What kind of knitting machine to select

We encourage finding a knitting machine to combine with viewing instructional videos. knitting machines imported from the mass of Russians in Germany, in the English domain Youtube record number of instructional videos.

Variety of knitting machines

Briefly to go over the fact, which produce knitting machines. First, the gradation patterns are shaped needle location:

  1. Knitting machines with linear Fontoura.
  2. Knitting machine with a circular arrangement of hooks.

Knitting machine with a circular arrangement of hooks are divided into:

  1. Knitting machines for socks.
  2. Knitting machine to create pipes and webs of yarn.
Knitting machine

Knitting machine

As for the linear Fontoura, the first grading is according to the number:

  1. Knitting machine with one Fontoura.
  2. Dvuhfonturnaya knitting machine.

According to the method for controlling the knitting machines are divided into:

  1. Manual.
  2. Mechanical.
  3. With electric carriage.

Most of the instruments allows you to create a pattern, respectively, knitting machines are divided into mechanisms:

  1. Manually creating a pattern.
  2. From punch cards.
  3. Computerized.

Linear or circular knitting machine Fontoura

Fontoura called a series of hooks, which is knitting. Most of linear knitting machines. Hooks arranged in a row, the difference is in the number. For example, knitting machine Willow is available 32 hook Neva - twice. Depending on the space available, knitting tasks, select the unit to minimize the efforts of cross-linking of the web.

Fontoura knitting machine

Fontoura knitting machine

The pie Fontoura little hooks 44, but there is a remarkable feature - perhaps knit tube. Due to features quickly create a wide sleeves, pant legs, hats, and other apparel items. Not prohibited knit fabric stretches the width to 40 stitches. Often circular Fontoura called the mill of character rotation. When creating a linear blade twist the handle alternately in hand.

Knitting machines for socks, tube and fabric

Individual users abuse mill mol, gears made of plastic, that look burst, yarn machine chews loop passes. The foreign domain Youtube large selection of turn-based video to help learn the type of equipment under consideration. The commercials featured Addi Express Kingsize. At the masters work. Noticed feature - each holds already tucked string. Perhaps not to chew. Take note, if you will fall into the hands of hand-knitting machine mill.

Many Offline Securing comments. Ostensibly, you need a table for a knitting machine to buy separately. In foreign video is easy to follow, that the knitting machine is held by clamps. Clamp - hold the item, for example, manual meat grinder. Tighten the screws with ergonomic, comfortable handle.

Addi Express Kingsize discussed in detail. It shows how to lay the first row as to thread how to complete the sewing. Separately masters demonstrate methods of stitching pieces of fabric and other sewing business wisdom. Difficulties in the development is not expected, in contrast to the linear knitting machines with the same mill Fontoura. There are variations, called briefly the CSM, for knitting socks. The acronym stands for Circular Sock Machine. Judging from the video, the process is short-lived, before buying advise to look.

Knitting machines with one or two Fontoura

The network is easy to buy a knitting machine with two Silver Fontoura. Additional Fontoura has two or three advantages:

  1. Knitting gum. Vertical pattern, for example, on the neck sweater.
  2. Manufacture of circular webs. Similarly mill, but in the latter case, an arbitrary diameter. circumferential length equal to twice the maximum Fontoura.
    cloth binding

    cloth binding

  3. Performing a longer blade, due to the opening lap at one point. Suitable when you need a large blanket.

Knitting machine with two Fontoura is more expensive. In addition, dvuhfonturnaya Brother knitting machine is of a different class. The higher the number, the finer the yarn is used. This applies to many model series. When discussing understand if a circular machine for low-grade fabric, you need a thick coat, and for CSM requires a much finer thread.

The control method of the knitting machine carriage movement

In the first type, called hand, the carriage is conventionally called a stripper, a kind of "comb", which teeth are thrown loop.

When the mechanical motion of the shuttle runs Fontoura due to muscular strength hands, moving back and forth. These include mills, although here with rotation of the lever moves properly Fontoura and loop formation mechanism stands still. To this category belongs knitting machine Neva.

knitted hats

knitted hats

It is not necessary to look at knitting machines with mechanical control down. This includes a class of computerized devices, which for the formation of (colored) patterns monitors processor machines. For example, a home computer. As a result, not only is easy to pass the needle (forming holes) but to make drawing fantastic complexity. Grain size depends on the thickness of the yarn associated with classiness machine. Perhaps take a Japanese computer knitting machine, allowing the house to create masterpieces of art of knitting.

Devices with electric drive is already possible to call a professional. Out of the essence of the process it is clear that the knitting machine to skip stitches will not. pattern formation is already under way than manually.

A method of forming a pattern in the knitting machine

In the simplest case, a decal hooks, due to this loop is also not formed. Manually doing difficult. With regard to the mechanical carriage control, there are options.

Retracting the needles comb the special need in applications where there is improved methods:

  • Take the template listing.
  • Carefully read needles numbering.
  • Using Decker for a knitting machine, you need to properly moved in and out of the needle, removing the hinge and so on.
  • Each row of hooks to monitor, derived from the work.

It's tedious, it is better to find a Toyota knitting machine with a device for receiving a deck of cards. Punch cards are called templates, plug-in a certain way and serving in the future for the automatic formation of the pattern. The color of the thread, you must manually. For small businesses need something more complicated. Automation will reduce production costs.

Computerized knitting machines all take on. Man only moves the shuttle and the next. We hope that the present scheme reader will be able to evaluate the suitability of the instrument.

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