Overview of plates with a dishwasher or oven

The stove with the dishwasher is like a joke. But today manufacturers of household appliances create the most daring combinations: not only gas stoves in tandem with PMM, but also ovens or triple options are on sale. They combine a cooker and an oven with a dishwasher.

What are the advantages and features of such combinations, you will learn from the review. Also we will consider popular models of "2-in-1" and "3-in-1" techniques and real user reviews about them.

Content of the material:

  • 1"Underwater stones" of combined equipment
  • 2Overview of dishwashers combined with a stove
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    • 2.2Candy TRIO9503X
    • 2.3Candy TRIO9501X
    • 2.4Candy DUO 609 X
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"Underwater stones" of combined equipment

Deciding on buying a plate combined with a dishwasher, you get a "two in one" or "all in one" technique and save at least 60-80 cm of useful space in your kitchen. If you put in a row a gas stove and a dishwasher, they will occupy from 120 to 150 cm of space in the room, and combined technology will require only 60 cm. It is profitable and economical, but there are some difficulties:

  1. Price policy. Built-in tiles in the same housing with a dishwasher is exactly the same, if not more expensive, as all this equipment would cost separately. Be prepared to pay for the versatility of 70 000 to 90 000 rubles.
  2. Functional. Both the electric stove and the PMM will have a reduced functionality. So, the dishwasher will fit a compact model and hold no more than 6-8 sets of dishes, while in the oven there will be only one baking sheet instead of the usual two. Wins in this tandem only the hob, in it the number of burners is standard.
  3. Connection. The device will need to connect almost to all types of communications in the apartment: to water, plum, electricity and gas. It's not as safe as it seems.
  4. Technical difficulties. The combined device is equipped with a huge number of different parts, so if there is a breakdown (and its probability with such a design is high enough), you will have to shell out for the service.

Important! Despite the nontriviality of the design, the details included in the complete set of the cooker, oven and PMM are the most common. If we consider a double or triple technique separately, it is not so difficult to fix it.

We have listed the main inconveniences that a user can experience. If you are not embarrassed by the above points (perhaps even some of them seem subjective to you), let's start reviewing specific models.

Overview of dishwashers combined with a stove

So far, the market has seen a few combined models. This is easily explained by the fact that manufacturers only master this promising niche and study the demand and purchasing power of the population. But already in the Russian market there are models worthy of attention. Let us consider them below.

Candy TRIO9501W

The manufacturer positions the Candy Trio as a combined gas stove, supplemented with a dishwasher. Model specifications:

  • electric oven for 39 liters with a grill;
  • gas cooker with 4 burners;
  • dishwasher for 6 sets, with 5 programs and the highest classes of washing and drying.

The company "Kandy" explains the convenience of the fact that all commonly used kitchen units are in close proximity to each other. In the hob there is electric ignition, in the oven (if the grill is removed) one baking sheet is placed.

Dimensions of equipment in height, width and depth: 86x60x60 cm. Next to the dishwasher, you can put other household appliances due to a reliable heat-insulating layer of the case.

The operating mode of the dishwasher is record-breaking quiet - only 39 dB. The technique is also economical: the oven consumes 2 kW, PMM - 5 kW / h. The water flow is 9 liters per wash cycle. White color opens up opportunities for sophisticated design solutions. The cost, according to YandexMarket, is 6, 70 rubles or more.

In the design of the Candy Trio 9501W there are 4 heaters of power:

  • , kW;
  • , kW;
  • , kW;
  • 1 kW.

The advantages of the model:

  • saves the useful area of ​​the kitchen;
  • it is convenient in operation;
  • high quality of washing;
  • there is an "Express" mode for 32 minutes;
  • saving resources.


  • complexity in the supply to gas, water and electricity;
  • complexity of the design, especially vulnerable heating elements;
  • capacity of PMM is only 6 sets, which is already small for a family of 3 people;
  • one baking tray in the oven;
  • The cooking surface does not have a cover, so for fire protection purposes it will be necessary to equip an apron of metal and tile from behind.

User Reviews

Vitaly, Smolensk

For our small kitchen fits perfectly. The dishwasher is quiet, squeaks after the washing, the choice of programs is intuitive. Of the minuses - too high. In the RF there are no details on it and there was not. Nuance: When you warm up, work and cool the oven, you need to open the dishwasher. We use the 4th year, the first machine broke - the level sensor flew. The sum of the repair was announced to us - from , 00 to 1, 00 rubles, we decided to take a new dishwasher.

Candy TRIO9503X

The combined electric hot plate with the dishwasher "Trio" contains: a hob with a ceramic-ceramic working surface for 4 burners, an oven and a dishwasher. The design was quite impressive, its dimensions: 85x60x60 cm (HxWxD). Color of the case is silvery. The characteristics of the oven and the PMM are identical to the model described above.

Attention! Users fear that the vibrations of the dishwasher can adversely affect the operation of the glass-ceramic surface, which already requires careful handling. Experts confirm the validity of such fears.

The cost of the model starts from 7, 00 rubles.

User Reviews

Galina, Minsk

Pretty good tile - all in one. I did not like the touch pens (there is a small child in the house). Unfortunately, simultaneous use of the oven and the built-in dishwasher is not possible. Over time, the inscriptions on the tile. The rest of the purchase is satisfied - for a small apartment this is what you need.

Candy TRIO9501X

Another combined machine and tile. Included:

  • gas surface;
  • electric oven;
  • PMM.

Also the manufacturer here has provided a metal apron, which can cover the plate.

In other respects, the technique fully matches the options discussed above.

User Reviews

Maria, Kiev

I'll start with a good one. What I liked:

  • Saves space in a small kitchen. In my 5-meter Khrushchev became salvation.
  • Easy to connect.
  • It's the 5th year.
  • Accessories for the plate are washed in the dishwasher.
  • A metal surface on which there is not a single scratch.
  • In the dishwasher there is a reticulum, which gathers food scraps, so the plates can not be cleaned beforehand. But then you need to clean the grid - it's easier.
  • Baking cupboard with timer, spit (!) And backlight.

Now remarks (not negatives, but nuances):

  • You must choose between the operation of the oven or dishwasher.
  • Baking something, you need to open the door of the machine, and then the buttons will melt from the heat.
  • It requires grounding (the old house, we do not have such, especially the 5th floor).
  • Strange timer - only for 10 minutes.

I'll summarize. I'm happy with the purchase. Especially the dishwasher - she dreamed about her since childhood, when she did not know that they exist))) The small capacity of the machine does not upset, but the dishes do not copy mountains. We use it twice a day. In general, my score is 9 points out of 10.

Candy DUO 609 X

This oven, combined with PMM, without a hob.


  • The volume of 39 liters.
  • Energy efficiency class - A.
  • The oven is electric type, independent.
  • Dimensions: 90х5, х57 cm (HxWxD).

The oven provides 5 modes of heating, there is an electric grill and convection. Operated by touch switches, built-in timer. There is a fan, in addition: backlight, lock from accidental pressing and emergency shutdown.

PMM is equipped with 6 programs and 4 temperature modes. Classes of drying and washing are higher. The water flow is 9 liters per wash cycle. There is a rinse.

The cost of "Kandy Duo" - from 8, 90 rubles.

Customer Reviews


I bought for compactness in a rented apartment. I do not like the noise. While there were 3 launches of the dishwasher, one of them was test. Noise only at the end of the cycle, most likely running the pump. Only rustles in rinsing mode.

As you can see, the combined technique is special and requires a special approach. Buyers rated it for their compactness and versatility, and the shortcomings were not considered so important to refuse to purchase. If you have a priority in saving each square centimeter in the kitchen space - Candy "Duo" or "Trio" will be an excellent acquisition.

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