Review of Electrolux dishwashers( Electrolux): device, reviews

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Electrolux dishwasher is very popular. Modern functionality, simple management, energy-saving technologies - the Swedish company is constantly developing its brand. At the same time, the prices for Elektrilyuks PMM remain affordable, with a large choice among models of economy class. What dishwashers of this brand are more popular and why we look at the review.

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  • 1 Features of the Electrolux dishwashers; Electrolux ESF 2300 OH;
  • 3.2In stores you can find embedded, free-standing and compact PMM.There are also professional dome dishwashers that are suitable for various canteens, restaurants and other establishments.

    For maximum comfort, the manufacturers of the latest generation of models refused to use sound signals. The noise level during operation does not exceed 45 dB.During the entire cycle, a red beam is lit on the floor, and at the end of the sink a green beam lights up( Beam on Floor).

    The technician is also equipped with a self-diagnostic system: in the event of a breakdown, an error code is displayed on the display. Decryption can be found in the instruction manual or in our article on Electrolux fault codes. Knowing the value, you will understand the cause of the problem and how to fix it.

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    Model lines

    Concern Electrolux has released different line of dishwashers, the device which have their own characteristics.

    Real Life

    A special feature of this line of machines is its capacity. The width of the equipment is 60 cm, and the volume of the chamber is more than the standard one by 10 liters. FlexyLift technology allows you to adjust the upper basket height, so you can place large items. The FlexiSpray double-rotor sprinkler evenly distributes the jets throughout the chamber.

    This line can be used for both industrial and household purposes. The program Autoflex allows you to not sort the dishes. Load the devices into the bunker, and the system will independently determine the optimum mode for power and power consumption.

    "Green" line

    The series implemented Eco-friendly programs to save electricity by 35%.Many models have a hybrid connection to hot and cold water supply. Although this does not matter for city apartments, since no one has canceled the planned shutdown of hot water.

    Real Life Slim

    Narrow cars up to 45 cm wide. A new Satellite washing system has been developed, in which appliances are jetted from all sides. FlexiWash technology adjusts the effect of water( intense or delicate) for each level.

    Description of

    technologies. We’ll tell you about the newest and most interesting developments of Electrolux:

    1. Glass Care. The mode of delicate care of dishes from porcelain, glass and other fine work. Devices are processed at a temperature of 60 degrees, which excludes the possibility of damage.
    2. AquaControl. Leakage protection program. Guaranteed complete safety: in case of malfunction and leakage, the machine is disconnected from electricity and cuts off the water supply.
    3. AirDry. After washing the dishwasher automatically opens the door for natural ventilation of dishes.
    4. TimeBeam. This is not just a beam on the floor, but a projection of the exact time before the end of the LMP work.
    5. Disinfection. Processing dishes at 68 degrees allows you to destroy bacteria and germs.

    Rating the best models of PMM

    Consider in more detail the most interesting dishwashers "Electrolux", as well as examine consumer reviews.

    Electrolux ESF 2300 OH

    Compact freestanding model. The laconic design and small dimensions - 47.4x54.5x51.5 cm - allow installation in almost any kitchen. The bunker holds 6 sets of dishes. Water consumption per cycle is 6 liters, and electricity - 0.63 kW / hour.

    The user can choose from 6 main programs. The function of delaying the start allows you to start the technique at a convenient time. Energy saver reduces electricity consumption by 30%.Built-in water purity sensor, so the plates will be perfectly clean, the machine itself controls it.

    Price - from 18 000 rubles.


    Bought ESF 2300 OH a month ago. At first I was pleased with the technique. It works quietly, the design fits perfectly into the interior of the kitchen. But later one feature came out( even a flaw).Over time, the MMP “catches a glitch”, stops heating the water and dries the instruments. As the master explained later, this happens in almost every model. The main thing - in time to detect a breakdown. Warranty repairs will cost free, the specialist himself will arrive at the house. So I advise you to use the machine more intensively in order to find a flaw in time.

    Electrolux ESL94200LO

    Completely tunable. For small sizes( width 45 cm, depth 57 cm, height 82 cm) it holds 9 sets. Included 5 programs and full leak protection. Water consumption is 9.5 liters, and electricity - 0.88 kW / h.

    Indicators on the control panel will notify you when you need salt or rinse. An abbreviated washing program is capable of delivering clean appliances in 30 minutes. It is also possible to delay the start up to 3 hours. Good budget option.

    Cost - from 15 000 rubles.


    Dishwasher advised a friend from work. For my studio apartment, this option just came up. Spacious baskets enough even after the arrival of guests. But I noticed that the quality of washing is not always good. I do not understand what it depends on.

    What we liked: a convenient control panel and a wide range of modes. Did not like the quality of the wash. Even if I turn on the soak, the dried up dirt stays in place.

    Electrolux ESL 46050

    Built-in model 82x45x57-60 cm. The machine will wash 9 sets of dishes at a time, consuming 12 liters of water and 0.99 kW of electricity.

    Going to wash fragile appliances? Then the functionality will offer you the program "Glass", where the water temperature does not exceed 45 degrees. You can set the cycle start time yourself by delaying the start from 1 to 19 hours.

    The Beam on Floor technology projects a beam onto the floor, so the machine will not disturb you with a beep. Load plates, pots and pans, choose Auto mode, and the system will automatically select the optimal program.

    Price from 14,500 rubles.


    Already a year and a half how I started using the machine model ESL 46050. Her work suits me. After full embedding in the cabinet, I don’t hear how it works. The end of the washing is conveniently determined by the beam on the floor. On the one hand, compact dimensions are a plus, but on the other - large plates, pans do not fit. Then the rocker stops rotating. Cups are not always completely washed. But in general, the work of the equipment is satisfied.

    Typical faults in the Electrolux dishwashers

    In addition to the merits, the MMP has its drawbacks. Familiarize yourself with typical breakdowns and their warning methods:

    1. Dishwasher does not turn on. It is necessary to check the correctness of the connection, the integrity of the network cable, plugs and sockets. If everything is in order, the problem may be in the control board, which has suffered from a short circuit or moisture ingress. It can not do without the help of the master.
    2. Does not flood or drain .The cause is easily remedied by cleaning the drain filter, pipe, pump, or by inspecting the inlet hose and intake valve.
    3. An leaked .This happens when the seals are worn, the connections are damaged, or the pipes or the walls of the bunker are damaged.

    After examining the technology, ratings, customer reviews, you can make the choice of the best model of the electrolux PMM for your home.

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