How are the baskets for the dishwasher

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Choosing the technique in the kitchen, the user should pay attention not only to the functions and programs, but also to the camera configuration. It depends on this whether it will be convenient to place the dishes. The basket for the dishwasher must contain as many appliances as you need to wash at a time, otherwise you will have to restart the washing cycle. Consider what goes into the dishwasher.

The contents of the basket are the basis for the convenience of loading dishes

Content of the material:

  • 1Types and features of baskets for devices
  • 2Features of placing boxes in dishwashers
    • 2.1Miele
    • 2.2Electrolux
    • 2.3Beko
    • 2.4Hansa
    • 2.5Bosch
    • 2.6Siemens
    • 2.7Gorenje

Types and features of baskets for devices

The standard equipment of dishwashers of any brand (Beko, Whirlpool, Siemens, Hansa) includes:

  • Retractable boxes on rollers for placing tableware. These are the lower baskets in which you can put large objects (pots, pans, baking sheets).
  • Special trays for glasses, mugs, glasses.
  • Separates for plates (cassettes).

Baskets for different devices have their own characteristics

It turns out that the standard technique Ariston, Electrolux, Bosch is equipped with two compartments (for plates and cups), additional trays for cups and glasses.

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What are the functions of the box:

  1. The upper basket, in addition to placing the mugs, protects fragile products from damage - it has fixatives. It can be adjusted in height and fixed with special holders. Detachable items inside allow you to wash large items.
  2. Lower basket. Plates, dishes, bowls are placed in it. In some machines, the elements for the instruments are foldable, so you can put the pans. Rollers, wheels for the basket make it easier to load dirty dishes, since it is possible to push and push the box.

The lower basket is usually designed for large-sized dishes

Vario Flex Plus system in dishwashers "Bosch" allows to find a place for any dishes. Three shelves recline in both the upper and lower compartment - you can rationally place the instruments.

Folding shelves in some models - solve the issue of dimensionality of dishes

What to look for when choosing:

  • Material. It should be durable, wear-resistant, heat-resistant.
  • If it's plastic - it's durable and eco-friendly.
  • The compartments should be equipped with holders for delicate items.
  • Availability of rollers for easy loading.
  • The ability to adjust the trays and change the space in the camera.

Now PMM models are produced, which come with three baskets for cutlery. There is even more room and room for installation of instruments. Let's consider separately each manufacturer and how they approached the organization of the internal space of the camera.

Features of placing boxes in dishwashers

If you buy a technique for a large family, it is important that it takes up a little space, but it can contain as many dishes as possible. Therefore, manufacturers each time improve the technology of placement. On the market came a new generation of machines with 3 baskets.


The trade mark "Milli" produced dishwashers with a patented 3D pallet. This is not just a third box, but an adjustable pull-out tray for cutlery. Lateral elements are adjusted so that it is possible to put volumetric objects. Ability to rebuild height and depth allows you to adjust the pallet for any type of loading. You can even place fragile glasses, fixing their legs with mobile holders.

3D pallet in new models of dishwashers easily solves the issue of washing large dishes

New design. The main box has folding elements that are marked with special FlexAssist symbols. Now you can fill one part with plates, and put the pan in another, folding the holders. On the fasteners for the glasses are provided soft pads.


Tired of bending when loading dishes into the camera. Electrolux offer a technological solution to the situation - a basket with a Lift Lift mechanism. Just one hand movement, and the bottom box will reach a level convenient for you.

Basket with Lifting Mechanism Comfort Lift provides greater ease of loading dishes

Special SoftClose shock absorbers will help to smoothly push the compartment with utensils without unnecessary effort and shaking.

Manufacturers of dishwashers "Electrolux" offer to take care of the most fragile products - glass glasses.

Remember how much effort goes into manually washing the glass, how hard it is to achieve brilliance without divorce. The dishwasher will cope with this task, thanks to the holder of Glass Basket. Its clamps firmly and accurately hold the legs of glasses of any size. At once you can put 8 wine glasses. And if necessary, you can pull out the holder and fold it into a flat structure.

Glass Basket holder is indispensable when washing wine glasses


In the latest models of dishwashers "Beco" the volume of the camera is significantly increased. Thanks to the adjustable top box it is possible to place in the bottom large plates and dishes up to 31 cm.

Some Beko models increase the diameter of the loaded dishes

Folding holders help to rationally install utensils of various sizes. Cups can also be rearranged in height, so you can wash cups of different sizes at the same time.


The third Maxi Space basket facilitates loading and frees up space in the lower box for larger objects. Separately placed cutlery is effectively cleaned of dirt and faster drying.

The Maxi Space basket facilitates the loading of the lower storage compartments

Zone-wash technology makes it possible to use the top or bottom compartment or both at the same time for an economical dishwashing.


VarioFlexPlus baskets allow you to rebuild space at your discretion. The six guides descend in the upper and lower compartments. Therefore, you can load large objects (pans, pans, trays). For glasses provided folding stops, and for cups and knives - shelves.

The VarioFlexPlus baskets allow you to change the area for cleaning yourself

The third branch of VarioDrawerPlus is at the very top of the camera. For convenient placement of spoons and forks, the shelf can be completely pulled out of the hopper. Side grilles facilitate the loading of knives, ladles, bowls and other objects.


Producers of dishwashers "Siemens" provided all possible options for rational loading of dishes. This box:

  • Varioflex Pro.
  • Variodrawer Plus.
  • Varioflex Plus.

Varioflex boxes fit any volume and type of loading

How can you adjust the space with these technologies:

  • The six guides at the top and bottom can be folded. There is a place for high plates, dishes, pans.
  • Ball-shaped guide rails provide protection against damage by holding the products in place.
  • 3 tray on top, if not needed, can be pulled out and folded.
  • Simulation of the place inside the box, removable shelves and mobile holders help to arrange knives, spoons, forks, cups, glasses.
  • Plastic holders for glasses are installed depending on the number of devices. Maximum can be washed up to 16 glasses.

Plastic holders can provide simultaneous washing of up to 16 glasses


The new development of the manufacturers of "Gorenie" is the SmartFlex dishwasher. A three-level basket adjustment system makes it possible to install even large and voluminous utensils. Moving the moving parts and folding the holders, you can place all the dishes that have accumulated during the day.

The three-level basket adjustment system SmartFlex provides excellent wash quality

The third tray for instruments accommodates even long knives, trays, blades. All elements are placed separately, so do not scratch each other and rinse well.

MultiClack system. Move the upper compartment to other levels to make room for high dishes.

Now you understand that the complete set of the dishwasher plays an important role in the convenience and rationality of operation. The main thing is that all the parts are made of quality material that will withstand the loads and the impact of detergents.

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