How much is included in the dishwasher

Often, when acquainted with technical documentation for the dishwasher, buyers meet with a mysterious capacity parameter, which is measured in a set of dishes. The label clearly states how many sets the technique takes, and what "set of dishes" for a dishwasher means, not all manufacturers and sales consultants explain. We will tell you how many items are included, what kind of dishes it is and how it is related to the volume of the PMM.

Our ideological inspirers - readers of articles and instructions - asked a lot of questions about this, so it is worthwhile to understand in detail what a kit is in the understanding of producers.

Content of the material:

  • 1Set of dishes - how many devices are there
  • 2PMM capacity
  • 3Select PMM

Set of dishes - how many devices are there

What in the understanding of dishwasher manufacturers means a set of dishes? Usually it includes those tableware and appliances that are needed by one person for a full meal. How many devices are there? 3, 5 or more? Let's figure it out:

  • deep soup plate;
  • a large flat plate for the second dish;
  • salad bowl;
  • saucer;
  • a cup for coffee or tea (a glass);
  • one spoon and a fork.

Now it becomes clear that under the mysterious notion of "set of dishes" 6 dining items are hidden. Dishes for cooking: oversized pans, ladles, pans or baking trays - are not taken into account when calculating the volume of the dishwasher.

The listed devices can vary or vary - each manufacturer in his own way understands the definition of "set of dishes". Many manufacturers PMM, speaking of a deep soup plate, mean flatter options than those to which our consumers are used (example in the photo).

Flat deep dishes are much more compactly placed on the shelves of the dishwasher. If you have too bulging soup plates, then at the claimed capacity, for example, in 13 sets, only 9-10 can fit.

Attention! Under the dishes are not meant special dishes, such as for microwave ovens, but ordinary, used daily.

PMM capacity

The concept of "kit" exists to make it easier to determine the capacity of each separate dishwasher. Despite the fact that these parameters are approximate due to differences in the size and design of the dishes, it is worth considering these when buying.

How to take a dishwasher, you ask. Everything depends on the needs:

  1. A compact machine will hold 4-8 sets. The category of compact PMM on the market is represented by models designed for 6 sets. This means that on the shelves of the dishwasher it will be possible to place a modest pan or pan size, if the amount of dishes is reduced. In small PMM there are no baking sheets from the ovens.
  2. A narrow floor model, 45 cm wide, can accommodate 9-12 sets. There are models that can hold up to 13 or even 14 sets - usually they are machines of the "Premium" class.
  3. The full-size model will hold and wash 15-17 sets in one wash cycle.

Select PMM

When choosing a dishwasher, evaluate not only its capacity for the passport, but also the real capabilities of the technology. Correlate the dishes that you use in everyday life, with the one that the manufacturer says. As a rule, small families of 2-3 people have enough car capacity for 5-6 sets. Among such models are especially successful:

  • Detached machine Candy CDCF 6.

  • The development of the German concern Bosch is a partially built-in model of the Bosch SKE 52M55.

  • Siemens SK 76M544 - another convenient model with the possibility of a partial embedding.

To meet the needs of families of 4-5 people, a model with a volume of up to 8 sets, or better - 9-10 sets is suitable. These are the models:

  • Bosch SPV 53M00 with the possibility of full integration.
  • Bosch SPV 58M50 - a similar model, designed for one dish set more.

  • Hansa ZIM 428 EH is a fully integrated dishwasher.
  • AEG F 65402 VI - machine, fully integrated into the headset, capable of washing up to 12 sets.

Models for large families (calculated on the volume from 12 to 16-17 sets):

  • Bosch SMS 40D02 is a stand-alone model (12);
  • Siemens SN 26M285 - not a built-in machine (14);
  • Siemens SN 55M540 - machine with the possibility of a partial embedding (13);
  • Hansa ZWM 646 IEH, not integrated (13);

  • Asko D 5554 XXL FI - fully built in, capacity - 17 sets.

When choosing this technique, the question of economy, design or additional functions is often not important. Capacity is the criterion that buyers pay attention to first. The optimal option - a large narrow machine (45 cm in depth) with the possibility of half loading.

It is worth to be prepared for the fact that the real capacity from the claimed can differ - and far from the big side. As we found out, it depends on the difference in understanding of what the standard cookware set consists of. Deciding how many sets to take PMM, determine your needs and needs, correlate your dishes with the one by which the capacity of the PMM is calculated.

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