Overview of professional dishwashers Electrolux (Electrolux)

Looking for a professional dishwasher of excellent quality? Such brands asKromo, Amika, Machyou are not talking about anything? In this case, refer toother our reviewsor pay attention to the products of a proven and well-known company - Electrolux. Under this brand are produced not only household dishwashers, but also professional. In what their features, what are the advantages and range - all this you will learn further.

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  • 1Electrolux - not only for everyday life, but for business
  • 2Advantages of Electrolux PMM
  • 3Tunnel PMM
    • 3.1WT90ERCB 533344
  • 4Hood PMMs
    • 4.1NHT8 505071
    • 4.2NHT8DD 505084
  • 5Glass-washing and compact PMM
    • 5.1Popular Models
      • 5.1.1EGWSSICWP 402127
      • 5.1.2EGWSSICW 402126

Electrolux - not only for everyday life, but for business

We all know that the company "Electrolux" produces high-quality household appliances. But at the same time the concern Electrolux has time to be a leader in the field of professional equipment for the kitchen. The company has solutions for business of any level: from single deliveries for small cafes and bars to complex equipment of large enterprises in the sphere of catering. Products "Electrolux" for professional cuisine is an integrated approach to solving problems in the industry.

It will not be superfluous to add that all Electrolux products, including dishwashers, are aesthetically flawless, meets all high standards of hygiene, is distinguished by innovative technical solutions, durable and is multifunctional.

Advantages of Electrolux PMM

A wide range of models include washing machines for glasses,compactand universal, hood andtunnelingdishwashers, as well as models with cassette and stream loading.

Using special detergent chemicals, owners of "Electrolux" glass-washing machines can forget about the drops and stains on glasses and glasses - glass dishes come out of the car absolutely dry and clean. Specialty detergents also prevent the appearance of calcareous deposits on dishes, walls and details of PMM.

Cassettes are produced for various types of dishes - for both flat and deep plates; with wire inserts for plates for pizza; under cups and mugs; with trays for instruments; with open side part for trays and others.

To the pre-wash tables, the company offers classic faucets and showers, and you can choose the standard, elbow or IR sensor.

Tunnel PMM

Advantages and features of tunnel-type machines "Electrolux

  • The water flow during washing and sanitation of one filled basket of a tunnel type machine -only 1 glass. The manufacturer promises savings of more than 20, 00 rubles.

  • Innovative module for rinsingdishes allows you to consume less electricity and washing, rinsing.
  • Some models havefiltration systems CLEAR BLUE, which ensure the cleanliness of the plates cycle after cycle, the cleaning solution remains clean longer.
  • Sterility. Tunnel constructions embody the best quality of sanitation. The system maintains a uniform temperature during rinsing at 85 degrees - for high-quality disinfection and complete rinsing of cleaning chemicals.
  • The control panel is equipped withtouch interfacefor several users with access by levels. A simple instruction on elimination of errors and breakages helps to quickly solve the anomalies in work.
  • Individuality. Do not like the standard version of the PMM? Create a technique yourself withinnovative modular system- Select the necessary options and upgrade according to your needs.
  • Removal of lime scalewithout manual processing with an auto-protection system against scale «Zero Lime».

Technical points:

  • CompleteddeviceESDto use steam generated during washing and rinsing to heat incoming cold water.
  • They have built-inatmospheric boiler.
  • The hull, sleeves, baths, doors, conveyor and main units of the machine are made of high qualitystainless steel of AISI 304 grade.
  • The display shows basic information about the temperature mode of the selected cycle of washing or rinsing the dishes.
  • It is possible to additionally install an external dispenser of chemical washing reagents.

WT90ERCB 533344

The case of this model is 215 × 8, × 19, cm - in width, depth and height, respectively. The power of the appliance is 4, kW. It is capable of processing up to 100 dishwasher baskets per hour (about 1800 units). Complete with drying and condenser. Operates in the same high-speed mode. It assumes a three-phase connection to a 380 V network. The movement of the conveyor belt is from right to left. Weight of the construction - 495 kg.

In this machine you can wash even trays. Control panel - electromechanics with analog thermometers. Water is pumped at a speed of 450 liters per minute. There are 2 zones:

  • Wash area. It contains a pressed tank with rounded corners and an inclined bottom. This design prevents the accumulation of dirt and debris and makes it easy to clean the washing bath. Material - acid-resistant steel-stainless steel AISI 31, capacity - 114 liters.
  • Rinse areawith an economical consumption of clean hot water in, liter per 1 cassette (330 liters hourly).

The machine is equipped with a drying nozzle. Automatic self-cleaning is provided. The technology can be connected to both hot and cold water supply systems. The rinse aid dispenser is included even in the standard version of this PMM. The detergent dispenser is optional. Noisy unit does not exceed 70 dB, according to European standards.

The price of the model is , 8, 35 rubles.

Hood PMMs

Electrolux dome or hood dishwasher is a simple but effective and productive professional technique. Such dishwashers combine a lot of advantages: innovative technologies, high efficiency, economical use of water, electricity and washing chemistry.

Features of the bonnet PMM:

  • Ecological and resource saving: water consumption is only 2 liters per cycle. Rinsing processes are most effective at reduced costs up to 40% on the consumption of hot water. There is an energy-saving ESD device, as well as a system that protects parts and walls of the machine from the formation of scale - Zero Lime.
  • High quality washand the impeccable cleanliness of the dishes, thanks to the filtering system Clear Blue. The machine is completed with a washing circuit equipped with nozzles with a unique shape. Washing hoses are inclined design.
  • With a corner installation, visualization and ease of use are provided - due toangle control paneland the status indicator, installed in models with automatic hood.

NHT8 505071

The speed of this machine is 80 baskets (1440 units) per hour. Control from one button, switch to sanitation mode ETL, which processes up to 63 baskets or 11 234 units hourly.

  • The cycle time is 45, 84 and 150 seconds.
  • Automatic self-cleaning is provided, and the machine is supplemented with a self-cleaning pump and boiler, which blocks the development of pathogens.
  • The built-in autosampler guarantees a constant supply of a rinsing agent - this facilitates the operator's work and saves resources significantly.
  • Panels, camera and parts are made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Dimensions of the case: 7, x7, x15, cm (WxDxH).
  • The power of the appliance is, kW.
  • Connection to a three-phase network of 380 V

The cost is from 259 000 rubles.

NHT8DD 505084

This dome PMM can be used in washing dishes, trays, gastronorms and other equipment. The model assumes a front loading type of dishes.

  • The consumption of water per cycle is 2 liters, the volume of the tank is 24 liters, the boiler is 12 liters.
  • There are 3 cycles of 45, 84 and 150 seconds in total.
  • Housing parameters in WxDxH: 7, × 7, × 15, cm.
  • Power - 1, kW, connection to the network of 380 V.
  • Weight including packing - 117 kg.

The price is from 201 000 rubles.

Glass-washing and compact PMM

The main advantages of the flasks:

  • Multi-function buttonto control the machine.
  • The door is equipped with a counterweightfor soft and safe opening with a lock in a slightly open position for additional ventilation of the hopper.

  • High quality washwith upper and lower double rinsing sleeves.
  • Hygieneis provided by surfaces made of stainless steel.
  • Saving resources by 20%- Reduction of spending on water, electricity and detergents with minimal impact on the environment.
  • Reduced noise.This is the most silent PMM in its lineup due to double wall isolation.

Popular Models

Consider the two most popular machines for washing the glasses "Electrolux".


The front dishwasher is used in professional canteens: laundering not only ordinary utensils, but also appliances, glasses and glasses.

  • Dimensions of the case: 46х5, х6, cm in width, depth and height, respectively. Such a compact size will allow you to install the equipment in a confined space.
  • The maximum height of the glass loaded into the basket can be 19 cm.
  • The volume of the tank is 6 liters, the boiler is 5 liters.
  • There are three washing modes.
  • Complete with a basket 40x40 cm.
  • The design provides a drain pump and water softener.
  • Productivity: 30 baskets per hour.
  • Power kW, voltage - 220 V.
  • Weight with packing - 44 kg.

The cost is 160 780 rubles.


This front glass washer can be mounted under the table top directly in the bar.

  • The size of the baskets: 40x40 cm.
  • Productivity: up to 600 glasses or cutlery per hour of work (30 baskets).
  • 3 washing cycles.

Provides a deep tank of a seamless type with rounded corners, accommodates up to 6 liters of water. The walls of the machine, the tank, the guides and the legs are made of high quality stainless steel AISI 304, the same steel is made of a boiler. Connection - to cold water. Overflow of the tank is prevented by a valve with a removable filter.

It is equipped with a rinse aid dispenser and an integrated softener of an aqueous solution. The softener has 2 containers with regenerating resin, which work in strict order for continuous washing. Regeneration processes are automatic and do not require constant operator control. There is an opportunity to buy cassettes for different types of dishes, decalcifying filters and other brand accessories.


  • body 46 × 5, × 6, cm (WxDxH);
  • voltage - 220 V;
  • power, kWt;
  • weight in the packed form - 44 kg.

The market price is 15, 15 rubles.

If you need professional equipment for full or partial kitchen equipment, feel free to contact the company's products Electrolux - you will get impeccable quality, innovative technological solutions, nice design, simple operation and other advantages. Finally, we add that user reviews about the dishwashers "Electrolux" for business are positive, so the statements of manufacturers are not unfounded.

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