What better dish washer

Consider the best dishwasher for a particular life event. We recommend not rely on feedback from online stores: some are advertising. Here we will gather reliable information. Talk about a good dishwasher.

Good dishwasher

Large family with a typical 20,000 rubles income

In the province, on the outskirts of the suburbs live on a salary of 20,000 rubles, excluding advances. In these circumstances, the dishwasher needs to gigantic amount of work - reducing cases housewives.

Washing dishes - labor is harmful. Detergents spoil your nails, your skin, wash the varnish. It should get rid of thankless labor. The official source of income is 20,000 rubles - to slowly collect the sum of 8,500 rubles per ordinary dishwasher. The machine is noisy, does not allow the use of pills "3 in 1". But getting rid of the difficulties.

In a large family home is not quiet. Noise level 53 dB - Maximum manufacturers (children shout 90 dB). the kitchen does not interfere with the equipment.

Relatively detergents. Tablets "3-in-1" is established to provide connoisseurs of time. Best compact dishwasher - saves time. Businessmen biznesledi miss him. But there is a person in the family, the dosing rinse, salt powder.

Delayed start timer is not needed in the dishwasher: the house always someone. Better automatic program - distributed among the residents of the apartment click of a button. Less buttons - better to avoid problems. Satisfied with a simple set of programs: Half load is not needed.

Take a full-size model, not embedded - cheap. The best option dishwasher for a family car. the house of communication? We tolerate. Relatively leakage. Dishwashers without protection there, take the partial option: Once the sensor is put in the pan body. The hose is safe to build. The main thing - to equip the crane, carefully closed when not in use. Assign the duty to monitor for the moment. Something happens when the dishwasher is working - said members of the family.

Dishwasher safe

Design is not important. A simple kitchen any model looks profitable. Do not choose the dishwasher design. Modern manufacturers cherishes good name - bad technique does not provide. No Russian models on the market.

Elena Malysheva in the program in addition to the advantages described atypical use of dishwashers. Inside can be washed potato tuber and partially cooked. The temperature chosen naihigher. In transmission it was about 90 ° C. Inside the dishwasher temperature is 110 ° C. It is better to boil to get rid of germs.

Important! Most of the bacteria are killed at a temperature of 63 degrees for half an hour. But helminth eggs: resistant to prolonged heat treatment.

90 ° C - easily achievable result. It can be put in the dishwasher children's shields, helmets, rubber boots: washing machines not pull. Caution with experiments.

This is information on choosing a dishwasher budget option. Focus on the big stores, promotions, discounts. Incident happen - the product is easy to replace.

Attention! According to the action usually comes true fine marriage. Not to notice - it is impossible to return.

The best Dishwasher

Family business income eligible

Main criteria:

  • Complete protection against leaks (hose and housing).
  • Ability to use the means 3 to 1.
  • Noise level 46 dB lower.
  • Design.

This model takes up 10,500 rubles from Zanussi: is not very quiet, but the rest of the matches. Today, the acoustic level is directly related to longevity. Quiet inverter motors operate at reduced speed when lightly loaded conditions (smooth acceleration, stop). The result is excellent, except for the price. On the inverter engines give a guarantee of 10 years.

Need complete protection from leaks. would add something like "Akvastrazh". 4 thousand will have to spend. If the floor will be water - instantly tap apartments will be blocked. Take care of hot riser. Not so important brand dishwasher as provided security.

Dear Dishwasher

Detergents "3 in 1" is converted into a true dishwasher machine. Lay the plates, cups, pill - get a clean, dry bowl, to place on the shelves. To do this, many sets, how many fit into the working compartment. It is recommended to conduct the selection according to their own needs.

The silence in the house will not prevent businessmen, tired after a day's work. Need low noise for a good rest. Silence ensures durability of mechanical parts, careful attitude to the moving parts.

Concerning the design: there is an option for white kitchen, kitchen metallic. In the shop we find black, brown, blue, red dishwashers - will examine a couple of supermarkets.

Businessman knows the value of money: do not recommend the most expensive equipment. Not important company of the dishwasher, the main thing - the perfect job details. Delayed start, the cycle time for business hardly matters. Dishwasher will not cope with the task faster than 1.5 hours. When demand is better to rinse the dishes under running water.

Buyers dishwasher of the highest price category

This category includes public institutions has a low flow of visitors. Speed ​​is important, the quality - more expensive. The noise level does not play a role. But do not forget: tranquil Equipment - durable. 25,000 rubles for equipment for restaurants - low waste. No matter what the dishwasher better reviews. At a high level of prices is not bad equipment. The benefit is obvious, if the case is delivered correctly, it pays for itself.

Oligarchs, senior businessmen must diversify expensive kitchen equipment for prestige. Which dishwasher washes better - ours!

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