Dishwasher detergents

Very praise tablets, we will tell. Let's talk about what detergents for the dishwasher use, and how to clean the scale, dirt unit. Once I had to subtract the uniform epic of an Italian washing machine of 1994, the bottom of the tank was overgrown with a centimeter layer of a conditioner for laundry. Avoiding the incident, let the dishwasher cleaner choose wisely!

Why a dishwasher means

The cycle of a typical dishwasher is as follows:

  1. Sink.
  2. Rinse number one.
  3. Rinse final.

Soak missed, avoiding tiring the reader with too long a story, discussing what tools for dishwashers in nature found. So wash. It is held with warm water, the temperature is set manually, automatically, it is graded from 35 ºС.Salt is added, then powder.

Measurement will help to properly maintain the dosage of the softener. The equipment receives numbers from a special sensor at the entrance, from the user, who carefully clogs the manually measured stiffness value into the program. Included in the dishwasher is a special strip, equipped with ten divisions. Above 6 is considered tough. The content of calcium and magnesium ions exceeds the threshold - when using detergent tablets, the dishwasher adds the necessary amount of sodium from the ion exchanger. How is done - the secret of the company( Bosch), the technology of approximate calculation, in contrast to accurate measurements, exist.

Powder is dosed. Means for washing poured into the tray gradually according to the testimony of the sensor, evaluating the contamination of dishes( washing water, foam).The result of the use of funds alone is better than using tablets.

The water drains, the turn comes the first cold rinse. Smart expensive dishwashers in the heat exchanger heat up the liquid, softening the shock generated by kitchen utensils. It turns out a careful program, heard by the people. The cycle time is extended, the cost of equipment increases.

The second rinse is done with hot water to:

  • kill the germs;
  • reduce drying time.

At the final stage, rinse aid is added, dosed in expensive equipment depending on the conditions. Special sensors like the Aqua Sensor Bosch decide when to end the process. Rinse reduces the surface tension of water, as a result, the drying time becomes much less.

This is how the dishwasher works, what detergent it uses, why it is needed.

Integrated Means for Dishwashers

Without much thought, manufacturers began to produce integrated tools for dishwashers of type 3 in 1. The option costs money paid for the equipment, the tablets are inexpensive.10 - 15 rubles a piece, enough to complete the work cycle.

Three detergents are added to each, mentioned above:

  • salt;
  • powder;
  • rinse.

Deprived of the ability to dispense consumables. Mentioned, the machine can do the adjustment of options according to algorithms, the meaning of which is hidden. Rough. The active substances will dissolve immediately, you will have to wash it with water, carefully cleaning it with filters. Smart equipment can determine whether complex or simple tools are charged. According to the assessment chooses the program.

In ordinary models we will see indicators of the presence of salt, rinse aid, in some semi-expensive dishwashers these components may be absent in the hope that only tablets will be used. The indicator in Bosch products can be turned off. Just in the program we will hammer in zero rigidity. The indicator goes out, it will no longer bother with a glow.

Release liquid detergent for dishwashers: gel. Not all machines support active ingredients. Special additives are added to the gel for rinsing, water softening. Makes the tool universal.

Dishwasher dirty

During the work cycle, the breakdown products of fat, proteins, carbohydrates, and other pollutants lag behind the dishes. Not all are neutralized by the surface active substances of the powder, they are broken down by hot water. The residue settles, polluting the bottom of the working compartment, mainly on strainers. It is regularly recommended to take out, wash, who will rinse the tank, from where drains are collected by the drainage pump.

Cleaner for dishwashers universal type provides for the presence of special components that are busy cleaning equipment. Removed parallel to the scale. When buying tablets 6 in 1 and above, read the instructions carefully. Stop using special varieties from time to time, keeping the inside of the dishwasher clean. At the same time do the plates. No time loss occurs.

Upon familiarization with the instruction, it will be found: the combined means contain a lot of other useful additives, for example:

  • flavors;
  • composition for adding shine to stainless steel cookware;
  • catalyst for washing with cold water.

Additives a lot of fiction, read the description carefully. A dishwasher cleaner is added among others. Please note: phosphates are unpopular today. Chemicals clean satisfactorily, but aggressively beyond measure. That does not have a beneficial effect on the dishes and equipment.

Environmentally friendly dishwasher products. Entirely made from natural ingredients. It produces, for example, the company Ecover. Do not confuse with the manufacturer of building materials. The company Ecover produces numerous cleaning products, shampoos, soap. Products are devoid of modified components, ingredients from petroleum, other hydrocarbons. No synthetics. Formed safe tool for dishwashers, kitchen utensils. When buying, make sure that the substance is prescribedNot all tablets are designed to clean rust, scale. Some will deal only with dirty dishes.

Special dishwasher cleaning products

It’s hard to find special dishwasher cleaning products in the store. Traditionally, household appliances in contact with food, it is recommended to handle manually with hot water. A solution of liquid faerie is taken, the process begins. It will be necessary to wield with a rag, gently cleaning the remote corners of the device. They began to include special additives in tablets, eliminating unnecessary trouble.

Take Faye Platinum. In addition to the powder, it contains salt to soften the water, rinse aid and a means for removing scale and rust.

Distinguished Finish( Poland), released a special cleaner for dishwashers. Try to apply once every 30 cycles to maintain acceptable hygienic conditions. Means for Finish dishwashers are sold in a special bottle( 250 ml).Before use, take the trouble to remove the sticker, place the container in the dish net. Runs the work cycle. Note! Do not wash the dishes with the cleaner. The manufacturer has forgotten to indicate how many uses the bottle is designed for. Do you need to use the tank while the rest is splashing inside? Maybe one-time capacity. In the light of the above, we state: the cleaner is a professional tool for dishwashers. An ordinary user will have enough tablets with the option of descaling, dirt.

Two conditions for the correct action of the purifier are indicated:

  1. The bottle in the basket is placed upside down.
  2. Cycle temperature not lower than 65 ºС.

The search for cleaning products for Somat dishwashers proved to be useless, the manufacturer's tablets help to overcome scum. On the counter you will see a freshener like a duckling bathroom. Enough stuff for 60 cycles, the thing stupidly clogs unpleasant smell.

It's hard to find Amway dishwasher cleaner. The company has developed a number of liquids, powders for working with metal surfaces. For example, Amway Home LOC.The tool is able to clean the old raid coins, stainless steel dishwasher otdrait to shine. Please note: the product does not harm the skin, you must wash your hands with soap and water after contact with Home LOC.Read the instructions before use. Amway was too lazy to lay out the paper, it remains an open question whether the chemical will not damage the plastic parts, rather, we will have to carry out an empty working cycle after treatment with a cleaner.

Amway has several suitable detergents, call toll-free, consult an expert! Visit VashTehnik portal, you will find extraordinary reviews of household appliances, made from the point of view of the consumer, exploiter, repairman at the same time.

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