Which dishwasher to choose - Bosch or Siemens

Which dishwasher to choose - "Bosch" or "Siemens"? Both brands are widely popular on the Russian market, have a decent reputation and are in demand. But which models are better than they differ, what are the advantages? Read more in our article.

Content of the material:

  • 1Pros and cons of dishwashers
  • 2Which is better: Bosch or Siemens
    • 2.1Capacity
    • 2.2Resource Consumption
    • 2.3Noise characteristics
    • 2.4Protection
    • 2.5Useful programs and functions
  • 3Best models of PMM
    • 3.1Bosch SPV 53M00
    • 3.2Bosch SMV53N20
    • 3.3Siemens SN 66MO94
    • 3.4Siemens SR 66T090

Pros and cons of dishwashers

Speaking about common advantages, both brands are distinguished by German reliability and quality. Both Bosch and Siemens are constantly introducing new technologies and functions into dishwashers. So that the consumer is the most convenient to use the equipment.

Bosch PMMs refer to different price segments, you can choose a budget or a more expensive model. While Siemens machines belong to the premium segment.

Both brands represent embedded, detached and compact models. A variety of exterior design allows you to pick up the technique to any interior. Aboutinstallation of dishwashersyou can read in our article.

To choose the best manufacturer, we recommend comparing the technical characteristics of dishwashers. What you need to consider:

  1. The number of sets of dishes that can be washed at a time.
  2. Water and electricity consumption (classes).
  3. Noise characteristics.
  4. The presence of technology, functions, programs.
  5. Levels of protection.

When choosing, pay attention to the ease of use - how clear the control panel.

Which is better: Bosch or Siemens

Compare the main criteria that affect the choice of the buyer.


Full-size models of both brands can accommodate from 6 to 15 sets of dishes. Compact PMM width of 45 cm at a time wash from 6 to 8 sets. The characteristics are similar.

Resource Consumption

Bosch and Siemens are constantly working to improve the energy efficiency of their machinery. Classes A, B, C speak about it and so on. The classes are indicated on the labels that are located on the dishwasher housing.

Power work and energy consumption is approximately the same. Full-sized machines consume from, up to 1 kW per hour. Narrow built-in models are slightly smaller - from, to, 3 kW per hour. The most economical are compact PMM kW.

The water consumption for both brands is also similar, although there are differences:

  • narrow dishwashers "Bosch" use from 6 to 13 liters, and "Siemens" from 7 to 13;
  • the full-size Siemens technology is more economical - from 6 to 14 liters, whereas Bosch from 9 to 14.

Noise characteristics

Here, the indicators are also not too different: Bosch - 41-54 dB, Siemens - 41-52 dB. These are excellent characteristics, since the 45 dB noise technology is already considered quiet, which is especially important for families with children.


All the dishwashers received full or partial protection - it is better to compare individual models. In some, the panel is locked from the children. The five-step system "Aquastop" reliably protects from emergencies.

Useful programs and functions

Both brands have 5-6 main programs, which include such types of washing:

  1. Fast. Need to shorten the time of washing dishes? Then set this mode to 30 minutes.
  2. Economical. Reduced consumption of energy and water resources.
  3. Intense. Washes heavily soiled appliances.
  4. Delicate. Suitable for utensils made of brittle materials.

The number of additional features also affects the convenience of using the equipment. However, it is worth considering that the more new technologies are used, the more expensive the cost of dishwasher. Machines considered brands can boast of such technologies:

  • Shine And Dry. Drying of the new generation. Under the PMM tray is a mineral that heats up under the influence of moisture and heats the air. The technology does not require electricity.

  • HygienePlus. Disinfection of devices with hot steam.
  • VarioSpeed ​​Plus. Consuming more energy, the machine accelerates the washing cycle.

Having studied the opinions of consumers, we came to the conclusion that the dishwashers "Bosch" and "Siemens" have both positive and negative feedback. The efficiency of washing is affected by many factors: the correct arrangement of dishes in baskets, a detergent, the chosen program.

Best models of PMM

Now let's compare the individual models of Bosch and Siemens to determine exactly the market leader.

Bosch SPV 53M00

A narrow, fully-tuned model with dimensions of 82x45x55 cm. With a compact size, the hopper holds 9 sets of dishes, and water consumption is 9 liters. SPV 53M00 has all the efficiency classes of A.

Technique is conveniently built in thanks to adjustable legs. 5 washing programs and 5 levels of water supply allow you to effectively launder cutlery. The panel is protected from children (key lock).

The cost of 29 000 rubles.

Bosch SMV53N20

A dishwasher measuring 85x60x60 cm contains 13 sets of dishes, equipped with a powerful inverter motor. The upper basket is adjustable in height, which allows you to place large pots and pans. During the cycle, the machine uses 12 liters of water. The noise level is 46 dB.

Technology "Ray on the floor" silently notifies the user about the end of work. The gentle washing function allows you to gently clean glassware and porcelain. Built-in leakage protection and key lock on the panel.

The price is from 49 000 rubles.

Siemens SN 66MO94

Full-size model for 14 sets. The water flow per cycle is 10 liters, and the energy consumption is 3 kW per hour. Users will be pleased with the reduced noise characteristics - 42 dB.

Siemens SN 66MO94 includes 6 main programs, there is a possibility of half loading, then the machine will use 30% less resources. There is complete protection from leaks and blocking from children. The door and keys on the panel are blocked from accidental pressing / opening.

The price is from 58 000 rubles.

Siemens SR 66T090

The technique holds 10 sets of dishes and uses 9 liters of water. In addition to the five main programs, the "Economical" feature is enabled, which allows you to economize on resources. Energy consumption class A ++ (, 8 kW / h).

Technology DuoPower provides two upper rocker arms, so the quality of washing at the highest level. Also there is the system "Aquastop protection from children, 3-level water purification system. The Servolock function allows you to "gently" close the hopper door (door closer).

The cost of 59 000 rubles.

Which model is better? The choice is yours. It is clear that the functionality of the dishwashers "Bosch" and "Siemens" is very similar. The difference in additional technologies and price category, so make a choice, relying on your budget.

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