Overview of Domed Dishwashers

Today, business owners are increasingly turning to dishwashers, instead of hiring appropriate personnel. This is justified, since the quality and speed of washing dishes with a dishwasher is much better. If you decide to change manual labor to automatic in your cafe or restaurant, for sure, you have a question - which dishwasher is best to choose?

We offer you to familiarize yourself with dome type machines - they are often chosen for catering equipment due to their high productivity and other advantages. Below you will learn about the features of such MMPs, as well as get acquainted with popular models and customer reviews.

Content of the material:

  • 1Features of domed PMM for dining rooms
    • 1.1Types of dome dishwashers
  • 2Overview of popular models and reviews
    • 2.1ABAT МПК-700К-01
    • 2.2IPC-700K
    • 2.3MODULAR HT 50
    • 2.4Electrolux Green & amp; lean EHT8I
    • 2.5Apach AC800DD
    • 2.6Fagor FI-80 AR
    • 2.7Customer Reviews:

Features of domed PMM for dining rooms

Industrial dome dishwasher compares favorably with analogues in this professional equipment industry. In comparison with machines of frontal and tunnel type, the dishwasher-dome has a simplified design.

Important! The main design moment of the dome dishwasher is that dirty dishes and other utensils loaded into the compartment for washing and closed with a special hood that resembles a dome - under it and goes washing process.

Other features:

  1. There are models with three baskets and more. They can be loaded with different dishes - from plates to pots.
  2. The detergent comes from the dispensers located at the bottom of the sink, and the water is sprayed by the shower from above.
  3. After washing in the same bunker, the dishes are rinsed and dried by streams of heated air, which is very convenient for the public caterer - the dishes are immediately ready for use.
  4. The process is spent a maximum of 3 minutes, so in an hour such a PMM can wash a couple of thousand plates.

Attention! This dishwasher can be connected to both hot and cold water pipes. By connecting the machine directly to hot water supply, it is necessary to install filters that will soften the technical water.

Often, manufacturers complete dome machines with tables, which are convenient to expose clean dishes after washing. In some models there is a "shower" for washing dishes from food debris - so manual labor during the washing process is not needed at all, you just need to load and get the dishes.

Types of dome dishwashers

Among themselves, all the domed dishwasher machines are further divided into several types:

  1. Bar. Or "glasses-washing". These models weakly warm the water, especially so that glassware will not crack. Used for washing glass glasses, glasses, glasses and cups. Thanks to the special washing regime, delicate dishes at the exit are not only whole, but also glare dazzling. They are in demand in cafes, bars, teahouses, coffee houses, night clubs and other establishments.
  2. Crockery.They are used to wash basic dishes - plates of different calibers, kitchen utensils, appliances.
  3. Boiler rooms.Used in restaurants specializing in national dishes. The machine copes with washing of various dimensional utensils - kazanov, frying pans, trays, etc. The water is heated in these models no less than 80 degrees.

Overview of popular models and reviews

ABAT МПК-700К-01

Abat dishwasher (Abat) - powerful (1, kW), requiring a three-phase power supply. The equipment weighs 100 kg, is equipped with a 30-liter washer and a 10-liter boiler, in which water warms up to 45 degrees. Among the features of this model, it is worth emphasizing:

  • provides a user panel with a convenient arrangement of buttons;
  • there are 2 washing programs;
  • hand supply of detergent;
  • the corners of the tank are rounded;
  • water in the boiler (temperature values ​​and pressure) is constantly monitored by special sensors;
  • all parts are made of high-quality stainless steel AISI 304.

In the set the buyer receives three cassettes for:

  • plates;
  • cups and glasses;
  • appliances and utensils.


Model MPK 700K - a large 30-liter (+ boiler for 10 liters) machine weighing 107 kilograms. According to the characteristics of this dishwasher is similar to the previous model, with only one difference: it provides an overview glass for direct monitoring of the process. Also for the convenience of viewing two lamps are built in.

The MPK 700K is equipped with three baskets.


The Italian car, equipped with a large 36-liter washer and a relatively small boiler per liter. Power PMM 5 kW, water heater - 6 kW. A connection to a 380 V network (three-phase) is required. For one washing cycle this economical machine spends only a liter of water. The model also has the following advantages:

  • user panel (electromechanics) provides simple and convenient operation;
  • the basic material from which all the metal parts of the structure are made - stainless steel marking AISI 304;
  • the bath is punched, the corners are rounded;
  • There is an integrated dispenser for automatic rinse aid injection;
  • speed of maintenance due to easy direct access to many design details;
  • a set of three baskets: 2 for plates and 1 for appliances.


  1. "Thermostop" - the work of PMM always takes into account the optimum temperature for the qualitative disinfection of dishes.
  2. 2 minutes - just enough technique is needed to wash and rinse the dishes.
  3. 3 minutes - this time will be needed for washing and rinsing when selecting an additional mode.

Electrolux Green & amp; lean EHT8I

This dome machine has a capacity of 80 baskets per hour when Turbo mode is turned on or 63 baskets per hour under standard washing. The design of the dishwasher provides a large basket of square shape with the parameters 50x50 cm. We note such functions and features:

  • 3 cycles of washing;
  • water consumption - only 2 liters for rinsing;
  • double insulating layer on the walls;
  • an atmospheric water heater is provided to maintain a uniform temperature and rinse pressure;
  • touch panel type control panel;
  • additional improvements for high-quality rinsing: individual pump, dispenser means;
  • 2 baskets in the kit;
  • automatic fault diagnosis;
  • auto cleaning;
  • parts and body of stainless steel marking AISI 304.
  • power, kW (requires three-phase connection, 380 V).

Apach AC800DD

Italian dome dishwasher AS 800 DD with the following advantages:

  • high-quality washing of dishes as well as large trays (size - GN1 / 1);
  • steel case made of stainless steel AISI 304;
  • Steel construction of washing hoses;
  • double walls for comfortable operator work (prevent strong noise);
  • user panel electromechanical type provides a simple intuitive control technology;
  • high capacity up to 40 cassettes per hour (up to 720 cymbals);
  • high dome of 40 cm;
  • 7-liter boiler;
  • , liter - water consumption per wash;
  • You can load plates up to 40 cm in diameter;
  • the presence of a dispenser;
  • three baskets;
  • Possibility of completing the PMM with a wash basin, shower or tables.

Fagor FI-80 AR

Another popular dome model from the manufacturer "Fagor". It features such features of design and functional:

  • light lifting of the dome thanks to a system that compensates for effort;
  • The possibility of washing large plates with a diameter of up to 42 cm;
  • upper and lower sleeve for washing / rinsing with rotation function;
  • closed heaters of power by, to, W;
  • the optimum work of the thermostat: 60 degrees - washing, 90 - rinsing;
  • dispenser, in automatic mode feeding rinse aid;
  • Economical resource consumption - up to 3 liters per cycle;
  • auto power off when opening the hopper;
  • the possibility of adjusting the legs.

Customer Reviews:

Alena Ivanova, restaurateur

Long decided which dishwasher to choose for the restaurant. They chose Elframo, Hobart and Apach. And yet we stopped at the last - we took the model AC800DD. Attracted Italian quality and ease of management. Value for money is obvious: with high power and high productivity, so the costs pay off. The dishes are the face of the restaurant, so we could not afford to buy a bad dishwasher, tested for a long time before we decided - "Leave it!". Now the process in the kitchen is completely debugged, the dishes sparkle, the broken plates are tens of times smaller. Reputation of the restaurant, judging by the visitors and the book reviews, only growing. Therefore, I recommend that everyone equip their cafes or restaurants with only good equipment - do not skimp on your "brainchild".

As you can see, the choice of professional equipment is a troublesome and laborious matter. But now you have all the facts on your hands, and, having weighed all the pros and cons, you can safely go for a purchase.

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