Rating of dishwashers 45 cm wide

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We bring to your attention the rating of dishwashers 45 cm - we will consider their main characteristics and the latest offers of 2017. and previous years from leading brands.

Today, the market of household appliances provides a huge selection of dishwashers of various heights, depths and widths. The user can choose a model with the possibility of full or partial embedding, as well as a stationary version. Often the choice of buyers stops on models with a width of 45 cm - due to their compactness and capabilityinstallation in a small kitchen.

Content of the material:

  • 1Specifications PMM 45 cm
    • 1.1Dimensions and connection
    • 1.2Connection options
    • 1.3Ability to embed
    • 1.4Configuration of dish baskets
    • 1.5Washing Quality
    • 1.6Functionality
    • 1.7Drying
    • 1.8Consumption of resources
  • 2TOP-5 dishwashers 45 cm
    • 2.1BOSCH SPS 40E12 EN
      • 2.1.1User Reviews
    • 2.2CANDY CDP 4609
      • 2.2.1User Reviews
    • 2.3SIEMENS SR24E205
      • 2.3.1User Reviews
    • 2.4LERAN FDW 45-096 WHITE
    • 2.5Electrolux ESF 2300 OK
      • 2.5.1User Reviews
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Specifications PMM 45 cm

Before you start choosing machines from the rating, it is worthwhile to understand their basic parameters, to understand which functional it is worth paying attention to, and which one will be superfluous for you. Experts recommend to rely on the following characteristics of narrow dishwashers:

  • dimensions and connection options;
  • the possibility of embedding is partial or complete;
  • shape and arrangement of container containers;
  • quality of washing and drying;
  • functional;
  • type of drying - condensation or turbo;
  • water and electricity consumption.

Dimensions and connection

Dimensions PMM - a parameter on which depends on the location of equipment in your kitchen. The smaller the room, the smaller the PMM should be. Therefore, a narrow model of 45 cm is suitable for a small kitchen. At the same time, please note that modest dimensions negatively affect the capacity of the bunker. A large family will have to use the machine 2-3 times a day, which will result in excess of time and resource costs.

Connection options

Some machines have the ability to connect to hot water. This reduces the load on the heater, reduces power consumption. On the other hand, the costs of hot water are rising. If you are not confused by the tariffs in your region, you can choose this model. But the analysis of tariffs for water supply showed that the savings are still in doubt, so there is no point in spending too much. And seasonal shutdown of hot water is not uncommon. Therefore, the review included mainly PMM with a water heater.

Important! The manufacturers themselves say that the connection to cold water is more profitable and safer. Under the influence of hot technical water, many items of dishwashers wear out many times faster. Also, more rigid water from the "hot pipe" will entail costs for large doses of emollients.

Ability to embed

5 out of 10 users report that they have a built-in dishwasher model. This is due to the fact that in modern headsets it is easy to build any technique - from the refrigerator to the PMM. Due to this the design of the room looks organic and not oversaturated with household appliances.

Configuration of dish baskets

When choosing a 45 centimeter machine, inspect the containers - you will have to use them for a long time, so the more convenient the baskets, the better. Today even in narrow typewriters manufacturers managed to place additional trays for cutlery, hooks for small utensils or holders of wine glasses. Often these additions are bundled, but sometimesaccessories for dishwashersyou need to buy.

Washing Quality

This parameter is affected by two factors:

  1. The class indicated on the information sticker or in the technical documentation. Today they are denoted by Latin letters - from E to A, of which A is the highest.
  2. Correctness of laying the dishes and correctchoice of detergents, rinse aid,regenerating salt for dishwasher.


It is desirable that in the typewriter 45 cm there are such modes:

  1. "Main". He can have many names (daily or daily washing), but the essence is the same: the dishes are washed in hot water for 120-180 minutes.
  2. "Super" - fast washing in hot water.
  3. "Soak" or "Preliminary" cycle. Suitable for removing old and dried contaminants.
  4. "Express" washing. The cycle lasts 30-40 minutes. Suitable for small kitchen utensils.

These are the main regimes that will ensure the needs of modern use. Sometimes manufacturers manage to implement up to 15 modes, but in fact of them not more than half are used. Given that the narrow machines rarely have more than 5-6 programs, overpayment for the extra options you are not threatened.


According to the standard, drying is based on the condensation principle - the so-called "natural" drying. Today, you can often find turbosupers in machines equipped with superchargers. Convectors warm and diffuse air in the bunker, so that the dishes dries faster. For any "magic you need to pay, so PMM with turbosupply consumes more electricity, but save your time - it's up to you.

Consumption of resources

In order not to make a mistake in choosing, pay attention to the options and the ability to turn them off. It happens that drying is forced and turned off it is impossible - these options are difficult to call economical. The volumes of the bunker also affect the consumption of both water and energy. The question is - what can be present in the design to save water and electricity? These can be innovative rockers (sprinklers) that save up to 30% of water or turbidity sensors that reduce the number of rinses if the water is already clean enough.

TOP-5 dishwashers 45 cm

Given the above parameters, we conducted an in-depth market analysis and selected the 5 most worthy options that would suit almost any user. Having familiarized with our rating, you can choose the suitable model or make up a personal list of machines with a width of 45 cm, one of which you buy 100%.


Budgetary stand-alone PMM "Bosch" with a capacity of 9 sets of dishes.

Important! Under the set, manufacturers understand a set of standard appliances for one person for one meal: 2 plates, a cup with a saucer, a dining room and a teaspoon, a fork and a knife. In detail,what is a set of dishes, read in a separate review.

The most useful of the four modes presented are "Soaking" and "Economical" mode. The water consumption is 11 liters, electricity kW / h. The ability to adjust the temperature from +30 to +70 degrees with three temperature modes. The user can completely block the user panel so that the children do not press the buttons. For those who use differential tariffs for water and light, the manufacturer has provided the option of delayed launch. Dimensions: 45x60x85 cm in width, depth and height, respectively.

This machine topped the rating, because it was tested on all indicators and it turned out that SPS 40E12 RU:

  • inexpensive;
  • with a capacious bunker;
  • knows how to recognize the type of detergent;
  • saves resources;
  • has all kinds of protection.

Manufacturers assure that the model does not make noise, but in the technical documentation it is indicated - 54 dB. In this issue is to rely on real feedback. The cost, according to YandexMarket, is from 1, 50 rubles.

User Reviews

Magdalene, Khabarovsk

It was necessary to urgently buy a car because of a breakdown of the old one. It washes well and turns off after the cycle, which is also convenient. There is a significant disadvantage: terribly noisy. Fortunately, it is in the kitchen, and in the "treshka" it is not audible in all the rooms. Another would add a cycle of medium duration, but only long and short. Without a display, too, it is inconvenient. Probably, this is what is called "price-quality" - it is now clear why it is so cheap - how worth it, and washes.


A narrow stand-alone model from the Italian manufacturer, but, presumably, of the Chinese assembly (seemarkingat the time of buying). Unlike the previous model, it spends more water, but less electricity - 13 liters and, 1 kW / h, respectively. There are 5 washing modes and 4 temperature modes. Protection from children and partial protection against leakage. You can use tablets "3-in-1 and the depletion of salt or rinse aid, the machine will be notified by an indication.

CANDY CDP 4609 took the second place in the rating due to such features:

  • low price - from 19 295 rubles;
  • good washing (washing class - A);
  • modest dimensions - 40x60x85 cm (WxDxH);
  • capacity - 9 sets of dishes;
  • efficiency (energy efficiency class - A).

User Reviews

Igor, Velikiy Novgorod

My wife and I were picking up a model to fit into the kitchen, covered with furniture and appliances. At first it seemed that 9 sets - that's a lot. Then they realized that we have non-standard dishes, and this is what we need. From the minuses: noises. The time until the end of the work has not yet been counted, even if the scoreboard has some kind of built-in. Do not remember the program - if you turn off the light, then the cycle starts on a new one.


Narrow, detached budget dishwasher of European assembly with the highest class of washing and drying. Energy consumption - class A. The capacity of the bunker is 9 sets. The economy is ensured by a water consumption of 9 liters per wash cycle, energy - 8 kW / h. The average duration of ordinary cycles is 170 minutes. Noisiness is only 48 dB.

Washing modes 4 (among them "Express" and "Economical"), temperatures - 3. The user can delay the start from 3 to 9 hours. An additional advantage in complete protection against leaks. Can be used in conjunction with capsules or "3-in-1" tablets. As the salt and rinse aid are used up, the indicators light up. Automatic control of stiffness and sound signal is not provided. Additional convenience in use is provided by the VarioSpeed ​​option and load sensor. The design includes an innovative iQdrive motor.

User Reviews

Elena, Izhevsk

A really quiet car. You can not hear the engine running and the water is being drained / drained, only the noise of the sprinklers. In the studio apartment so far, when we move to another apartment, I think in the other rooms from the kitchen, we will not hear it. Pleased with long hoses to normally install at a distance from the sink. On top, we put a microwave, surprisingly the plastic top panel stood and did not crack. I like drying - there is not a drop, you can immediately lay out on the shelves. No special minuses were found. There are only flaws, but this is my subjective opinion: I personally do not have enough washing. Another door does not allow aeration of the bunker - there is a door closer, which closes it automatically. In principle, this was a drawback only at the stage of choice, then after the testing, drying realized that it was not necessary. I also spent a very long time digging into the instructions to understand how to set up the tablets - the solution turned out to be non-trivial. Maybe it's true for all the models from Siemens, but it seemed to me that the power cord is short. If in general, the purchase was satisfied, but if there were more free funds, I would buy something more expensive.


Relatively compact machine of Chinese assembly - from the top you can install other oversized household appliances on the panel. Capacity for 9 sets, the higher classes of washing and drying are not the only advantages. The economy is ensured by the energy efficiency class A +, therefore the energy consumption is at a level of 5 kW / h. The water consumption is 10 liters.

Important! The brand Leran has recently entered the market, but has already managed to gain a stable position and recognition of customers due to the quality of the assembly and the extensive functionality of the technology.

Of the 6 modes, users mark "Intensive "Fast" and "Economical". Deferment of the launch and all types of protection, including a full "Aquastop are available. For additional savings, you can use the partial hopper function.

Important!What is half load?, read in a separate review.

That is not present:

  • use of "3-in-1" tablets;
  • turbidity sensor;
  • auto-select water hardness;
  • automatic cycles;
  • pre-rinsing.

Undeniable advantage is the cost: from 1, 90 rubles.

Electrolux ESF 2300 OK

The last place of the rating goes to the compact model ESF 2300 OK from Electrolux. The machine can hold up to 6 dishes sets, designed for the highest class of sinks - A. Practically noiseless - 48 dB. A little "pumped up" drying - class B. With a small PMM it will be possible to save * water and energy resources: consumption of 7 liters and, 3 kW / h, respectively.

* Provided one use per day. A few downloads and cycles, on the contrary, will give more expense every day than a single launch of a full-size model.

Feature: the ability to connect to hot water. There is protection against leaks, a sensor of pure water, an indication of salt and a rinse aid. Tablets "N-in-1" does not support, there is no blockage from pressing and partial loading. 6 programs and a delay timer - an additional "plus" to the functionality. The weight is only 21 kg. The cost is from 22 000 to 37 000 rubles.

User Reviews

Olga, Saratov

For some reason, it was surprising that you need to select the program before closing the bunker door, and not after. But I have been working for the third year already. Very much the configuration of baskets and the bunker itself is very convenient. A typical problem is that you need to monitor the yoke so that it does not stop.

Alexander, Grozny

Plus in compactness. In the rest everything is bad: they repaired three times already - they spent at least , 00 masters and details. Not a single technique in the house so often broke down. Not satisfied.

We conclude that in their majority all the PMMs are 45 cm similar in construction and function set. We examined a variety of stationary dishwashers from leading brands,how to choose a built in dishwasher, read in another review.

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