Dishwasher Bosch SPS40E32RU: overview of the functions

German company Bosch products are of excellent quality and operating durability. Especially popular are the low-budget model with a set of programs to meet the basic needs of the consumer.

Dishwasher Bosch SPS40E32RU - one of those relatively inexpensive, but functional models.

The content of the article:

  • Features Series SPS dishwashers
  • Description Bosch SPS40E32 model
  • Comparative characteristics of the top models of SPS Series
    • Competitor # 1: Bosch SPS40E42
    • Competitor # 2: Bosch SPS40X92
    • Competitor # 3: Bosch Serie 2 SPS 40E02
  • Information for those who wish to save
  • The best offers on the market

Features Series SPS dishwashers

40E32RU model belongs to the SPS series represents a new generation of narrow machines, the quality of which is improved by a variety of additional functions. These include options and DuoPower EcoSilence Drive, height adjustable baskets and so on.

The advantages of the models in this series include:

  • small size, allowing to set the machine at a convenient place;
  • low energy consumption;
  • excellent performance of its functions;
  • introduction to machine a large number of modern developments.

Bosch Dishwashers narrow type equipped with engines with a functional EcoSilence Drive. By reducing the friction they consume less power and run quieter.

Appearance Bosch SPS40E32RU

Dishwasher traditional white with energy efficient, having a powerful resource, quiet engine running EcoSilence Drive. Model fitted hydraulics ActiveWater

A system consisting of two rotating rocker provides the desired result in remote places and protect fragile dishes (thin glass, crystal glass and porcelain).

When selecting dishwashers SMS pay attention to the following characteristics.

Dimensions and capacity of the machine. The models have a standard width of 45 cm, which allows you to easily find a place for them to be installed in a small kitchen. Can accommodate up to 9 place settings. This is enough for 3-4 people.

dishwasher management. All dishwashers of this series electronic control. The range includes products with or without display. It offers the convenience and simplicity that turns washing dishes in one of the favorite household chores.

A method of drying ware. Used drying using condensation method - one of the most economical, as minimizes power consumption. Moisture condenses on the walls of the chamber and flows down. The drying process is long, so it is recommended to include the machine overnight.

Automatic adjustment of the dishwasher

When using Auto program built in the system sensors detect the degree of contamination is intended for washing dishes, then independently chooses temperature washing mode

In addition to standard software, the machines have extra options, such as:

  • vario Speed - reduces loop dishes at 20 - 50% of the standard length. This significantly increases the flow rate of water that must be considered wishing to reduce the execution time of washing in the normal mode.
  • Intensive Zone - optional simultaneous washing of dishes high degree of contamination in the lower chamber compartment and weakly polluted - the top. When using this mode the water in the lower zone of the dishwasher tank is supplied at substantially higher pressure than in the upper part.
  • Aqua Sensor - determines the degree of turbidity during rinsing dishes, ensures that much clear water, prolonging the washing program. If the remaining rinsing water is strongly turbid, the machine resets it into the sewer, if not, the pure water held in the tank for the next wash. As a result saving of 3 to 6 liters.

In addition, it is possible to fulfill the hygienic washing with disinfection of dishes, such as bottles of baby food. There are half-load function that allows you to save water if the tank is not full, and the possibility of further drying. Bosch dishwashers have the highest energy class A. This economical units that provide excellent results.

Description Bosch SPS40E32 model

SPS40E32RU - unit with optimum protection against leaks. The budget model is established with the machine separately narrow type.

Loaded dishwasher

When the process is finished, when the dishes are rinsed for the last time, there is a water heating from a heated and utensils. After pumping the water evaporates moisture from the hot surface and the condensation settling on the cool walls of the chamber

It fits standard nine sets of dishes.

The software suite includes:

  • Intensive. Washing is performed at a temperature of 70º C. Mode is designed to cleanse the burnt remnants of this old and on the outer and inner walls of pots, saucepans, frying pans and similar kinds of utensils used in cooking.
  • Auto. It is produced in the temperature range of 45º to 65º C. Mode is used for washing dishes and eating utensils with a slightly stubborn food residues. The degree of contamination is determined by the sensors of the machine, which automatically selects an optimum temperature level.
  • Eco. Performed at 50º C mode is for washing lightly soiled dishes. Upon completion of eco-cycle dishware is rinsed with water at 65º C.
  • Delicate. Designed for washing lightly soiled dishes with fresh food remnants. It includes preliminary rinsing conducted at 40º C and terminating at a rinsing temperature 55º C and final drying.
  • Fast. Used in the washing of dishes with fresh pollution. It comprises washing at 45º C, holding the intermediate rinsing and finishing rinsing at 55º C.

Pre-rinsing processed in the machine cutlery and utensils made of cold water.

Control Panel dishwashers Bosch

Buttons for program management, laid komandoapparatov dishwasher, located on the control panel in the correct order

A practical and ergonomic dishwasher made in the traditional white color, is compact (85h45h60 cm) and modern design. Ideal for confined spaces small kitchens. The model provides several options:

  • Multi-stage protection against water leakage.
  • Using technology sverhberezhnogo washing dishes and protection of thin glass.
  • Protection against door opening in the rinse with the help of the children's castle.
  • Energy-efficient, quiet, durable, powerful motor EcoSilence Drive.
  • Protection against rust with a ten-year warranty.

In the car, the three heat settings and four washing mode. Economy cycle provides less heating of the water and a longer washing time. Express mode is designed for quick everyday dishwashing, intensive mode - for washing very dirty dishes.

Washed dishes in the dishwasher

Delicate wash technology implemented in machine dishwashing Bosch SPS40E32RU, protects the fragile glass, crystal or porcelain

The amount of water consumed at full load is 9 liters. Clogging is prevented flushing function pre-rinse. Implemented technology condensation drying dishes after washing. After booting the machine can delay the launch by means of a timer.

electronic control with a small number of programs, there is no display. Energy efficiency class A. With a slight functionality may be mentioned a high level of performance. Allowed partial loading machines.

The use of half load function

Bosch dishwashers are equipped with half-load function that allows economical to wash plates, cups, glasses. When activated, the program reduces the time, energy and water consumption, detergents, too, will need less than half

The main positive qualities of dishwashers Bosch SPS40E32 can be considered:

  • economical consumption of electricity and water;
  • excellent quality of washing, productivity is not affected by the choice of detergent;
  • compact size with large capacity;
  • reliable protection against leaks;
  • the ability to embed.

Among the shortcomings noted the absence of a signal notifying that the work is finished, and a small set of programs.

It implemented innovative development at which water is consumed when washing dishes with maximum efficiency. Provides five levels of water circulation, two in the lower yoke (up and down), two in the upper yoke (up and down), one level at a separate shower chamber ceiling.

Multilevel system facilitates the penetration of water into all corners of the chamber, which gives an excellent result.

The water inside the dishwasher chamber

The system that protects the camera against leaks, enters the inlet hose capable of withstanding overpressure seven times, deadlocks, and the system that protects against excess water above the permissible level

Ideal net result achieved by detection of contamination. "Smart" processor, equipped with sensitive sensors that regulate the rate of water flow and pressure. Due to this, the washing quality is significantly increased, and electricity and water are consumed in a minimum volume.

The optimum amount of water consumed by detecting the number of dishes in the car load sensor. The smaller dishes, the less water consumed without prejudice to the result, which will be great anyway.

Dishwasher interior

The manufacturer guarantees the achievement of excellent results throughout the wash chamber, including the hard to reach places, the exact direction of the jets of water and gentle cleaning products out of thin glass and porcelain

Efficient, quiet and reliable motor delivers high performance and long term reliability. Friction losses are reduced due to the fact that the engine system, the water supply, no brush. Instantaneous water heater and pump form one unit - compact and lightweight.

Built-in type dishwasher

narrow type Bosch dishwasher can be used not only as a stand-alone device, but also to build in kitchen. Dishwasher door outer panel closes invoice

Careful washing of expensive and fragile porcelain goblets by implementing technologies careful washing, involving regulation of the water hardness to a desired (not less than 5 pH).

Optional full load, in which is stored the perfect functionality of the device. Cookware is placed in two boxes - the top and bottom. Thus the water flow rate is reduced to 25% power - up to 15%.

Electronic lock, preventing the change of the program, as well as the mechanical lock opening the appliance door. The ability to model space when loading. Small size spare basket can be placed in any convenient location of the boxes. Protecting fragile dishes from thermal shock due to a special tank in the side wall of the machine, providing heat.

Comparative characteristics of the top models of SPS Series

In the top SPS Series models except the reporting unit includes a dishwasher and Bosch SPS53E06 SPS40X92. What they look like and what are the differences?

Competitor # 1: Bosch SPS40E42

The main characteristics of the model coincide with the machine Bosch SPS40E32. True, in contrast to her at SPS40E42 a device for blocking of child participation in the selection of programs and operation of the machine. The software, in addition to the standard, including economical and accelerated the sink.

The pre-soak mode, the machine carefully removing heavy grease and other contaminants. Option partial load saves electricity and water, without booting the machine completely. Water flow is controlled by load sensor, which is equipped with a model.

Car energy consumption is assigned to class A. It is fully protected from children and leaks. The model is compact, roomy and economical. The height of the upper basket adjustable.

Competitor # 2: Bosch SPS40X92

The model has a lot in common with the previous machines under consideration. Display absent, it is replaced with LEDs used for display of parameters. It operates in three standard modes and a soaking mode. Minimum functionality does not affect the quality of cleaning.

Easy to operate, convenient, small, quiet working machine. It differs increased water flow rate is 11 liters, and it does not have the purity sensor. In the previous two models considered these bonuses are.

Competitor # 3: Bosch Serie 2 SPS 40E02

This narrow outdoor unit, as well as the previous models, accommodates 9 sets used for the dinner dishes. It provides the ability to take advantage of the four programs, washes the dishes in an intensive, standard, rapid and economical mode.

During the execution of direct duties Bosch Serie 2 SPS 40E02 consumed 13 liters of water and 0.88 kW of electricity per hour. Controlled by an electronic device for monitoring the operating parameters of the display is not provided.

The list of cons recorded no lock on the interests of the younger generation and water purity sensor. During operation, the machine makes a noise by 52 dB, which is not conducive to its operation at night. In addition, the timer to delay activation is still not in the design.

Information for those who wish to save

By the acquisition of the dishwasher must be carefully prepared so as not to regret later about buying an unsuitable model. We should not deceive ourselves about the fact that all the domestic problems will be solved to give the dishwasher. Their list can be replenished fairly, if the choice had not been thoroughly thought out and weighed.

If you've been paying attention to narrow to individually set the machine, it means that there was no desire to close her furniture, but excess space in the kitchen is not too much or not at all. The spacious kitchen appliances too narrow will not be lost, but its capabilities banal may not be enough for a large family service.

It is believed that for a full load of machine it is enough to run once a day. The tank dishwasher should be placed three times the number of sets of dishes, attributable to each of the family members. Indicated in the technical documentation 9 sets tell us that this model is designed for a family of three.

Loading the dishwasher

Standard set of dishes, which is calculated to be loaded into the dishwasher, including a deep and a shallow dish, tea or coffee a couple devices, which are better to lay in a basket

Accumulate in the hopper dirty dishes, of course, no one stops. But do not forget that the food residues in such circumstances will be an excellent breeding ground for the settlement and reproduction of harmful microorganisms. They not only spread negative flavor, but also to quickly fill the free space under the seals from which they derive is not easy.

If you still have to gradually add the plates with cups for the production of washing, ie accumulate them in the tank, it is best to choose a model with the economy mode. He needs to before starting standard treatment of this unsafe "additive" can be elementary to rinse.

Those who wish to save is worth paying attention to the dishwasher with half load. They allow you to fill the tank only half full, and the water and electricity, wash and rinse compositions will also spent half.

Dishwasher with half load

Model with the ability to carry out washing at half-loaded tank are considered cost-effective acquisition of the right. When using this mode of water, energy and detergent consumed less twice

An important indicator affecting the competent selection of the model of "home helpers" are eco-friendly characteristics. With the high use consume energy machines, which by results of testing assigned to class A. It works even better units A +... A +++. Models of Class B or C to similar work spend more resources.

With respect to the water flow economical dishwashers are those that spent on the production of one session of less than 10 liters of water. We can not say that excess of this limit to 2 - 5 liters becomes critical circumstances that influenced the choice. But when you consider that the unit is supposed to include a couple of times per day, the water utilities will also have to pay a lot.

Another important aspect will eliminate the waste of money. Do not need to give in to the entreaties of consultants from the shopping centers, we see that the ability to connect to the hot water line will also help reduce operating costs. Ostensibly, the machine will not heat the water and spend on the case of electricity.

Connecting the dishwasher

To pay more for the ability to connect the dishwasher to the hot water is meaningless. We are connected only to the branches with cold water

Dubious promises associated with banal desire to sell an unnecessary function. We still no one connects the dishwasher to the hot water, the more so as water there is usually a large amount of mineral impurities clogging the filters and settle on the walls pipes.

The best offers on the market

Bosch SPS40E32RU - ideal for installation in a small apartment and the service of a small family. The machine saves water and electricity, without inconvenience during operation is simple and straightforward to manage, thoroughly washed the dishes. Such an evaluation unit gives both professionals and users.

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