Overview of narrow dishwashers

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A narrow dishwasher is the dream of residents of small apartments. This compact technique is functional, stylishly designed. What is the difference between narrow dishwashers and full-size models? In the article you will find the answers to all questions. Also learn the pros and cons of narrow models, the features of their use. Overview PMM and customer reviews help you figure out the choice of technology.

Features of narrow dishwashers

Content of the material:

  • 1Features of narrow dishwashers
    • 1.1Small dishwashers
    • 1.2Advantages and disadvantages
    • 1.3Dimensions of narrow PMM
  • 2Rating of narrow dishwashers
    • 2.1Hansa ZIM 428 EH
    • 2.2Bosch SPS 40 E12 EN
    • 2.3Electrolux ESL 94300
    • 2.4Siemens SR 64E000

Features of narrow dishwashers

For the United States and Europe, a dishwashing machine is not a luxury for a long time, but a means for freeing time. In Russia, the percentage of using such equipment is increasing every year. "Down with kitchen slavery - so most of the owners think. Only the place to install the dishwasher is not always available, even when there is an opportunity to buy equipment.

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Small dishwashers

Compact dishwashers can help the user with a limited amount of space. Manufacturers did not skimp on ideas, so even the most demanding will be what to choose from.

Small dishwashers

Desktop PMM. These works of technical art. These are convenient stand-alone models that can be rearranged from place to place. The dishwashers are calculated for a maximum of 6 sets of dishes. The drainage system is not available, since recirculation mode is provided. The waste water is purified and reused.

Desktop PMM

Narrow built-in dishwasher. The narrowest model has a width of 44-45 cm. The built-in technology fits perfectly under the sink and disappears behind the front of the kitchen set. The capacity of the tank allows you to wash from 9 to 10 sets of dishes. This is enough for three or four people. Functionality is not particularly different from full-sized machines, but drying is done only by condensation.

Advantages and disadvantages

If you choose a narrow, stand-alone model, you can count on such advantages:

  1. Easy to transport and install due to compact dimensions.
  2. Reduced noise level.
  3. PMM is perfect for a small family or one person.
  4. Saving space is the main advantage, because of which narrow dishwashers are preferred.
  5. Clear electronic control, which can be with or without a display.
  6. Condensing method of drying, thanks to which the machine spends less electricity.

Less is limited capacity, there is not enough room for a large family. Maximum - 10 sets of dishes, per person (3 plates, as many spoons, fork, knife, mug, saucer). It should be borne in mind that the technique is not always designed for washing pots and other utensils for cooking.

Overview of narrow dishwashers

On average, narrow machines are equipped with 5-10 programs, among which:

  • usual and intensive washing;
  • preliminary rinsing;
  • delicate program for brittle materials.

Dimensions of narrow PMM

As we wrote above, the minimum dimensions of technology are 44-45 cm in width. No matter how hard the producers try, but the machine is 30-35 or even 40 cm wide, they have not yet been created. So do not fool yourself with illusions, soberly assess the market. Then you can find the perfect model for your interior.

Rating of narrow dishwashers

Consider the best models, according to user feedback.

Hansa ZIM 428 EH

Narrow built-in dishwasher. The overall dimensions of the equipment are 8, x4, x55 cm. Economical use of energy will please the user - class A ++.

Hansa ZIM 428 EH

It is possible to wash 10 sets of dishes at a time. This will help 8 programs, among them:

  1. Intensive washing, which is suitable for heavily soiled dishes.
  2. The "Eco" mode consumes less electricity and water. The temperature is 50 degrees.
  3. Delicate washing is done at 40 degrees. You can keep even the most fragile dishes.
  4. Fast and express mode lasts from 40 to 60 minutes.
  5. The soak function helps to eliminate persistent dirt.

Programs can be conveniently selected through electronic control with a display. There is even the possibility to postpone the start. The end of the cycle will alert you with a beep.

For the cycle PMM consumes, liters of water, and per hour - 5 kW of electricity. The noise level is 45 dB. Imagine that the car is running quieter than you are talking: the technique will not interfere with family conversations.

When you open the door you will be pleased with LED lighting. The large basket of Maxi Space3 is spacious enough. And the upper basket can be adjusted in height. Provides protection against leaks Aqua Stop.

Users mark a large selection of programs. The quality of washing depends on the choice of detergent. By placing 10 sets, the machine helps to quickly wash the dishes after the arrival of guests.

The cost of 25 000 rubles.

Bosch SPS 40 E12 EN

A stand-alone machine is very popular among users. All thanks to a reasonable price - 25 000 rubles - and the optimal functionality. Dimensions of equipment are compact - 8, x45x60 cm.

Bosch SPS 40 E12 EN

Baskets Bosch SPS 40 E12 RU allow you to wash immediately 9 sets of dishes. Mechanical control with indicators will help to establish the correct mode. Manufacturers decided to be brief, in the dishwasher a small selection of 4 programs:

  • "Normal" and "Intensive" washing.
  • Function "Eco".
  • Fast program.

PMM belongs to the energy consumption class A. For one cycle is consumed, 8 kW / h. The water consumption is 13 liters. The noise level of this model is much higher than that of the previous one 52 dB. The machine has received protection from AquaStop leaks.

Users praise the SPS 40 E12 RU for its reliability and excellent results after washing. Despite the limited number of programs, the technician copes well even with utensils after baking in the oven.

Electrolux ESL 94300

A small dishwashing machine with the possibility of embedding. Dimensions - 8, x4, x55 cm. Pleasure modern technology, which introduced the manufacturers.

Electrolux ESL 94300

So, the function AutoFlex automatically selects the best washing option, regardless of the amount of loading. To achieve the highest quality washing, the MultiTab mode is provided. The type of detergent tablets determines how the system will adjust the machine settings. A new development is the AutoOff function. Now the technician does not consume energy in the intervals between work.

The dishwasher can hold 9 sets of dishes. For one wash uses, liters of water and, 8 kW / h of electricity. Reduced noise level - 49 dB. There are 5 main programs. There is a possibility of delaying the start. The upper basket FlexiLift can be adjusted, which allows you to accommodate a large bowl.

Users note the good quality of washing and quiet operation of machinery. The cost is from 18 000 rubles.

Siemens SR 64E000

The model with dimensions 8, x45x55 cm can be built into the kitchen set. PMM belongs to the energy consumption class A, consuming, 8 kW / h. Holds 9 sets of dishes, when washing the machine consumes 13 liters of water.

Siemens SR 64E000

The Siemens SR 64E000 is equipped with 4 standard programs. The dishwasher does not have a special functional. The end of the cycle is indicated by a beep. The filtration system is cleaned independently, and the housing is completely protected from leaks.

The cost is from 27 000 rubles. Judging by the reviews, the technique is optimal in terms of price-quality ratio. Works quietly with the correct placement of dishes, the sink is "perfectly". The main programs are suitable for users, since the preliminary mode or soak function is rarely used.

Having considered the most popular models of narrow dishwashers, you can choose the technique that is most suitable for home. Focus on the size of the MMP and the possibility of its embedding. An equally important point of choice is economy when consuming water and electricity. We hope that our review will help you understand the peculiarities of technology.

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