Overview of dishwashers 50 cm wide

This review we devoted to dishwashers 50 cm - the most optimal solution for rooms of different sizes. Consider their parameters, features, pros and cons and reviews.

Standard dish is considered a dishwasher width of 60 cm. But the manufacturers of household appliances have a lot of other solutions, including for small kitchens, non-standard layouts and conditions of limited space. There are narrow models - a width of 35-50 cm, compact - up to 55 cm wide, as well as various variations in height.

Content of the material:

  • 1Parameters of MMC 50 cm wide
    • 1.1Narrow dishwashers
    • 1.2Compact models
  • 2What are the characteristics to pay attention to?
  • 350 cm models review
    • 3.1Bosch SKS 62E22
    • 3.2Korting KDF 2050 W
    • 3.3Flavia TD 55 VALARA

Parameters of MMC 50 cm wide

In addition to such a parameter as width, the machines are considered from the viewpoint of depth and height. For free-standing models, the height is 85 cm, the built-in models do not exceed 83 cm in height. To reduce the size of a conventional non-built-in machine, you can go for the trick: dismantle the top cover, thereby reducing the technique by a couple of centimeters, and

set the machine under the countertop.

The depth of all machines is usually in the range of 45-60 cm. Built-in PMM depth of 50 cm are found most often, because until 1994, there was a production standard that regulated this characteristic of the dishwasher.

Narrow dishwashers

Narrowed models differ at once with several advantages in front of full-size models:

  • save a useful space:
  • 20% cheaper than full-size dishwashers of the same class;
  • organically look in any kitchen set - both built-in and stationary PMM;
  • contain up to 10 dish sets, so suitable for a family of 3-4 people.

About,what is a set of dishes, we have a whole review. We will remind you briefly that it includes: a deep and small plate, cutlery (a dining room and a tea spoon, a knife and fork), a cup with a saucer.

A machine up to 50 cm wide is already considered narrow. Its height has standard parameters - up to 85 cm, and the depth varies from 50 to 60 cm. So, the embedded Bosch ActiveWater SPV3 has the following parameters: 45x8, x55 cm (WxHxD); washes in one cycle up to 9 dish sets. A vivid example of a narrow model: Indesit DSR 26B RU, width 45 cm, depth - 60 cm, while it washes for 1 dish set more.

Compact models

These machines are suitable for the smallest rooms: kitchens in Khrushchev, for offices, as well as for those who live alone. Capacity is usually 4 sets - it's convenient if you are not accustomed to storing dishes, and wash the plates as they become soiled. A small PMM can be installed on the countertop and under it or placed in a previously prepared niche at a convenient height - some miniature dishwashers in size not larger than a microwave oven.

At small dimensions, dishwashers of compact type differ in the same quality of washing as full-size dishwashers. Usually the parameters are (WxDxH): 45-60 cm, 45-50 cm and 45 cm, respectively. An excellent example of this technique is the Indesit ICD 661 S EU machine for 6 dishes sets with parameters 50х44х55 cm (GхВхШ).

What are the characteristics to pay attention to?

Picking a typewriter 50 cm, stop focusing on such parameters:

  • classes of washing and energy efficiency;

Important! Classes are marked with Latin letters. The highest class in both parameters is A. Energy consumption of modern dishwashers has been deduced in recent years to even higher classes - A + and A ++.

  • drying - condensation type orturbo;

  • Indicators (bulbs) showing the level of the regenerating salt or rinse aid;

  • number of programs and temperature modes;
  • the possibility of using tablets or capsules "3 in 1".

It is interesting! Manufacturers PMM offer various variations of the color design of technology. There are red, black, silver and other variants on the market. This makes it possible without problems to choose a technique that harmoniously fits into the interior and does not violate the design solution of the premises. Bosch SKS51E11RU - one of these compact machines: a width of 50 cm, with a red facade. With its modest dimensions, it has a capacious bunker for 6 sets. The manufacturer has provided 5 washing programs, which is not inferior to the machine of usual height and depth. It will become a convenient, stylish and functional solution for a small family of 2-3 people.

50 cm models review

Consider some compact PMM 50 cm.

Bosch SKS 62E22

A separate dishwasher in size 5, x50x45 cm (WxDxH), made in white. Capacity is impressive: 5 sets of dishes. All classes (energy efficiency, washing, drying) are higher: A. For convenience, a display is provided. Water for one cycle is consumed in a volume of 8 liters. There are 6 washing programs (Intensive, Express, Delicate, Economy, Soak and automatic) and 5 temperature modes. The construction is complemented by a condensation-type drying. The half-loading mode is absent.

Also pay attention to the following parameters:

  • possibility of delay of start up to 24 hours;
  • partial leakage protection;
  • turbidity sensor;
  • possibility of using capsules, tablets "3 in 1
  • indication of salt and rinse aid is present;
  • The working hopper inside is covered with high-quality stainless steel;
  • there is a holder of wine glasses;
  • function VarioSpeed.

Market value, according to estimates, "YandexMarket" starts at 2, 00 rubles.

User reviews, Svetlana:

Bosch SKS 62E22 - excellent technique, I could not find any flaws in it. Build quality, washes perfectly. Noise? It will be noisy, only have a bed near her, and so we start at night, go to the bedroom and sleep peacefully. A very convenient display - shows how much is left before the end of the program, the delay in the start, the pressure in the water pipe, whether there is salt or rinse aid. I use tablets - I cut them in half, it's enough. At purchase there was an easy smell of plastic which has evaporated after 4-5 a sink.

Korting KDF 2050 W

Compact PMM width 55 cm, depth 50 cm, height 4 cm; of a detached type. Holds up to 6 sets of standard dishes. Classes for washing and drying - A, energy efficiency - A +. On the user panel are convenient buttons and a display. The water consumption is economical: in total, l per wash cycle. Power consumption 1 kW / h. Provides protection from children and full protection against leaks. Noisiness - 49 dB, the duration of the usual program - 3 hours.

The user is available 7 programs, of which "Usual "Intensive "Express "Delicate" and "Economical" are especially useful. Also at your disposal are 5 temperature modes. Drying is condensation. Boot mode ½ is not provided.


  • delayed start up to 24 hours;
  • the maximum water inlet t ° is 60 degrees;
  • the possibility of using "3 in 1" tablets;
  • stainless inner coating of the hopper;
  • the holder of wine glasses;
  • option of self cleaning hopper.

The average cost is 1, 00 rubles.

User reviews, Anton:

Very cool technique decent and at the same compact size, quietly works. There is one disadvantage: if the height was a couple of centimeters more, my large saucepan would have climbed. I bought it for a summer residence, but after perfect washing all the utensils in the apartment I left at home. We use it twice a day on a program with a length of: 0. Now the dishwasher is the same honorable technique in the house, as is the washing machine.

Flavia TD 55 VALARA

A miniature white dishwasher, 55 cm wide, 50 cm deep and 4 high, Type: detached. Capacity: 6 sets of dishes. Classes of washing and drying are higher - A, energy consumption - A +. No display, but electronically controlled. In the design there is a flowing water heater. Water consumption per wash: 7 liters. Electricity consumption at the level of 1 kW / h. Noise above average: 50 dB. Of the 5 programs, "Normal "Intensive "Express" and "Economy" are marked. There are 4 temperature modes. Drying of condensation type.

Features Flavia TD 55 VALARA:

  • partial type of protection against leakage;
  • possibility of using capsules (tablets) "3 in 1
  • sound notification of the user at the end of the program;
  • salt and rinse aid indicators;
  • inner coating of the hopper - high-quality stainless steel;
  • the holder of wine glasses;
  • there is a "clock" cycle.

The price starts from 12 000 rubles.

User Reviews, Ludmila:

Inexpensive equipment, washes well, my husband and I have enough. A little noise, but this is the first car, so there is nothing to compare with anything else. The quality of washing, it turns out, affects the layout of the dishes (we did not know). If everything is arranged according to the instructions, then it is laundered ideally. I use half the tablet. Reliability - by this parameter I will not say anything, we use less than a year, so far there have been no breakdowns.

Let's sum up. The dishwasher up to 50 cm can be made in three versions: fully or partially built-in, stand-alone and compact (desktop). Picking up a suitable type for yourself, you will receive a technique that will thoroughly clean the dishes and save valuable space.

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