How to use the dishwasher correctly

Difficulty of repair

If you just bought a dishwasher, you will need help. If the manual is written dry and incomprehensible, from this article you will learn how to properly use the dishwasher. And also the rules of operation, which will help to prolong the work of equipment for many years.

Content of the material:

  • 1What you need to know when starting a dishwasher for the first time
  • 2How to load the dishes correctly
  • 3Means for washing
  • 4Program selection in PMM
  • 5Dishwasher Care Council
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What you need to know when starting a dishwasher for the first time

It does not matter which brand of your car (Hansa, Bosch, Beko), the design and usage rules for them are similar. You need to understand where the main parts and components are located, and also the principle of their operation:

  1. The door of the camera. When the technology is working, it can be blocked so that it does not open accidentally.
  2. Bunker with baskets, hooks and shelves. Here dishes are placed: plates, cups, glasses, cutlery.
  3. Sprays. Can be at the bottom and top of the camera. From jets of sprinklers, jets of water fly out, washing off impurities from the appliances.
  4. The control panel is electromechanical, electronic, sensor. In the built-in machine, it is located on the end of the door, in a detached machine - on the external panel.
  5. The salt compartment is located next to the drain filter, at the bottom of the pallet.
  6. The compartments and dispensers for the detergent are located on the door.

A special pump is responsible for the water circulation in the system. The drain pump pumps out the water, the electronic board controls the work processes.

After the delivery of the dishwasher to the house, you hurry to remove the packaging and load the car? Not so simple. First you need to do a test wash.

How to install and connect a dishwasher, read the article. We recall the main steps:

  • Install the equipment in place (in the cabinet, niche, between the curbstones); make sure that the floor is perfectly level;
  • connect the housing to the communications (drain and water);
  • connect the plug to a moisture-proof euro outlet with mandatory protection of the RCD.

Now you need to run a test washer empty machine. This will help to clean the dishwasher after transportation and storage in the warehouse, and also check the quality of the connection.

  • open the hopper door;
  • remove the lower basket;
  • open the salt tank;
  • pour water in there;
  • depending on the hardness of the water, fill in the required amountspecial salt- it softens water, eliminates heavy impurities;

In some models, "Bosch "Siemens "Hansa "Indesit" have the opportunity to establish the degree of rigidity. Adjust the position on the panel, then the technician will take as much salt as necessary.

You will know when you need to add salt, on the lighted indicator on the panel.

Remember the basic rules after buying PMM:

  1. The technique can not be turned on when there is damage, an uneven floor surface.
  2. The first start-up is empty, without dishes.
  3. Set the average cycle and heat.

How to load the dishes correctly

After understanding the choice of programs and starting up, study the rules for placing the instruments in the camera. In the Electromux (Electrolux), Candy, and Beko, the location and type of baskets can be different. If you follow the instructions, then everything seems simple. But the difficulty is that rarely anyone uses standard dishes. Therefore:

  • Peel the plates of food debris.
  • In the lower basket, stack large utensils: pans, pots, pans. Keep them sideways so as not to block the flow of water. It is better to place the pots upside down.

  • When placing the plates in holders, do not put them tightly, otherwise they will not be washed. Leave a small space.

  • Large dishes and plates set on the edge, smaller instruments - in the center.
  • Do not overload and do not exaggerate the plates, otherwise nothing will be washed away.
  • In the upper basket, add cups, saucers.

  • In a special compartment for cutlery, place spoons, knives, forks.
  • If there is a holder for glasses, use it for the intended purpose.
  • Make sure that large objects do not block the sprayer.

Before loading look at the outer side of the plate. Usually there is an icon of acceptable washing.

What kind of dishes can I wash in a dishwasher?, read in a separate article. Let us recall the main thing:

  1. It is forbidden to place products made of silver, faience, wood.
  2. Non-heat-resistant plastic and glass appliances.
  3. Items with damage.
  4. Copper, tin, aluminum devices.

Here such an icon on the plates allows washing in the car:

Means for washing

The choice of cleaning agent is not an easy task. Usually you have to experiment before you find something that is right for you. Let's consider the most popular offers:

  • Tablets 3-in-1 or 7-in-1. Convenient use: do not crumble, already contain a freshener and salt. According to the manufacturer, nothing more needs to be done. However, a tablet is not always convenient to use. When you load a compact dishwasher or choose a half load, you will not be able to lower the dose. Although some landladies saw the tablets into 2 parts (this does not apply to capsules with liquid gel).
  • Powders, gels. Quickly dissolve even on short cycles, are inexpensive, more economical.

  • Rinser. Allows the dishes to shine and creak. It is poured once and for a long time until the indicator lights up.

In another of our publications, you will find out,what kind of dishwasher should I choose?. As you understand, salt and rinse are filled once for several cycles. The detergent must be added before each loading.

Program selection in PMM

You loaded the dishes, filled the detergent. It's time to choose the washing mode, on which depends how much water is consumed by the technique. Focus on the degree of contamination of dishes. The stronger it is, the longer the program is better to install.

If the full load of devices has not accumulated, set the mode to 1/2. Then the machine will consume 30% less water and electricity.

Consider the main programs that are used most often:

  1. Daily (50-65 degrees). You can wash different dishes of average soiling.
  2. Delicate (30-40 degrees). For products from brittle materials.
  3. Economical (50 degrees). For slightly dirty instruments. Saves resources.
  4. Intense (70 degrees). Helps to get rid of strong contaminants, deposits.
  5. Machine. The system independently selects the optimal mode, based on the load and the degree of contamination.

If you have a model without embedding, then click the desired keys on the front panel.

Dishwasher Care Council

Care is needed for any technique, you can not exploit it for wear and tear. After the washing is over, open the door, pull out the dishes. Then, remove the lower basket.

  • Unscrew the filter in the pan and its mesh.
  • Rinse the parts under pressure from the tap.

  • Remove the damper and clean the impeller (not more than 1 time per month).

Cleaning the filter in the dishwasher must be done after each washing or at least 2 times a month. Once in six months the machine is run idle with cleaning agents.

  • Leave the door open for airing.
  • Wipe rubber seals.

During operation, adhere to safety precautions:

  1. Do not touch the PMM body with wet hands while working.
  2. Connect to a grounded outlet.
  3. Do not accidentally open the door, otherwise a hot jet can get on the skin.

You can safely run the car.

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