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Candy dishwasher is not the most popular appliances on the Russian market, users prefer other brands more. However, due to the wide choice of models and affordable price, the KMMMMM finds its buyer. Which car is better to choose, what are the advantages of this brand? Read more in the article.

material Contents:

  • 1 Features dishwashers Candy
  • 2 Review dishwashers "Candy»
    • 2.1 Candy Trio 9501
    • 2.2 Candy CDCP 8 / ES
    • 2.3 Candy CDP 4609
    • 2.4 Candy CDI P96
  • 3 Common Problems dishwashers "Candy»

Featuresdishwashers Candy

The company was founded in 1945 as a small workshop. Today the company is engaged in the production of large household appliances.

Kandy dishwashers are varied, the buyer with any requirements can choose a model for himself. You can choose from the following PMM options:

  • Compact. General dimensions 45x55x50 cm. The capacity of the machine is from 4 to 6 sets of dishes. Suitable for small rooms, there is the possibility of placing on the countertop or under the sink.
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  • Embedded narrow. The width of the cabinet is 45 cm, depth 60 cm, height 85 cm. Narrow dishwashers can wash from 6 to 9 sets in one cycle. Conveniently built into the kitchen furniture. Can be installed under a gas or electric stove.

  • Full size. The overall dimensions of the models are 60x60x85 cm. The capacity is much larger than the previous versions - from 12 to 14 sets. You can place the device in any convenient place. For a family of 5 people, one run per day is enough to wash all the dishes.

For those who appreciate ergonomics and free space, manufacturers have developed a multifunctional model Candy Trio. This combination includes a hob, an oven beneath, and even lower a dishwasher for 6 sets of dishes. How effective this development, we consider in our review( for details - in a separate article).

PMM "Kandy" equipped with full or partial protection against leakage( Aquastop).The start delay timer allows you to start the car at night and not be afraid of water leaks.

How to use the technique? You will help instructions for use. Dishwashers are equipped with an intuitive electronic panel. Differences only in the presence or absence of the display.

Most models are equipped with condensation drying, which saves on power consumption. There is also a turbo dryer, the presence of which can affect the cost of the device.

Review of Kandy dishwashers

Let's begin the review with the most interesting and unusual Trio model. Find out whether users find this combination useful in engineering.

Candy Trio 9501

Want to get the most out of the space involved? The product includes:

  1. Gas stove for 4 burners of rapid heating( 2070 W).The cover of the surface is made of tempered glass, enameled lattice.
  2. Electric Oven. The volume of the chamber is 39 liters. There is a 1600 W grill, interior lights and a timer.
  3. Dishwasher. Bunker capacity - 6 sets of dishes.5 main programs of the additional modes "Quick wash" for 32 minutes. Per cycle consumes 9 liters of water and 0.75 kW of electricity. Management electronic. Drain filter made of stainless steel, self-cleaning.

The dimensions of the Trio are 86.5x60x60 cm. The legs can be adjusted. Cost - from 60 000 rubles.


After repairing the kitchen, I thought about buying a gas stove. I didn’t even think about the dishwasher, since space is limited. Then I saw a “Candy Trio” among friends. Before that, I did not even know that there was such a technique. I bought it and could not get enough of myself. Wide enough cooking surface that allows you to place large pans.

Dishwasher capacity is just enough for the daily care of dishes. True, it works quite noisy. We didn’t agree with the oven. Either the meat is not completely baked, or it burns outside. In general, the purchase is satisfied, but if there is an opportunity, it is better to buy a separate PMM.

Candy CDCP 8 / E-S

Compact desktop model with dimensions of 55x50x59.5 cm. You can wash 8 sets of dishes at a time. Water consumption in this case will be 8 liters, and electricity - 0.72 kW / hour.

Electronic control panel will help you choose from 6 programs. Of the additional modes are provided:

  1. Delicate. Provides respect for the fragile dishes made of glass and porcelain.
  2. Economical. Will reduce the cycle time, suitable for lightly soiled utensils.

The internal surface of the mini PMM is made of stainless steel. The indicator of salt and rinse "warns" about the end of the funds.

Price from 15,000 rubles.


Before repair, there were thoughts about buying a dishwasher, but not quite specific. Therefore, after installing the kitchen space for equipment left. I had to take a compact model for placement under the sink. Candy CDCP 8 / E-S is quite fit in size, besides it is one of the most budget models.

The dishwasher is satisfied with the work, but it should be borne in mind that it is small and dishes over 30 cm in size will not fit in it. Ideal for washing conventional appliances and plates. It works quite noisy. I want to buy a more capacious technique, so I consider other options.

Candy CDP 4609

Narrow freestanding PMM in dimensions 45x60x85 cm. Holds 9 sets of dishes. Water consumption is 13 liters. In one hour, the machine consumes 0.61 kW of electricity. Electronic control without display. You can choose from 5 modes.

The upper basket is height adjustable, you can conveniently place pots and pans. Provides full protection against leakage, as well as blockage from children. The door and control panel are locked from accidental opening / pressing.

Price from 19 000 rubles.


The machine is easy to operate and compact. We use 3 months, makes a little noise. Washes well, coped even with black scum on enamelware. Although the quality of washing depends on the chosen means. They used to take gel, but the result is good only with 3in1 tablets. The instruction is stupid, but the management is so simple that it will not be difficult to understand.

Candy CDI P96

Built-in PMM complies with classes A / A / A.The capacity of the bunker is designed for 9 sets, while the water consumption is 13 liters, electricity - 0.8 kW per hour. The equipment belongs to narrow models with a body width of 45 cm.

The display panel allows you to track the time until the end of the cycle. There are 6 main modes. After washing, the system automatically opens the door. Hot steam gradually comes out, and a fresh stream of air circulates and dries the dishes.

The upper basket is height adjustable and the lower one is transformed. The hull received complete protection from Aquastop leakage.

Cost - from 21 000 rubles.


Immediately considered a compact version of the dishwasher. But after reading the reviews, I realized that the capacity is too small. Large utensils are not included in the chamber, and if you put one pot, then nothing else fits. Therefore, I took PMM for 9 sets. This is my first dishwasher. He is satisfied with the quality of washing, although sometimes there are stains on glass devices. Condensation drying is nonsense. You can also put dried plates on a regular dryer.

Typical faults in Kandy dishwashers

Electronic control allows you to monitor the status of all units and parts of equipment. If a breakdown occurs in the system, error codes are immediately displayed on the board. Decoding can be found in the instructions or in a separate article and start troubleshooting.

The most common PMM "Kandy" suffer from such problems:

  1. Clogged drain and filler filter.
  2. Pump or circulation unit problems.
  3. Wear intake or drain hose, seal.
  4. Electronics malfunction, boards, wiring.

You can repair the malfunctions or do it yourself. How to disassemble the dishwasher , read our article.

After reviewing the review and examining customer reviews, you can make the right choice. PMM Candy has its advantages and disadvantages. The build quality of the models is decent, and the price is affordable. Appliances vary in size, which allows you to choose an option for any kitchen.

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