Dishwasher weight - models overview

The weight of the dishwasher disturbs the customers not so much. Information on the weight and dimensions allows you to decide whether it is worthwhile to deliver and install the dishwasher yourself in the kitchen set. Let's look at the review, which determines the weight of the PMM, how to choose a technique, based on this parameter.

Content of the material:

  • 1What affects the mass of PMM
  • 2Weight of standard dishwashers
  • 3Weight of narrow and compact dishwashers

What affects the mass of PMM

There are not so many factors affecting the weight of the dishwasher. To decide on them, it is necessary to understand how the technique is arranged. In detailtechnical characteristics of dishwasherswe considered in a separate review. Now we will focus attention only on those parameters on which the mass of the machine depends.

The bulk of the PMM is occupied by a dishwasher bunker, into which the dishes are stacked. The pump (circulation pump) together with the other units is located in the bottom. The weight of each of the details is difficult to name - it all depends on the brand and each particular model.

On average, the weight of the pallet is from 8 to 12 kg. The body together with the trays for dishes and a yoke in the sum weigh up to 10 kg. Another 3 kg is allocated to the weight of the door. All together will make up to a maximum of 25 kg. At the same time in the market there are models 40 and even 50 kg. Where does the manufacturer take another 20-30 kg? All that heavies the design, is still exclusively inside the PMM body.

As in the design of the washing machine, there are counterweights in the dishwasher, which are installed for stabilization - they quench vibrations during operation and increase the stability of the device. The configuration and mass of the counterweight depend on the size of the hull. The larger the machine, the stones (and the counterweights really are concrete blocks), wider and more weighty.

The total weight of the machine is affected by drying. Models equipped with a condensation type of drying are lighter, and with turbo drying - somewhat heavier. This is explained by the fact that the drying of the "turbo" requires the installation of another engine, heater and fan.Heat Exchanger, decorative panels in stand-alone machines or models with partial embedding can also play a role.

Fact! As a rule, stationary non-adjustable PMMs are the hardest. This is due to the double casing and additional internal thermal insulation. Therefore, similar built-in devices weigh 1, kg less.

Weight of standard dishwashers

Before proceeding to a review of specific models and their weight characteristics, we will understand what a full-size dishwasher is. A machine with dimensions of 60x60x85 cm (width, depth and height, respectively) is considered standard. Classic PMM with the possibility of full integration have several other parameters: static only width - 60 cm, and depth and height parameters can vary. You can find full-size built-in typewriters with depths of 55, 57 and 60 cm, height 80, 8, and 82 cm.

Consider examples of popular cars, dividing them by brand:

Brand Model Weight, kg)


SMV50M50 37
SMV53N20 39
SMV50E10 35
MV 30D30 31


GV6SY2B 40
GV6SY2W 40
GV 64311 42
GV 63311 35
Electrolux ESF 9862 ROW 46
ESF9862ROX 45
Indesit DIF 16T1 A 3,
DIFP 8 B + 96 Z 3,


G 4960 SCVi 44
G 4263 SCVi Active 4,
G 6900 SCi 64
G 4203 SCi Active BRWS 4,
Siemens SN 678X50 TR 47
SN 578S00 TR 47
SN 66M094 43

As you can see, the lightest full-size PMMs from the manufacturers "Bosch" and "Electrolux". The heaviest - from the "Mile" and "Siemens". This can be explained by the fact that the last two manufacturers produce cars mostly "Premium-class in which more details and "bells and whistles hence the impressive parameters.

Important! Experts argue that the easier a full-size PMM with a width of 60 cm, the higher its noise. For example, the noise of light Gorenje GV 63311 (35 kg) is 47 dB, while the Miele G 6900 SCi (64 kg) works much quieter - 41 dB. The lighter the machine, the smaller the counterweight in it, which damages the vibrations.

It is quite fair to point out the fact that relatively light "Electrolux" works with a low noise level. So, ESF9862ROX (45 kg) works on 46 dB. These machines are able to extinguish centrifugal force without a heavy counterweight - it's all about the thoughtful arrangement of parts inside the case. The engine is built in such a way that the vibrations are minimal, so stability at a modest weight is quite realistic.

So, when choosing a full-size option, it is not necessary to buy the most heavy machine. It is more practical and reasonable when low weight is combined with quiet work - carefully study the technical documentation, and you will be able to purchase the optimal PMM for all indicators.

Weight of narrow and compact dishwashers

With the mass of the built-in full-size dishwasher we figured out. Now we suggest that you find out how much the narrow PMM weighs. Also in this part of the review we will consider the mass of the standard desktop PMM. Both types of dishwashers are small in size, so the selection should be based on what you are interested in: floor or table.

In most cases, a dishwasher 45 cm wide weighs 5-7 kg less than a similar full-size dishwasher. Accurate data on narrow machines are given in the table below:

Make Model Weight, kg)


SuperSilence SPS53M52RU 41
SPS 40E58 40
SPV 40E00 26
SPV 40E40 30
Siemens SR 24E202 40
SR 25E230 45
SR 65M083 35
Electrolux ESL 94200 LO 3,
ESF 9451 ROX 3,
ESF 9423 LMW 3,

Experts are convinced that for optimum stability of the case of a narrow machine, at its height of 85 cm and a width of 45 cm, it is necessary to have a weight of at least 40-45 kg. Be that as it may, lighter PMMs have a less stable design.

Important! The Siemens SR 25E230 (45 kg) has a noise level of 46 dB, while the lightweight Electrolux ESL 94200 LO is noisy in operation with a power of 51 dB. Feedback from users only confirms the opinion of experts.

Compact PMMs also received a brief overview. The average weight of a desktop (or embedded) small machine is in the range of 20-25 kg. Basically, this body and parts, the counterweights in it simply will not fit, although some brands do it somehow miraculously obtained. In general, the stability is provided by a modest height and impressive width.

Despite the fact that the body is made in the form of a parallelepiped, it is quite difficult to resist the centrifugal force, especially if there are no counterweights. Such dishwashers can "jump" at work and disturb with excessive vibration, respectively, and the noise in the room is pretty. Experts are sure that small cars are one of the most noisy because of the tight location of the units and small dimensions.

Consider the popular market offers:

Brand Model Weight (kg)
Bosch SKS 40E22 20
Electrolux ESF 2400 OS 21
Candy CDCP 6 / E 2,
Midea MCFD-0606 22

Unlike full-size and narrow, all presented cars have a noise level from 49 to 54 dB. Considering that today it is possible to find a full-size dishwasher with noisiness in 39-45 dB, it is inexcusably much. You can forget about the night wash.

As you can see, the standard weight, just like the size, PMM does not have - each model is unique. To find out exactly how much space the technician will take in the kitchen and how loud it will work, in each particular case it is worthwhile to carefully study the technical passport. Successful purchase!

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