What is a turbo-dryer in a dishwasher?

The most important stage of dishwashing in a dishwasher is drying. Condensation (natural) drying is no surprise, but the dishwasher with turbo drying is a rarer model. In the review, we will consider the principle of the "turbo we will present popular models with this function and reviews of real users.

Most like the automated process - very few people want to wipe each plate by hand. If you leave them to dry on the table, then divorce and smudges can not be avoided. What is the "turbo"?

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  • 1Turbosushka: why and how it works
    • 1.1What's the Difference
  • 2Browse popular models
    • 2.1Hansa ZIM 476 H
    • 2.2Asko D 5536 XL
    • 2.3Kaiser S 45 I 84 XL
    • 2.4Asko D 5554 XL FI
    • 2.5Kuppersbusch IGV 6509.4

Turbosushka: why and how it works

Which drying is better - turbo or condensing? To understand the question, you need to understand what it is. In the PMM device of the first type there is a special air heater, which is pumped into the hopper by a fan. The device resembles the construction of a conventional hair dryer.

Why do I need a fan heater? Everything is extremely simple: it reduces the time for the drying of plates, cups and appliances. Even if the dishes are rinsed with well-heated water and sent to a natural drying, the process will take some time. A turbo-dryer will save time, but will entail additional expenditure of electricity.

Important! Such additional components PMM, as a heater and a fan, complicate the design of equipment and increase the risk of malfunctions. Therefore, before you buy a "heaped" dishwasher, think about whether you are willing to incur unnecessary costs.

What's the Difference

Drying the "Turbo" is not the only alternative to the condensing type. Also there are zeolitic and intensive.

The intensive type combines turbo and condensation drying, but there is no fan heater in the PMM design, but there isheat exchanger- a container filled with cold water. A difference in temperature and pressure is created, so the air circulates through the bunker - it dries more quickly, while electricity costs are close to zero. Cars, equipped with an intensive type of drying, are cheaper than those with a "turbo".

Zeolite type - a relatively new development of designers. The main active ingredient is of a mineral nature. Zeolite absorbs moisture, while giving off heat, which is fed to plates and other utensils.

Important! Zeolite in the design of PMM is extremely rare, for example, in expensive dishwashers from Siemens.

Browse popular models

Consider 5 different dishwashers from the leading foreign brands, each of which provides the principle of "turbo". But in addition to it potential buyers are interested in other features of technology - we will stop at them.

Hansa ZIM 476 H

Rating of users (according to YandexMarket),

This is a narrow machine (width 45 cm), fully built into the kitchen set. Capacity is 10 sets of dishes. Higher classes of drying and washing: A. Energy efficiency is also higher: class A +++.

The management of the electronic type is complemented by a convenient display.

The water consumption is 9 liters per wash cycle, power - 1900 Watts. Noisiness is reduced to 47 dB.

6 programs, of which users especially appreciated "Intensive "Quick" and "Economy". It is also possible to half load.


  • full type of protection against leaks;
  • sound signal at the end of the washing;
  • Display the level of salt and rinse aid, if necessary, replace them;
  • The bunker inside is made of high-quality stainless steel;
  • from accessories in the complete set the holder of wine glasses.

The manufacturer did not provide only two points: there is no auto hardness setting, which is basically normal for budget models, and protection from children (blocking the keys from accidental pressing). At a cost of 1, 50 rubles, these minor flaws can not be taken critically.

User Reviews

Oleg, Queens

Quite an economical dishwasher. But there is one disadvantage: often I take out plates that are not dried, with droplets of water. In use for more than a year - mine with tablets 3-in-1, sometimes divide in half, if half the regime is needed. The dishes are cleaned well, if it is placed correctly.

Asko D 5536 XL

Rating - 5.0.

This dishwasher is 60 cm wide, full-sized type, positioned as built-in. Capacity - 13 sets. Higher classes of washing, drying and energy efficiency: A, A and A +++ respectively.

Has a display, protection against accidental depression.

A water heater of flow type is provided in the design. The water consumption per wash cycle is 1, liter. The electricity consumption is only 2 kWh. The standard washing mode lasts for an hour. Noisiness - 46 dB.

This machine is the record holder by the number of programs. Of the 12 modes users noted as particularly useful - "Normal "Intensive "Quick "Delicate "Economical" and "Rinse". Partial loading of the hopper is provided.


  • possibility to delay launching up to 24 hours;
  • full type of protection against leaks;
  • turbidity sensor;
  • sound notification after the end of the cycle;
  • indication of regenerating salt and rinse aid;
  • the possibility of using universal tablets or capsules "3-in-1
  • a basket with the possibility of height adjustment;
  • accessories in the complete set: the holder of wine glasses, a tray for devices;
  • self-cleaning system;
  • PowerZone - the zone of intensive washing for heavily soiled dishes;
  • A small weight of 52 kg.

The cost of 54 000 rubles.

User Reviews

Valentin, Moscow

I bought it purely because of the turbo-dryer and the program for heavily soiled dishes. Also like the fast mode. My dishes are infrequent, since bachelor life makes me eat in cafes. Therefore, the dishes or fresh, or vice versa with a three-day mud. I did not find any minuses, I got everything I wanted, I got 5 +.

Kaiser S 45 I 84 XL

The narrow, fully built-in machine "Kaiser" is designed for 10 dishes sets. All classes: A. There is a display. 1 cycle of washing requires 10 liters of water. Noisiness is 47 dB.

Out of 8 programs the manufacturer focuses attention on "Delicate "Economical" modes and "Soaking" function. Loading hopper ½ is available.


  • delayed start;
  • protection against leakage;
  • the use of funds of the type "3 in 1
  • rinse aid / salt indication;
  • the possibility of adjusting the height of the dishwasher basket;
  • the holder of wine glasses.

The market price is from 48 590 rubles.

Asko D 5554 XL FI

Rating 5.0.

Another "Asko" PMM is fully built and full-sized. Productivity 14 sets. All higher classes: A. There is a function of "parental control the design provides a display.

The water consumption is 11 liters, energy kW / h. In this model, even more programs than in the above options: only 14. Among them are "Normal "Intensive "Express "Delicate "Soaking" and automatic programs. Half load of the hopper is realized.

Among the features of the model is to emphasize the option "beam on the floor" and internal lighting. Also there is a combined sink and there are "intensive" areas for especially polluted, burnt or fatty utensils.

User Reviews

Rita, Tomsk

All classes A, and this is not only in terms of documents, but also in practice. The plates shine with purity, I never wash anything myself. I like compactness at such a spaciousness. On the management of everything is clear - in the instruction only once looked. The main thing is that the dishes are dry, nothing needs to be wiped, and all this in a matter of minutes. Fragile tableware does not beat, before there was a PMM "Indesit then we broke off a lot of glasses. My impression of the typewriter is very positive.

Kuppersbusch IGV 6509.4

This dishwasher is for those who are accustomed to using the technology exclusively "premium". Holds 13 sets, all classes are higher. Integration - complete. Dimensions: width 60 cm, height 82 cm. The control is electronic, there is a display.


  • consumption of pod, liter;
  • power 2300 W;
  • power consumption, 2 kW / h;
  • noise level 42 dB (record low).

There are 5 programs and 4 temperature modes. Users mark "Fast "Economical" and "Advance" cycles. Half load is implemented.

There is a water turbidity sensor, a beam on the floor, a program end signal, a instrument tray and a glass holder. From the options, the zone of intensive washing and "Hygiene" will be useful.

The price is 132 650 rubles. At this cost, the manufacturer still did not foresee the realization of an automatic water hardness setting.

As you can see, the machine with the turbo-drying function can be found in any price segment - from 14 000 to 132 000 rubles. The functional of the presented models differs significantly; type of installation, capacity user chooses himself. Therefore, if there is a task to find a machine with the drying of Turbo, you will have plenty to choose from. Successful purchase!

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