What you need to buy for a dishwasher - starter kit

In stores it is recommended to buy a "starter set" of the user together with a dishwasher. It includes all the necessary tools that are necessary for the test wash and further operation of the PMM. We'll figure out what is needed for the dishwasher and is it worth paying for the set for the first run?

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  • 2How to replace
  • 3What are

What the starter kit consists of

The name was invented by the advertisers for good reason - this kit contains everything you need for the first launch. Potential audience, buying up kits for connecting and launching PMM are users with no experience of using the dishwasher.

Important! Remember: when buying a starter kit, you risk overpaying for the idea. The cost of the linked funds is often increased by 15-20%.

What you will find in the kit:

  1. Tablets or capsules are simple or universal ("3-in-1 "7-in-1 etc.).
  2. Salt. We described its specificity and purpose separately.
  3. Rinsing agent.

In the budget options, instead of universal capsules, put a usual washing powder or gel. In sets more expensive manufacturers are able to "insert" the entire line of their funds for PMM. In addition to tablets and rinse aid, it can be the following accessories:

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  1. Cleaners: from grease, scale, fungus or mold.
  2. Powder for the first start of the dishwasher.
  3. Absorbent or block with a pleasant smell for the bunker.

You will find in the kit everything you need to add to the dishwasher at the first start and in the future.

Fact! In some cases, manufacturers combining products in kits for the first launch, intend to reduce their cost as a "bait." The user buys everything together at a pleasant price, and when something ends, you have to buy separately and at a different cost.

How to replace

What do you need to know if you decide to assemble such a set yourself, not agreeing to the tricks of leading brands to "hook" you to expensive funds?

  • Tablets - compressed detergent powder, removing dirt and plaque from plates, cups and other utensils.

  • Rinser prevents the appearance of stains, helps the dishes to dry faster and shine will come.

  • The salt supports the work of the ion exchanger, which softens the hard water from the water pipe.

The listed means can be chosen independently, having determined the necessary volume of packing, composition (for ECO-chemistry fans) and a suitable price.

If you have to start the dishwasher of the brand Bosch, Candy or Flavia for the first time, and you are told in the store that the kit contains a special powder for the test wash, do not rush. Do not buy a whole basket with bottles and boxes just because of one powder. All can be purchased separately.

Salt, fresheners, cleaners and other compounds are on the shelves of household chemistry stores.

No matter how we convince you that it is better to buy everything separately, starting sets have merits. They need to be considered when buying:

  • Do not have to spend time studying the composition and selection of the necessary means - everything has already been collected, packed and accompanied by an instruction.
  • The kit includes funds from one brand: products from one line work in a bunch and improve the effect.
  • The cost can be lower than when buying each component separately (not always).

Important! Do not buy powders, soaps and other compounds intended for manual use for PMM. This threatens the formation of a large amount of foam, malfunction or breakdown of the machine. Take care that the packaging is necessarily written "for dishwashers."

What are

See examples from well-known brands.

  • Filtero. German brand, production is often Russian. Suitable for any PMM, including Bosch and Siemens. Contains 16 universal tablets "7-in-1 powder for the first start of the machine, regenerating salt and a product, cleaning bunker and machine parts from fat and lime scale. One of those few options, in which there is a means for a test wash - a powder that dissolves the technical oil, which processed the machine parts. The price, according to YandexMarket, ranges from 990 to 1930 rubles.

  • Topper. It includes: tablets "10-in-1" - 16 pieces, rinse aid 500 ml, salt, kg. The cost is from 445 to 990 rubles.

  • Top House. Production - Belgian, German or Danish. What is included? Universal tablets "3-in-1" in an amount of 16 pieces, a half-liter bottle of rinse, salt in large crystals in a pack, kg. The cost is from 899 to 1189 rubles.

  • Magiс Power MP-1120. Supplied in a box containing: salt, rinse aid, 2-in-1 tablets and a caring compound. The components do not contain chlorine. The price is from 601 to 1042 rubles.

Important! We brought the lower and upper price threshold so that you do not fall victim to marketers. If you will be offered to buy a product in a store for , 00 rubles, you will know that in another place buy it 2 times cheaper.

We sum up. You can buy everything you need separately: salt, rinse and tablets (capsules). The rest can be bought as needed. But the set is an excellent way out, the purchase of which saves time and effort on the search.

Now you know what means you need before you start using the dishwasher. But for safe operation, additional accessories are also needed: for example, a filter andRCD. How to choose and install them, you can read in our previous articles.

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