Electrolux Dishwashing machines 45cm: how best to choose

Devices for automatic dishwashing, which can be integrated into the kitchen furniture, enjoy demand because of their compactness and the possibility to fit seamlessly into a variety of designs solutions.

These devices include built-in dishwashers Electrolux 45 cm wide. Models of this series are diverse and differ significantly functionality and price.

The content of the article:

  • Narrow dishwashing appliances from Electrolux
    • The main functionality of the program and
    • Pros and cons of the brand
  • Rating dishwashers width up to 45 cm
    • 8th place - Electrolux ESL94511LO
    • 7th place - Electrolux ESL94320LA
    • 6th place - Electrolux ESL94321LA
    • 5th place - Electrolux ESL94655RO
    • 4th place - Electrolux ESL94510LO
    • 3rd place - Electrolux ESL9457RO
    • 2nd place - Electrolux ESL94585RO
    • 1st place - Electrolux ESL94200LO
  • The results of the rankings
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Narrow dishwashing appliances from Electrolux

Founded in Sweden, the company offers for sale in Russia, about 20 different narrow dishwashing machines built-in type. All of them Eastern European assembly - they are manufactured in factories in Poland.

They share many qualities that can be analyzed to make a choice in favor of the brand or look for similar machines from other manufacturers.

The main functionality of the program and

Introduced in kitchen furniture, machines are divided into fully and partially embedded. In narrow-format models company Electrolux height is 81.8 cm, and width - 44.6 cm.

Fully built-in machine is available depth of 55.0 cm, and partly - 57.0 cm. The height of the recess can reach 87.8 cm by increasing the length of the legs.

All narrow screen model Electrolux dishwashers manufactured machines are equipped with 5-7 programs differ in duration of work and the temperature at which the cleaning takes place.

Additionally, there are several developments common to all devices of this line.

Niche for built-in appliances

The height and width of the recess should be slightly larger than the size of a dishwasher. The depth should be sufficient for connecting hoses

AirDry function. The essence of this exclusive technology is the automatic opening of the door in order to ventilate the chamber of the dishwasher with the dry air of the room.

In this case, a slight amount of moisture entering the kitchen, does not create any problems for furniture or other objects, and dries dishes perfectly.

leakage protection function. All Electrolux device provided with a system to prevent the pouring of water realized through the introduction of type "AquaStop" valve hoses or more modern version "AquaControl".

This avoids the situation with the flooding of the kitchen in case of machine failure or violation of the integrity of the hoses or connections.

Inside, all models are equipped as standard with two baskets, the top of which can be located on the different heights, which makes it possible to put down larger items such as pots, pans and pallets.

Wire basket of the dishwasher

Baskets can be fully extended, which facilitates the installation of dishes and taking out it. a roller type mechanism ensures smooth progress

Also, there are technological solutions that are embedded not in all models:

  • My Favourite. memory function of all program settings, allowing to restore them at a time.
  • Time Manager. This feature speeds up the cleaning process by about half by increasing the amount of water supplied and the temperature thereof. drying results could be worse than usual.
  • XtraDry. This option due to a longer program execution improves drying efficiency. It does not work simultaneously with the function of Time Manager - when the single mode is another trip.

Some models support internal tank lighting. This is useful if the position of the machine does not allow light to penetrate into the premises in sufficient quantities.

Light indication of the end of work. If the lights are hidden behind the façade, then learn about the process can be on the falling to the floor beam of light.

Red means the implementation of cleaning, drying, and green - the end of the work. This option is used by many manufacturers. More advanced models are displayed on the floor of the remaining operating time.

Light indication of the process in the form of a beam

light indication function is very useful, because modern devices work quite quietly, and the sound is difficult to determine the end of the process

Class washing and drying all narrow-format machine is "A", which is confirmed not only tests, but real consumer reviews. Electrolux model of the firm cope well with their main function.

Pros and cons of the brand

Narrow screen embedded machine from Electrolux different number of properties, some of which they can be brought into a plus:

  • A balanced set of programs. Typically, consumers use the same settings for daily bathing utensils, as well as fast (30 minutes) and intense (at temperatures up to 70 degrees) sink. In all models, Electrolux, these programs present.
  • Intuitive interface control and display panel. In setting these dishwashers can be sorted out quickly. All the settings are displayed, so the mode of programming work is not complicated for the average user.
  • Competent and easy adjustment of internal space. Successful enough baskets design and implementation of vertical movement of the top of them provides an opportunity to place for washing dishes and dimensional objects of complex geometry.

Additional equipment includes a basket which lay cutlery and special holders for glasses.

Cutlery basket

Place the cutlery must be in a special basket, otherwise the water pressure can dislodge them, so that they fall through the bottom of the dishwasher

Also Electrolux manufactured machines has its drawbacks, which need to know:

  1. Lack of protection of children. Incomprehensible solution designers predusmotrevshih no possibility of complete mechanical interlock (as Bosch) or complications door opening (as Ariston or Hotpoint) when using the dishwasher.
  2. No half-load mode of the machine. Therefore, when a slight amount of the machine dishwashing will still go through the whole cycle from the usual water flow loaded detergent and electricity.
  3. None of the models, even in the most expensive, there is no automatic detection of water hardness. Therefore, you must check this option to set the desired level and the salt supply.
  4. The length of the water supply and discharge hose is only 1.5 meters. So the machine has to be installed near a water supply nearby, or buy more more similar to the length of the hoses.

The quality of the plastic shell collected in Poland Electrolux models users also have claims.

But embedded machines this has little relevance, since their correct implementation in the kitchen furniture, the impact on the side walls and the cover of the device will be negligible.

Rating dishwashers width up to 45 cm

For narrow-format dishwashers built a rating of varieties according to their relative popularity of models competing firms in the same price range.

functionality, noise level, class energy efficiency indicators were taken into account, as well as the efficiency and cost of the considered devices.

8th place - Electrolux ESL94511LO

The model in question has a remarkable functionality that is available for use in dishwashers Electrolux. The noise level and power consumption lower than the average of narrow screen lineup.

At last it placed due to low popularity - customers prefer the model that previously appeared on the market and have already managed to establish itself with the best hand. Accordingly, the positive reviews they have more than a beginner.

Capacity of this conventional dishwashers for narrow units - as many as 9 sets, allowing you to place overweight dishes after all members of an average family size.

Functionality of the model on a high level: there are 5 programs and a lot of useful features, including which XtraDry, Time manager, avtootkryvanie doors and the ability to customize your favorite programs user.

Provides full protection against leaks, sound and light indication (beam on the floor), the connection to the pipe supplying hot water apartment, delay start timer.

Of the minuses users note the absence of half-load and protection of children.

7th place - Electrolux ESL94320LA

This newer model differs from the previous presence XtraDry function and the best power at almost the same price. All other parameters are completely or almost identical.

Spaciousness sets is 9 at a flow rate of 10 liters. Energy consumption unit is a Class A +, and washing and drying of Class A.

Of the programs implemented 5, provides complete protection against leaks and the possibility to connect to the hot water supply. The main thing is that the water temperature did not exceed resource specified by the manufacturer of 60 degrees.

It is a competitor model Bosch SPV45DX10R, which is a little more expensive. However, in addition to the high quality of the German assembly is the protection of children and the light of the process display.

Machine from Electrolux benefits from low maximum power (1.95 vs. 2.4 kWh) that gives smaller peak load on the kitchen grid.

Another popular competitor is collected in China Machine Korting KDI 45165, which has more programs (though most of them are very similar), light indication and supports the saving of resources at half loading.

However, customer feedback techniques show that the assembly and the plastic parts of the Chinese model is not as good quality, like dishwashers, collected in European countries.

6th place - Electrolux ESL94321LA

On the sixth set of embedded model Electrolux with a width of 44.5 cm. It is characterized by the option airdry, additional drying, automatic shutdown feature and medium parameters characteristic for Electrolux machines.

Spaciousness unit 9 sets the standard is that it is very good for the embedded dishwasher.

Electricity consumption corresponds to the class A, and washing and drying at the level of class A. When the noise pomyvochnaya cycle machine does not exceed 49 dB.

For the convenience of users are 5 programs, which include soaking and fast mode.

But the half-load, as in all previous models, not available. Which is a significant drawback for small families. They have a couple of days to save the dirty dishes, to collect a basket full to start an optimal program.

Also in the dishwasher, in spite of its relatively modest price tag, provides full protection against leaks, implemented sound indication that tells about the end of the program.

5th place - Electrolux ESL94655RO

Located on the fifth model Electrolux ESL94655RO is a premium device. It has all the best among a number of indicators of energy consumption and noise level and devoid of obvious shortcomings.

Its dimensions -44,6x55x81,8 cm, capacity - 9 sets, noise - 44 dB. As for functionality, the 7 preinstalled programs, among which there is a rapid, intense and delicate.

Also, the unit has a complete protection against leaks, timer to delay the cycle start, extra drying, light indication of time on the floor and an audible signal announcing the end of the program.

The model is equipped with sprinklers three, not two as in the other models. The third element is located at the top.

Of the additional features provided for automatic disconnection and TimeManager option.

In addition, the dishwasher Electrolux supports all the technologies used in the narrow-format embedded devices.

At a low fifth place, this model is due to its price. In the segment of vehicles worth 36 thousand rubles a lot of high-quality and multifunctional washing machines from competitors.

For example, the multi-functional model of Siemens iQ500SR 656D10 TR collected in Germany and slightly inferior to the unit from Electrolux only in electricity consumption. Also worth noting is the German machine Dishwasher AEG FSR 62400 R with the same quality characteristics.

And competitors are cheaper models, assembled in China or Italy, but with the same functionality.

Thus, the machine SMEG STA4523 is worth almost 10 thousand rubles cheaper, but has similar features and also has a self-diagnostic system and method of locking the door from the children for the period of work.

Assembled in China Model DW8 41 less-promoted German brand Teka worth even less. It has 9 programs, various settings, including the lack of function in Electrolux half load.

4th place - Electrolux ESL94510LO

In fourth place is the model that shows the average for the economy and the noise level, but different enough advanced functionality. Of all the available options is not only ekstrosushki mode (XtraDry).

It allows to load up to 9 sets of dishes, carefully consumes water using 9.9 liters for one cycle. At the same time energy consumption is 0.77 kWh.

This narrow built in dishwasher is equipped with 5 different modes for dishwashing. Specify settings and select the desired program, the user can, focusing on the tips that appear on the display.

Of extra bells and whistles available notification sound and light indication (beam), informs the owner of the completion of the running cycle.

In addition to full protection against leakage model has features such as Time Manager, the automatic door opener. Also, the user is available and extra drying favorite program.

Lower the water supply system and filter design are the same for all the narrow-format embedded machines Electrolux. In case of necessity it makes it easy to find parts.

Bosch SPV 47E10 competitor mentioned earlier plays, not only in economy, but also additional software options. For the German model says its assembly and the presence of the protection of children.

Worthy rival to this model is the German Dishwashing machine Weissgauff BDW 4138 D, which is more capacity, has a serious functional, but like the unit from Bosch, less economical in terms of flow electricity.

3rd place - Electrolux ESL9457RO

In third place was well enough equipped with various functions and options model Electrolux ESL9457RO. Its dimensions are 45x55x82 cm, which allows you to place 9 place settings.

Consumption of water at a total load of the working chamber of stainless steel is 9.9 liters. At the same time it has good performance in terms of efficiency - energy class A ++, and washing and drying comply with Class A.

This model is equipped with 6 programs, including sensitive, economical and fast. There are also additional options, such as your favorite software, TimeManager. Noise level is at 46 dB.

Electrolux ESL9457RO dishwasher can be connected to the WAN, but the temperature should not exceed 60 degrees. water purity sensor is also provided.

Among the major competitors can distinguish models made in Germany Siemens iQ100 SR 64E072 and Bosch SPV 66MX10R, which German quality build, a little more roomy (rated for 10 sets), are protected from children, but less economical.

2nd place - Electrolux ESL94585RO

This model is very similar to the previous one, is in the same price range, but differs somewhat better indicators of the level of noise and efficiency. It also has an option XtraDry and one program more.

Capacity of Electrolux ESL94585RO of 9 sets of dishes. It is narrow (44,6 cm), fully integrated into the kitchen furniture.

7 has the main functions, as well as additional options, including nocturnal sink, an extra-drying, Time Manager and favorite program.

Panel built-in machines located in the end of the door. Electrolux models operation is intuitive, so easy to remember the correct sequence of actions.

On the market you can find cheaper Chinese production technique, has a similar serious functionality, such as Media MID45S900.

Despite the fact that the quality of production in China is improving every year, yet in comparison with the European assembly, there are some systemic shortcomings that mark many consumers.

1st place - Electrolux ESL94200LO

Copies of this model are reasonably high levels of noise and power consumption. they also have the lowest possible functionality, there is not even a delay start starts.

Their main advantage is the price - such dishwashers can be purchased for 17 thousand rubles. Its spaciousness while enough for the average family needs - 9 sets.

The machine supports technologies that are common for all narrow-format models Electrolux: 5 well-chosen programs and basic function AirDry.

This dishwasher can be purchased in almost all major online stores and supermarkets Household appliances, which shows its high consumer appeal.

Electrolux ESL94200LO model is perfect for the most frequent type of use when during the day the dirty dishes accumulate in the evening start the washing process.

Some models competing in this price range have less functionality (Hotpoint-Ariston LSTB 4B00) or significant consumption of water or electricity (Beko DIS 15010).

Those dishwashers that have a similar set of programs and more or less economical consumption of resources, the cheapness of Chinese are required assembly.

Example - Flavia BI 45 Delia. Not all appliances produced poor quality in China, but the risk of a poorly assembled a copy of a cheap material for household appliances Economy class still great.

The results of the rankings

Compared with other technology companies, Electrolux dishwashers are different in a positive way to its cost. Estimated water consumption and electricity for the standard cycle "Eco" they, in most cases, less.

Polish assembly narrow-format models Electrolux is considered better than the Chinese or Turkish, but inferior technology released in factories in Germany.

The rankings is exploratory in nature, because with the advent of new models and reduction of the cost of the old, there is a set of changes in technology in the price niches.

However, it gives an idea of ​​the best models from Electrolux companies and their comparison with the main competitors operating time.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Video about the advantages of embedded dishwashers Electrolux:

Narrow screen embedded type dishwashers from Electrolux company is rightly popular among consumers. They share several common properties that allow them to stand out among the products of competitors. There are negative aspects of this line of machines, which have been reflected in the present rating.

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