How to choose a safe dishwasher

When buying a dishwasher, the user must acquire special means for washing dishes and softening water. While chemistry is regularly used during cleaning and washing, not all are entrusted to its end with the composition and promises of the manufacturer. How to choose a safe and environmentally friendly product for dishwashers, you will learn in the article.

Content of the material:

  • 1What is the safest choice for dishes?
  • 2Finding the best tool for PMM
    • 2.1Ecodoo
    • 2.2Bio Mio
    • 2.3Klar
    • 2.4Ecover
    • 2.5Almawin Bio
    • 2.6Sodasan
  • 3Rating of specialists
    • 3.1Somat Standard
    • 3.2Finish Power Powder
    • 3.3Fairy Platinum
    • 3.4Frau Schmidt
  • 4Detergent with own hands

What is the safest choice for dishes?

Powders on a natural basis are chosen more often. The manufacturer convinces us of efficiency, harmlessness, environmental friendliness. Is it really? The answer lies on the back of the package.

Carefully read the composition of the detergent that you are going to buy. The Eco Garantie and ECO Control badges confirm the environmental friendliness of the product.

What are the requirements for products with the designation Eco Garantie:

  • uses organic, biodegradable raw materials;
  • there are no animal tests;
  • not toxic;
  • does not contain oil products;
  • is not irradiated for disinfection.

At the same time ECO Control:

  • without additives of animal origin;
  • without preservatives;
  • are safe, according to dermatological studies.

Let's consider the most known environmental means.

Finding the best tool for PMM

The following detergents are great for washing dishes in the car. But is their composition environmentally friendly, as the manufacturer claims?


French line of means for dishwashing equipment.

  • Natural salt evaporated in the sun. Used for all types of machines, allows you to get rid of limescale and soften water. Does not contain dyes. Cost of packing, kg from 900 rubles.
  • Tablets do not contain petroleum products, are created on the basis of mineral substances, completely biodegradable. Without chlorine and other harmful substances. Conveniently dosed. The price is from 1000 rubles.

  • The gel is consumed economically due to its high concentration. Ecologically clean composition, works at low temperature.
  • Rinser. The natural composition helps to give the plates a shine: water, citric acid, alcohol, glycerin.

Bio Mio

Tablets 7-in-1 have everything you need, so you do not have to worry about buying salt or rinse. Provide a pleasant smell after washing, as in the composition there are essential oils of eucalyptus. Effective even at low temperatures. Do not contain flavors, phosphates. Certified organic quality certificate was obtained.

The cost is from 300 rubles.


German brand produces harmless tablets for washing high concentrations. They remove dried food and plaque from tea and coffee. At the same time, Klar is completely odorless, which is good for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. The composition includes enzymes grown from microorganisms. Only mineral and vegetable components. Recommended by DAAB Germany.

Manufacturers recommend the use of salt and Klar rinse. Because the agent is concentrated, one cycle can use half a tablet.

The cost of 800 rubles.

The entire Klar line does not contain fragrances, phosphates and petroleum products.


Natural eco-agents from Belgium. The company produces tablets, rinses, salt and powder. Are made on vegetable and mineral basis, do not contain chlorine and mineral oil. Completely Bio - decompose in nature.

The packing price is from 800 rubles.

Almawin Bio

Universal tablets are suitable not only for cleaning instruments, but also for the dishwasher. A completely natural and biodegradable base. In the composition including: soda, sodium citrate, oxygen bleach, enzymes, essential oils. Without chlorine and perfumes.

The cost of 600 rubles.


A series of German manufacturer. Produced as tablets, and powder. The latter is very concentrated, so it lasts a long time. Users are not very satisfied with the results of washing, although the composition of "Sodasan" is environmentally friendly. No odor, phosphate, chlorine. Contains vegetable surfactants, has ECOCERT certificate.

The price is from 700 rubles.

If you choose to use household chemicals, it will be useful to know what specialists think about it. In this rating there are not ecological (at the request of the manufacturer), but usual means for dishwashers.

Rating of specialists

Now we will present powders and gels on the safety rating, according to laboratory studies.

Somat Standard

86 points out of 100 on the security scale.

"Somat" is available in the form of powder and tablets, manufactured in the Saratov region. It is well washed off from dishes, it corresponds to sanitary-epidemiological and hygienic requirements. The composition indicates the content of nonionic surfactants, and about anionic not a word is said. As a result of the examination, the presence of anionic surfactants was found in place of non-ionic surfactants.

After three rinses it turned out that the quality of washability of Somat is 1% (APAV) and 0% (NPAQ). The efficiency of washing is low - 88 points out of 100.

Finish Power Powder

Powder is produced in the city of Klin. During the study, the same problem was identified with that of "Somat". Instead of anionic surfactants, the composition is non-ionic. Qualitatively laundering of impurities, removability of APAV 32% of the permissible level, NPAV - 0%.

Finish received 98 points out of 100 on effectiveness, and 68 on security.

Fairy Platinum

Capsules of Belgian production meet hygiene standards. It is known that "Fairy" copes well with pollution, so it gets 99 points in effectiveness. After three rinsing, the level of the APAV was 42%, and the surfactant - 0%.

Security total 58 points out of 100 possible.

Frau Schmidt

All-in-one tablets produced in Germany meet safety requirements, but only 60 points out of 100. Washability after three rinses - 40% of APAV and 0% of LEL. Washing efficiency is 95 points.

So, surfactants are contained in all detergents. But NPAV are less aggressive towards the human body than APAV, and also have 100% degradability in nature. Manufacturers of all the investigated means have kept silent about the content of anionic substances. Thus, they misled the customer.

Expert opinion: the use of APAV is much less expensive than the more sparing NPAF, so they can be replaced. Manufacturers deliberately keep silent about this fact. You have the right to decide what to choose - efficiency or environmental friendliness.

In our ranking, Somat powder was the safest. If you use powders and gels according to the instructions, then you have nothing to worry about, since the washability of substances corresponds to the level of safety.

Detergent with own hands

If you want a completely natural powder, without any surfactants and preservatives, then prepare it yourself.

Important! Use self-made tools should be very careful not to damage the technique.

  • take a glass of mustard and borax;
  • 1 cup of soda ash.

Instead of rinsing, you can add 9% apple cider vinegar, then the dishes will shine and creak with cleanliness.

Another recipe also involves the use of a portion of soda and mustard powder, instead of borax - citric acid. Immediately do not fall asleep a lot of powder, otherwise the instruments will leave white stains. Keep in a closed bag in a dark place.

What kind of detergent to choose is up to you. Carefully study the composition before buying, because over time harmful substances accumulate in the body. We wish you a successful choice!

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