Extractor hood with his hands

Today delve into the theme of the building, talk about how to make his own hood. The design is useful in the kitchen and in the bathroom, even in the country when cooking kebabs.

Barbecue brick

BBQ traditionally consists of two parts, a dish for coal, where the meat is fried. Recommended for making a beginning Pechnikov. Design in simple barbecue, stocks refractory bricks, and begin. The size of a typical unit are as follows:

  • length 25 cm;
  • width 12 cm;
  • height 6.5 cm.

Take the traditional ceramic red brick (1 M-175 Obol) furnace at 15 rubles apiece, or overseas in Finland for 50 rubles apiece (of Red Reef). On the BBQ will take 400 units (6000 rubles).


It is proposed to put the product width of 1 meter and a depth of 75 cm, 4x3 longitudinal rows. Professionals recommend to get hold of red clay and mixed with sand in the ratio of 7 to 3, but, firstly, furnace clay is not everywhere, secondly, coarseness of sand and purity are not specified. In the view of the authors of the review is better to take the time-tested refractory cement, such as VGKTS 75 - 0.5 white with interest oxide composition (according to manufacturer):

  1. Al2O3 - three quarters.
  2. CaO - fifth of.
  3. Fe2O3 - half percent.
  4. SiO2 - 1,3%.
  5. SO3 - 0,15%.
  6. Alkali metal oxides - 0.35%.

Cement can withstand temperatures up to 1700 ° C. Do not decide independently from the material to produce an extract for a gas boiler, where present in the combustion products of sulfur oxide, it is quite suitable for the barbecue. Possible to add an additive to frost, if desired.

extractor hood

The reason: concrete, cement, all brands have a limitation on the number of freeze-thaw cycles, and the building has been constructed on the street. Extra protection can not hurt. By the way, increase the frost resistance of bricks is possible if soak penetrating waterproofing. Then inside it ceases to fall moisture, thus increasing the product life cycle. In addition, the oven will stop to get wet from the rain.

The height of the dishwashing compartment is 9 clutches manufactured in a standard style with bandaging of seams. At the height of masonry eighth sidewalls inserted two steel brackets 35x35 mm, bent to form a shelf of the steel sheet, serve two purposes:

  1. It forms a beautiful arch portal houseware compartment.
  2. It serves as the basis for the combustor.

In an arc over the opening part of the bricks laid binder (across) in a semicircle. Inside the rows are placed in a typical manner, in a similar arc. Part serve as base metal cylinder one clutch height. Prior to the furnace will lay two layers of bricks to the furnace floor level falls on belts (80 cm, about 12 rows). cooking space grout aligned, stacked one layer of bricks is now horizontal.

Extractor hood for barbecue

Outer face area is at waist level. The height of the furnace twelve nests, the height of the rectangular portal - 9. At the height of the tenth clutch (slightly above the upper edge of the portal) have a pair of metal parts projecting from the wall 6 cm downward angle. At the corners of the steel bar is mounted to hitch a bowler or meat hooks.

Overlapping reinforced steel corners. Now make your own hood for barbecue.

the construction of the chimney for barbecue

Assumed additional structure called smoke tooth. It is difficult to reconstruct the tooth, builders refuse. Element enhances traction and reduces the likelihood of blowing wind into the furnace from the chimney.

We tried to make a chimney for a barbecue right. The point is not the height, an outlet for the smoke must be at the level of the raised hand in order not to annoy the cook pungent odor. Extractor hood for barbecue traditionally made in height ten clutches slope inwardly at the front of a 17 mm masonry, side - 35mm. This construction creates an acceleration of flow on the top of the chimney for barbecue, contributing to a stable thrust. 5 runs from the top ranks of the permanent square. This flue pipe for the barbecue.

Remember lifetime (setting) solution of cement used in construction, it is 2 hour. Require any kneading portions of the bag, or pre-thought-out design and run fast.

When it comes to the facades, it is not recommended at the same time more than 6-8 clutches that brick is not led. Barbecue - a small building, if you carefully use the building level and area, the clutch will not lead. But to get a fresh masonry impossible.

Before mounting brick purified from dirt technical alcohol. Heat-resistant cement does not like fat and soot. The height of the structure together with an extract for barbecue is 250 cm. It is believed that the top of the appropriate section 26h26 cm. In the production of hoods for barbecue with your hands is useful to periodically monitor size.

Extractor hood for barbecue portable type

Suppose there are a gazebo or patio, which imposed a steel grill. Smoke during cooking will be spread around. Preventing such outcome, to produce an extract mangala own.

Extractor hood for barbecue portable type

You will need:

  • steel angles St3ps 25h3 (thickness 3 mm, to make it easier to mount and drilling);
  • cold rolled sheets of 0.7 mm thick;
  • Riveter hand-to-sided mounting;
  • drill with drill bits for metal.

Of course, the need to cut steel. Bulgarian rescue. Simply Scissors on metal hood for barbecue not manufacture. More simple. From the corners of weld steel frame drawing for barbecue in the style of fireplace kitchen hoods sold in the store. The portal has length and width to cover equipment for cooking meat. Height is 80 cm. Top left square hole under standard steel duct, for example, 15x15 cm.

Please note that in order to facilitate the construction of the lower square is optional. steel sheet cut by drawing to form a brazier, drilled with corners strengthened and rivets. The height of the duct at the place chosen to rose above the roof by 0.7 meters. It is allowed to provide a removable baffle to gain traction. Installing the hood with his hands being on a special spine of steel angles or pendant chains.

The method works in the grill hood

Note that the pipe brick barbecues deprived baffles extractor in the house. The hood is not required. The height difference is small, the thrust is generated by heating the air. Smoke starts to rise up the chimney temperature rises. It operates preferably said factor because smoke tooth stone will not prevent the brazier. In windy weather, the flow rate at the same drawing input and output, will be available reverse thrust.

Under these conditions the flow of ash and vzmetnetsya osypetsya skewers. Mention of the carbon monoxide gas. the combustion product is devoid of color and odor. Improperly installed extractor fan for the bath with his hands can cost the life of lovers hot procedures. Symptoms of poisoning appear not immediately resemble typical poisoning or the flu. This weakness and dizziness, red mucous membranes, muscle twitching. Camping rest in relative safety.

From several breaths carbon monoxide II person dies (gradually). Carbon monoxide is stable at normal conditions, it is not absorbed by activated carbon. We can only wait until the hood scatter poison.

Extractor hood with his hands

Extractor hood with his handsHoods

Today delve into the theme of the building, talk about how to make his own hood. The design is useful in the kitchen and in the bathroom, even in the country when cooking kebabs.Barbecue brickBBQ t...

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