You can easily find the electric heater that simulates the flame without other options.
  4. power of electric fireplaces gradation different from those at Yandex-market, allows to estimate demand. At the latitude of Moscow it is recommended to take the boiler, which provides power of 120 watts per square meter. It turns out the basic heating. As for the heater of 1.5 kW, the device will be enough for 12 square meters. Reservation: the calculation is made of the reasons that the insulation work was carried out in accordance with SNIP, and the room temperature is in the range of 18-22 degrees.
  5. by supplier classification indicates which companies produce products, allowing you to assess the purity of the brand electric fireplaces. Recall standing trademark has historical roots. This ensures that the creators of the product accompanied and sustained competition. At the same time, a well-known manufacturer is able to begin to produce electric fireplaces recently, but his previous ideas were successful. There is a good chance to make a good purchase. We believe that a major brand is closely monitoring complaints and provides warranty repair.
electric fireplace with a portal

electric fireplace with a portal

Selecting the heater

Summarize. Fireplace ultrasonic electric fire - a source of heat and moisture to the air simultaneously. This is good for your health - blocking low immunity in the autumn-winter period. With regard to the arrangement, the angular electric heater is appropriate, when the room is relatively small.

From the power of the story is clear, that the 1.5 kW is almost always enough, for example, 15 square meters, left without heat in the mild winter. Way of heating is forced convection, heat transfer process is fast. By the way, good convectors fitted with fans. Being hung on the walls, quickly perform assigned duties. Sometimes it is more convenient to buy a decorative electric fireplace without heating function.

Do not hurt to look through the decision of Gosstroy of the Russian Federation for September 27, 2003 N 170 On approval of rules and norms of housing technical operation, which are in Annex 11 standards for operation of heating equipment. In particular, paragraph 5.2, subparagraph 2.5.1 it follows that the application is no longer recommended, but optional.

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