The consumption of water in the dishwasher - is there any economy

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The dishwasher relieves time and hands, but the housewives still doubt its economy. What is the use of a technique that additionally consumes electricity and water; for sure when hand washing is spent less resources? In the article, we will analyze what is true of this, what is the consumption of water in the dishwasher, how profitable to use the home PMM.

Content of the material:

  • 1How much resource does the dishwasher spend
  • 2Does the dishwasher save water?
    • 2.1Advantages of using the dishwasher

How much resource does the dishwasher spend

What volume uses PMM for one wash depends on the type, class, load. These data are specified by the manufacturer in the technical specifications. So:

  1. Compact models can hold 6-8 sets of dishes. For one cycle take about 7-10 liters.
  2. Full-sized and narrow devices with a capacity of 10 to 14 sets consume from 9 to 14 liters.
  3. Professional dishwashers, which are used in public places, use up to 25 liters.

The technique is chosen taking into account the number of people. Do you have a small family? Buy a compact version, otherwise you will have to save a lot of dirty plates for a full load.

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Note! In modern brands - Bosch, Siemens, Milli - there is a half load function. At the same time, resource consumption is halved.

In some models, the consumed capacity is more than specified in the manual.

Does the dishwasher save water?

If you have counters in your apartment, you can compare how much water a cycle is consumed by the machine, and how much it takes to manually wash the appliances. At the same time, watch the cold water meter, as most of the PMMs are connected to a cold tap (read articleabout connecting the dishwasher).

Hot water contains a large amount of impurities. You will have to install an additional filter, and also constantly mix it with a cold flow to reach the optimum temperature.

To independently compare how much is spent during manual washing and during the use of equipment, consider how many sets are placed in your PMM.

Take, for example, 14 sets - this is 34 devices. According to the manufacturer, in a single cycle, a narrow PMM uses 10 liters. Whereas 43 liters were used to wash tableware by hands in such quantity (the total consumption from the hot and cold tap is taken into account, during the lathering of the plates the faucet overlapped). Savings - there is.

Why does this happen? The secret of saving in principle of the MMP. Many models of the Bosch brand, for example, are equipped with a water flow sensor. It is passed through the filter and can be applied several times. In addition, the nozzles start jets under high pressure, which allows you to effectively wash the instruments, and spend a little. Thanks to the electronic control, the sensor will not allow using more than necessary.

Is there a saving or not? In one year of using the equipment, 8280 liters of water are consumed, which is beneficial, even considering the economical consumption of resources for manual washing. If you spend more than 100 a day, then the savings will be even greater.

Advantages of using the dishwasher

During the operation of the equipment, only cold water is expended, the tariffs for which are much lower. Each device is equipped with a heating element for heating.

Users will notice that washing requires more electricity and washing powders. All this applies to manual care, and free time is much longer.

You have learned how many liters a dishwasher takes and whether it saves. When choosing, pay attention to the model class, calculations need to be carried out individually. But consider the undeniable fact - this is a significant time saving.

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