Can I wash aluminum dishes in the dishwasher?

With the purchase of a dishwasher, you often want to wash everything that comes to hand. But some dishes and utensils can not be washed in PMM. So, aluminum dishes in the dishwasher risk to deteriorate. Why this happens and how to cope with the consequences, we will consider in the review.

Content of the material:

  • 1Why you should avoid washing aluminum in PMM
  • 2How to restore darkened aluminum
  • 3What other dishes are prohibited in the PMM
    • 3.1Conclusion

Why you should avoid washing aluminum in PMM

The dishes will be covered with plaque, since aluminum is too active metal and reacts with other substances, including water. Its surface is an oxide film, dissolved in an alkaline medium.

Alkalis are often part of the kitchen "chemistry". Manufacturers use them to better wash complex contaminants. The combination of alkalis with hot water helps to wash off the oxide film from aluminum objects. After that they freely enter into a reaction with water, which ends with the destruction of the metal and the appearance of a dark plaque. If you constantly put dishes from aluminum in similar conditions, it will finally darken and collapse.

Users share the experience that when washing in water at a 35-degree temperature, no such effect was observed. But after a few washes effect will make itself felt.

Important! Use aluminum cookware correctly, so that the body does not get metal impurities. Cook in it, but do not store food or food, do not scrape off any burned food.

Washing in manual mode is not capable of causing utensils such damage as a dishwasher, because the means for manual washing are less aggressive than the special "chemistry" for PMM. But in this case, no one is immune from the effect of darkening. Do not use hard or metal brushes - you can damage the surface during normal cleaning.

So, can I wash aluminum dishes in the dishwasher? The answer is unequivocal - no, otherwise the consequences will not keep you waiting:

  • the appearance of the dishes will be distorted, it will darken;
  • It is dangerous for health, as when the coating is damaged, impurities enter the body.

How to restore darkened aluminum

If you did not know that aluminum is not intended for washing in the PMM, and it has darkened, do not despair. Accidentally washed aluminum products: a pan, a frying pan, a crust for garlic, cutlery or mincer? You can try to bring them back to life. It is important, how much darkened products - not everything is subject to recovery.

What to wash dishes, what to do to cope with a dark bloom? Start with manual cleaning using specialized tools.

Do not believe in "folk" methods: do not, on the advice of grandmothers, boil dishes with washing powder and soda - it will only get worse.

Try the following methods if the aluminum is oxidized:

  • Clean and polish the products using GOI paste. Apply the substance to a flap or napkin from the felt and grate the appliance.

  • Polish the spoiled utensils with a special paste of Dialux.

  • Treat the damaged areas using the car rust converter HORS, then polish any of the above means. It is recommended to resort to the method when other methods have not yielded results.

You can try to clean the aluminum after the dishwasher with nitric or sulfuric acid, but this is not safe. Weaker acids, such as lemon or acetic, are unlikely to cope.

Important! Even with manual washing of aluminum utensils, avoid usual detergents. Use special gels and powders for aluminum or a bar of kitchen soap.

What other dishes are prohibited in the PMM

We have already written that,what dishes can not be washed in a dishwasher, but once it came about aluminum, we recall that with him, you should not put in the bunker and such products:

  1. Wooden utensils, knives with handles made of wood, etc. The tree swells and is not subject to restoration, as it irretrievably loses its appearance.
  2. Utensils made of silver and cupronickel - it darkens, like aluminum.

    Important! Some manufacturers, such as Neff, offer the buyer a lotaccessories for dishwashers, among which you can find containers for washing silver.

  3. Teflon pans - in the dishwasher are lost non-stick properties. Exception - cases when the package has an icon that allows washing the product in the PMM.
  4. Knives - in hot water they begin to quickly become dull.
  5. Porcelain (especially elite) - it can darken and cease to shine.

When washing any dishes and utensils it is worthwhile to monitor the temperature of the water of the chosen regime and correctly place the dishes in baskets. Even ordinary plates can deteriorate if they are washed in boiling water with a high concentration of corrosive chemicals.


Dishes made of aluminum - taboo for dishwasher. If you need a new meat grinder or frying pan, do not listen to anyone's advice and wash them by hand. Errors of thousands of users should be an example for you.

And "for a snack" tip:

Nastia, Moscow

Several times I washed the knives and mesh from the new meat grinder in the dishwasher. Each time their appearance worsened. She looked through all the instructions to the meat grinder - about this not a word. When the fifth wash all completely darkened, carried to the store - to change or to take. There they asked me if I was washing the details in the dishwashers. In general, the parallel I did not immediately. But the consultant in the store intelligibly told that the details are aluminum and they can not be washed in the typewriter. They did not issue a refund, but they advised the cleaning agent. Has bought, I will try.

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