Overview of tunnel dishwashers

The tunnel dishwasher is a professional equipment, with which you can wash a lot of dishes, spending a little time on it. Visually, it differs from the ordinary domestic dishwasher, and at home tunnel type machines have not been used.

Next, let's look at how this dishwasher works, find the differences between the right and left designs, give you an overview of the most popular PMM models.

Features of use

Content of the material:

  • 1Features of use
  • 2How is a tunnel-type PMM
    • 2.1Washing area
    • 2.2Rinsing area
    • 2.3Drying area
  • 3Browse popular models
    • 3.1Apach ARC100
    • 3.2Аbat МПТ-1700
    • 3.3Elframo ETS 15
    • 3.4OZTI OBK 1500
    • 3.5Krupps Evolution ES65

Features of use

The dishwasher with tunnel washing mechanism deserved its name due to its structural features. If the usual household machines look like ordinary compact angular boxes, then the tunnel type dishwashers are similar to a conveyor and a tunnel - 2 in 1. The dimensions of these units are also impressive - sometimes the PMM body occupies about 15 sq.m. premises.

Important! Tunnel dishwashers are fully recognized as the most productive - for 1 hour of work they cope with washing about 8000 plates or other dishes.

How to wash:

  1. Dirty dishes, cooking utensils or large dishes are loaded into containers.
  2. Containers are installed in the conveyor, on which they move.
  3. During the movement, the dishes are washed with detergent and hot water.
  4. There is also drying.

Features of use

At the exit of such a dishwasher machine plates - crystal clear and ideally dry. An additional advantage is the processing of dishes at high speed.

In which areas is the PMM tunnel usually used? At home to install such a device is meaningless, in a small cafe and restaurant - too. Even many large institutions are limited to dome models. But in some cases, the purchase of such an assembly is fully justified - the tunnel machine is suitable for such establishments:

  • large institutions of the public catering sector;
  • large hotels and hotels;
  • kindergartens and schools;
  • universities, etc.

How is a tunnel-type PMM

This huge machine washes the dishes in a short time, how does it do it? The speed and volume of washing are provided by close interaction of three main zones:

  • wash:
  • rinsing;
  • drying.

Washing area

This compartment is made in the form of a bunker with sufficient space in which several powerful sprinklers supply hot water streams. Heating water is, as a rule, up to 55 degrees. During the operation of the water jets, jets with detergent are also connected, which is sprayed onto all the dishes for its high-quality processing.

Important! When purchasing such a PMM, take care of special washing aids.

Rinsing area

After washing, the tray with dishes goes to the next zone where, under the wild pressure of well-heated water, the detergent is washed off with the remnants of food. After rinsing, the dishes are completely cleaned and ready for the next stage.

Drying area

Next, the dishes go into the chamber with powerful thermal fans, which, with hot air streams, dry plates and utensils in a few minutes (sometimes seconds).

Overview of tunnel dishwashers

To ensure that the above zones operate continuously and without interruption, complete control is provided by sensors and various details. So, in the design of PMM there are sensors that control the position of the door, sensors, activating the rinsing, sensors, blocking conveyor, washing pump, conveyor motor and other units.

Important! What is the right and left PMM? When you see such a prefix in the title to the model - this means the direction of movement of the dishes in it.

Browse popular models

Today in the market, tunnel machines are presented in a wide range - they differ in characteristics, dimensions, functionality and cost. In order not to make a mistake in choosing, check out the overview of different brands and modifications of PMM.

Apach ARC100

By rating, this dishwasher is the absolute leader among sales, not only in Russia, but also in other countries of the world. For its manufacture, exceptionally strong materials are used, and the machine itself is capable of processing up to 100 cassettes per hour - 50x50 cm in size. Despite the fact that the power and speed of washing is not the highest, you can use PMM in small institutions, because the dimensions allow. Thus, the weight of the device is 220 kg, and the dimensions are 115x77x15,

Among the features users note a convenient one-piece wash (from a single sheet of metal, without seams and welding) - this ensures a service life of 10 or even 15 years longer than that of others marks. There is such a machine in the area of ​​445 000 rubles.

Apach ARC100

Important! Have time to buy the leftovers from shop windows, as this model in firm Apach has removed from manufacture, having replaced with its new generation of cars. Experts note that they are less reliable due to the large number of improvements, and their cost is an order of magnitude higher.

Аbat МПТ-1700

Аbat МПТ-1700

Before you the best domestic washing machine. The first and main advantage is a relatively low price: only 34, 00 rubles. This is in view of the fact that the characteristics of the PMM "Abat" significantly outperform the analogues from abroad. So, for 1 hour of operation the machine washes about , 00 plates with a diameter of up to 40 cm. We will not say that this is the highest indicator, but not low. Especially, as practice shows, businessmen usually choose medium-sized cars in view of their profitability.

Washing dishes occurs in water at a 40-degree temperature, and during the rinsing the plates are disinfected, watered at a temperature of 85 degrees. Dimensions: 159x77x169 cm, weight - 230 kg. Among the differences are convenient rounded corners of the bathroom, nozzles made of high-quality metal, stainless steel sleeves.

Other popular models of this brand: MAT 2000 and MAT 1700 01.

Elframo ETS 15

Excellent machine of Italian production. Has an average performance - washes up to 75 cassettes with utensils in 1 hour. Cassettes with a dimension of 50-43 cm are supplied. Dimensions of this model: 237x69x157 cm. Among the features of the design we distinguish the following:

  • digital type of boiler temperature control;
  • conveyor, equipped with a double direction of basket movement;
  • bath with rounded corners.

There are also disadvantages: high water supply costs and a high price of 53, 00 rubles.

Elframo ETS 15


Turkish representative of tunnel washing machines with average performance: can wash up to 100 cassettes per hour, which equals about , 00 plates. In the set there are standard cassettes in the sizes 50х50 cm. The washing tank is designed for a volume of 90 liters. Dimensions of the model are impressive: 205h85h188 cm, weight - 270 kg. The manufacturer has taken care of the high quality of materials and economy of this machine.

With its cost of 33, 00 rubles, this is a very profitable option.


Krupps Evolution ES65

A magnificent sample of Italian quality, washing up to 100 cassettes per hour. Among other things, a sensor is provided that controls the degree of water hardness. The overestimated price of 63, 00 rubles is a payment for European quality and uninterrupted work.

Krupps Evolution ES65

In addition to tunnel machines, for business can be usedverticalordomed dishwashers, about which you can read in our other materials.

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