7 household bad habits slowly destroying an apartment

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Everyone knows perfectly well that you cannot leave laundry in the washing machine or save up plates for a long time, because it will be difficult to wash them from dried food. However, at the same time, even wise people make the same mistakes. Many "bad" habits came from the USSR, when everyone did this. However, it's time to get rid of stereotypes! Today I will talk about 7 household habits that harm the home and its inhabitants.

The content of the article

  • Sweep the floor
  • Do not maintain humidity levels
  • Flush everything down the sink
  • Do not drain the boiler
  • Organize a flower bed under the window
  • Use a lot of cleaning agent
  • Constantly open the curtains

Sweep the floor

@ jdog90

It would seem, why constantly carry a vacuum cleaner with you, if you can remove the spilled cereal with a broom? In fact, the broom does not remove even a tenth of the pollution. Small abrasive particles not only remain on the floor, but also scratch the floor. In addition, over time, they eat into linoleum or parquet. He begins to look dusty, underfoot always as if fine dust creaks. Sound familiar? In this case, it's time to forget about the broom! It is enough to vacuum the floor only once a week to keep the apartment clean.

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Do not maintain humidity levels

Backfill question: who has a working hygrometer at home? Unfortunately, people tend to think that the correct humidity level is not all that important. It's only critical for people with sick lungs, isn't it? Well, I hasten to disappoint.

@Rebecca Siegel

Furniture does not live in a room with a high level of humidity. Rather survives. Because of this, floors deteriorate and swell very quickly. Fungus, midges grow in the bathroom and toilet, and the walls are covered with mold. That is why it is always necessary to maintain an optimal level of humidity in the room - no more than 55%. It is especially important not to overdo wet cleaning. Do not wipe everything with water and fanatically flood the floor with an unscrewed mop.

Flush everything down the sink

@Paulo O

Everyone already knows that you shouldn't throw food leftovers into the drain. But the fact that the rest of the fat should not be poured there is unknown to many. Melted butter, water after cooking meat and other similar liquids remain in the pipes for a long time. They can clog them, cause unpleasant odors and ruin the finish of the sink. You cannot pour there:

  • Coffee grounds.
  • Water after pasta or rice.
  • Household chemicals (except for dishwashing detergents).
  • Paints and varnishes.

Do not drain the boiler

This is usually not written in the instructions, but once every six months or a year, you need to completely drain the water from the water heater. Otherwise, the lifespan of the latter will be significantly reduced. The stagnant liquid with mineral additives forms a deposit on the walls of the boiler, from which the device quickly becomes unusable. So the device needs to be flushed periodically.

Organize a flower bed under the window

Beautiful flowers that braid the windowsill are stylish. However, this solution is only appropriate for staged photographs. In real life, the flower bed should be at least a meter away from the house.

@ the1pony

The reason is simple - most perennial plants have a wide root system. Over time, they penetrate the foundation, gradually destroying it. For a dozen years, the house may sink, because as the saying goes: "Water wears away a stone."

Use a lot of cleaning agent

It seems that the more legendary "Mr. Proper" - the better. In fact, it is better not to neglect the manufacturer's recommendations. A couple of drops per bucket are enough to clean anything. Excess detergent will have to be flushed off with plenty of water. And there mold will not be long in coming ...

Constantly open the curtains

@Anderson Mancini

Everyone wants to soak up the sun. However, during particularly hot hours, curtains or blinds should be closed. Ultraviolet rays are quite aggressive - they quickly fade furniture and parquet flooring. However, this rule applies only to owners of apartments on the sunny side.

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