Which home theater to buy

First we decide on the price. Let's make a reservation that the cost of a decent speaker system starts at the turn of 1 million rubles. For such a hall, it is necessary to trim a special material with a high sound absorption coefficient - the echo is reduced to a minimum, and the quality increases. The cost of work in comparison with the equipment comes out just ridiculous.

Home theater equipment

What is the home theater

Home theater speakers

Home theater systems often come with complete speakers. Out of habit, the British call it in one Box. It turns out the budget choice, individual speakers are more expensive apartments in which are located. Similarly, other home theaters do not have their own speakers in the kit. Let's discuss the issue of column layout. Note that the tips differ depending on the speaker system. Redundant information about the arrangement can be found in the instructions for the equipment. The only thing you can see is that the number of nests matches. Surround sound systems are popular today:

  • 5.1;
  • 6.1;
  • 7.1, etc.

It's unpleasant, having bought an expensive speaker system, to find out that the product does not correspond to a home theater. Buying speakers for home theater, evaluate the moment. Remember: home theater comes with speakers or without.

Choose at your discretion and immediate needs. Do not forget that if you have money to buy acoustics for a home theater, it is logical to equip a room for viewing. This applies not so much to the arrangement of the columns as to the finishing of the walls and ceiling in the manner indicated in the introduction. Money is wasted if an expensive speaker system is used with echo. Acquire the necessary materials, for example, from Echo Slayer - acoustic panels.

Home Theater Interfaces

Home theater is a unit that is an entertainment center. The device manifests itself in a large number of input and output ports on the case, digital and analog. Moreover, many ways to transfer information are duplicated:

  • game consoles;
  • stereos;
  • TV;
  • home PC;
  • mobile devices and other gadgets.

Digital Home Theater Interface

The best digital interfaces today are considered. The interface is called HDMI, and the sound comes with a picture, the only cord is enough for viewing and listening. Please note, HDMI has already survived several generations, it is the wire that sometimes becomes the culprit of the fact that the home theater does not want to perform its duties. Already two generations, not counting the intermediate steps. When buying a cord( usually not included, or a number less than the required one), make sure that the standard matches the information being transmitted. About the HDMI specification( generation), find out in the technical documentation of a particular device.

3RCA, the so-called “tulip” is still popular from analog interfaces. Composite video output with two sound channels( left and right speaker).Nests are enough( like HDMI) to transfer multimedia information from a home theater to a TV.If you want to listen to the Sound Around from the speakers, just set the settings correctly on the TV.Sometimes the speakers are connected to the home theater, sometimes through the stereo system. You just need to correctly connect the equipment with cords. Orient yourself so that the selected wire layout ensures that the tasks are performed without the need for re-switching. It is believed that the composite analog video output is not so good, in addition, the component is invented.

Modern cinema for home

Both can not compete with HDMI, but each individually convenient in a particular case. For example, on old TVs one SCART plug, there are channels for analog signals. It will turn out to solder and adjust the seemingly unsuitable television set for the required needs. How to do this, read on our website or to search for pinouts in Google, type in: “site: vashtehnik.ru scart” without quotes and select the first proposed option. To start playback from the desired output, there is a special button on the home theater, often duplicated on the control panel.

Home Theater is becoming a multimedia center. How to choose interfaces? The house( in the apartment) is a set of equipment. Consider how to connect the equipment so that there are enough nests. For example, HDMI has an input and output for a TV( home theater manufacturers are not always able to compete in quantity).It is permissible to combine the two rear panels of both devices with two cables so that the video and audio flow in any direction. Selecting sources and destinations from the TV menu and home theater, set the direction of flow( according to the instructions).It is useful when the sickly sound system of the TV does not suit the sound connoisseur who wants to use home speakers.

Sound Conversion with Home Theater

Above is a partial list of instruments for connecting to a home theater. It is permissible to use the speaker system - can you imagine playing Dandy with 3D sound? Smart home theaters are able to independently build streams and split them into the necessary number of speakers. It is better to ask about the possibility of an additional store. The feature is called Dolby Pro Logic. A clever codec can create a full Sound from a stereo channel.

Sound and speaker placement

The algorithm is specially developed by Dolby Laboratories to raise the prestige of expensive acoustic systems. Special programs on the computer help to convert an old movie into 3D, here is something similar. Listen to the first Beatles records( known as Mono) in full 5.1 sound( 5 speakers and a subwoofer).

If you start from scratch, Sound Around is primarily used for public cinemas. The event occurred in 1976, when the Beatles had already played. Mass hysteria at concerts prompted the developers to make money, if you create something truly amazing. Dolby in 1982 adapted the system( primarily from four channels) for private use. Today, the device is visible in home theaters. Finally, Pro Logic, which can break even the stereo sound into the required number of channels, appeared in 1987.

No distinction is made in the west. Just the Pro Logic prefix to Dolby Stereo is added when you want to emphasize that the equipment can convert a simple sound into an advanced number of channels. The processor processing the procedure is called Matrix. To buy a good home theater cited basic knowledge is enough. How to quickly find the right: do not be lazy to go https: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Dolby_Pro_Logic.

Playable home theater media

For people with no complaints, we recommend to buy a cheap home theater and not dwell on the parameters. The main thing is to take into account the necessary interfaces, sharpen the question on reproducible formats. This is a CD, DVD, Blu-Ray. Discs are double-layered( double-layered) and double-sided. In the latter case, the blank turns over, but other home theaters are equipped with two heads for reading information. To understand which formats form a home movie library, take the discs and look at the logos. At the same time backward compatibility is supported:

  1. DVD drive reads and CD;Blu-ray
  2. drive reads everything.

home cinema sound system Usually, home cinema is bought to listen in volume. They put according to the instructions of 6 or 7 speakers, a simple stereo acquires a unique gamma. We add that the Dolby technology was first applied to public cinemas, and later going to the houses of ordinary people. System structure: processors are called Matrix, this is the name of the technology. Before buying a home theater, get an idea of ​​the upcoming purchase.

Let's start with a simple one so that readers have a clear idea about home theaters. Initially grammer began with mono format. Sound vibrations are reproduced through any device. The simplest example would be a gramophone. On either side, the sound is the same. A mono has a single channel, duplicated into two columns if necessary. Upset: with Dolby Pro Logic technology, dividing the stream into 6 or more channels, the sound of mono in the corresponding home theater will go from all sides, remaining identical.

Home Theater System

The protocol for converting two channels of a stereo in a home theater to surround sound does not harbor miracles. The breakdown is built on a matrix, the form for writing numbers to a table, where there are columns and rows. A similar series of matrices created in Dolby for home theaters. Each is indicated by three digits separated by colons:

  • In the first place is the number of source channels recorded in the studio - by the number of microphones.
  • In the second place is the number of channels after recording on the carrier. Four microphones are converted into two speakers on a typical home theater without a decoder. Quadrophony degenerates into stereo.
  • Two channels back( without losses) are decoded into four using special matrices.

Examples of matrix notation 4: 2: 4, 5: 5: 6.Initially, in 1969, the company Dinako created a recording system different from what is now visible in home theaters. The columns were arranged in a "diamond", a rhombus. Researchers talk about the square. These are four points equidistant from the musicians( the listener, in the case of speakers).Front, back, left and right. A simple match gives a seamless, smooth sound when the sound merges together without cracks and tears. In the studio, four microphones are taken as a trapeze with a spacing of 60 degrees on the leading front, and 120 on the back.

Speaker layout

This reveals the desire of music industry producers to cater to the technical capabilities of ordinary apartment dwellers. It is clear that it is more convenient to place home theater speakers in the corners:

  • two speakers are placed on the sides of the TV;
  • two speakers are placed in the rear corners of the room.

How is a “flattened” home theater loom realized? With the help of dynakvod.

A typical home theater dinacvod matrix consists of two lines, which describes how the output sound of the selected speaker is obtained. As a result, four channels: front left and right, rear left and right. The first copy streams are stereo. Additional: the left rear is composed of the sound of the left speaker in the volume of 64% and of the sound of the right speaker in antiphase by 36%.The second is represented by reflection. The rear right channel consists 64% of the front right sound and 36% out of phase from the left.

Home cinema at home

Similar difficulties in home cinema are related to human physiology. These phases and antiphases are designed to create the correct picture of the interference of sound waves at the listening position of the composition. For those who want to buy a subwoofer for home theater, the above is important. Others invest millions in the system and do not understand why there is no adequate return from the equipment. The reduced dinacod, tailored to the needs of ordinary people, is considered to be a frequently encountered variant of matrix encoding and decoding. The subwoofer is given less attention in terms of location. This speaker reproduces the low frequencies that penetrate through the room( sometimes the neighbors hear the sound).

The basic coding of the SQ Matrix differs in the phase distribution from the above, which is harshly criticized abroad, is called: Stereo Quadraphonic. For this reason, a home theater with a similar spatial construction of sound will not be the best choice. It is difficult to place the speakers according to the plan developers standard. A number of techniques have been developed to eliminate sound distortion. Known options:

  1. Forward oriented forward coding.
  2. Oriented back coding( Backward oriented).
  3. London box( London box).

Choosing a carrier video for home theater

With the image of a home theater is also not easy. If the apartment is a TV with FullHD, it is foolish not to use advanced features. Note:

By the beginning of the current millennium, DVDs played only SD video. For HD and FullHD were not suitable.

JVC took up the introduction of new standards, even the video recorder came out on the D-VHS standard. The composition of any home theater includes a drive for playing laser discs. More often DVD.As for the cassettes mentioned, the tape pulls HD on progressive and FullHD on interlaced scanning. Immediately it becomes clear why built-in hard drives are being introduced into televisions. Connect external storage devices to the equipment, making it possible to view high-definition video with minimal restrictions. D-VHS did not reign for long, the magnetic tape, extruded by DVD discs, could not be returned to the market.


This situation caused a format war between HD DVD and Blu Ray Disk. Both used high density recording, which made it possible to embed on standard high-definition film media. Now the disagreement is over, Toshiba - the author of HD DVD - has announced the end of support for developments. As a result, Blu-Ray has settled on the market. The term is for the average layman a synonym for high-definition video. If you want to watch a high-quality picture, buying a home theater with karaoke, check whether it is possible to play Blu-Ray discs.

Today FullHD is not the ultimate dream, a new standard appeared on the scene, where there are four times more pixels. Ultra HD 4K and 8K technologies have long been established in the plans of companies, in 2012 the corresponding papers were signed. The advanced version( already implemented in Japan) did not reach the Russian Federation, but in February 2013, the NTV + television company opened the Olympic Games in Sochi on Ultra HD 4K.Now, as part of the broadcast of the Moscow provider, a whole channel has been allocated, in the summer of 2014, the HEVC video codec for streaming over the Internet appeared.

It turns out, the DVD is already left in yesterday. Selected have come across the term HD Ready. The difference between instrumentation and FullHD in interlaced scanning. The quality is a little worse. However, this is more related to the choice of TV.Manufacturers quickly realized that you need to divide the technique. Today, the terms AV-receivers and AV-processors for home theaters are used. This is the heart, the unit where the switching takes place. This hardware implements codecs, including Dolby Pro Logic to convert stereo to multi-channel audio.

Devices no longer claim to replace FM receivers or disc players. Receivers and amplifiers focused on switching, providing signal processors for the benefit of the user. The image is converted in real time, the process becomes transparent for the viewer. Of course, no one forbids buying a home theater with playing discs and a radio receiver in a general package. It remains to buy a sofa for home theater, and you can start watching.

Without knowledge of the basics, buying a home theater will turn into an unbearable occupation, led readers to basic concepts. Spend money in the right direction.

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