Kuppersberg Dishwashers: Top 5 Best Models + Brand Reviews

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In the early 2000s, the German production group M & G Hausegerate GmbH launched the trademark of household appliances, designed for the Russian market. The company had everything for a successful start - experienced entrepreneurs and a good team of engineers.

After 5 years, Kuppersberg dishwashers and other brand products became recognizable, and a small company turned into a concern.

The content of the article:

  • Characteristics PMM German company
  • TOP 5 best models by reviews
    • Place # 1: Popular Model GLA 689
    • Place # 2: Night Worker GL 6088
    • Place # 3: GS 4505 budget option
    • Place # 4: traditional and economical GL 6033
    • Place # 5: narrow and functional GL 4588
  • Dishwashing table
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Characteristics PMM German company

The manufacturer highlights the main advantages of its dishwashers: almost silent, consume little electricity and are able to remove any contamination from dishes. Win-win duo of reasonable cost and excellent quality attracts more and more buyers.

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Main settings:

  1. Price range: 21.5-40 thousand. rub.
  2. Number of programs: 4, 8, 10.
  3. Engine: inverter or normal.
  4. Capacity: 10, 12, 14 sets.
  5. Leak protection system: Full Aqua Stop, Overflow, Total Aqua Stop.

PMM from this manufacturer are average for the price. Users in their reviews confirm the excellent results of washing, convenient packaging, detailed instructions.

Dishwasher brand Kuppersberg

Of the benefits in the reviews, there is a simple menu, the presence of the delayed start option, convenient basic and additional programs. The instructions describe how to get a better result: add salt, reduce the amount of rinse aid, change settings

Let us dwell on leak protection systems. It works in case of damage to the drain mechanism or depressurization of the chamber. Units from the line with Full Aqua Stop are equipped with a pumping pump and a water level indicator. Total Aqua Stop and Overflow are similar in functionality, just come out in other series of dishwashers.

Another nice moment for users is good service. There are authorized centers in all major cities of Russia. The manufacturer provides a free warranty of 2 years. In the event of a breakdown or failure, you can call the hotline and consult. Descriptions of most problems are in the instructions, along with a detailed algorithm for their elimination.

TOP 5 best models by reviews

The manufacturer specializes exclusively in embedded technology, so there is no free-standing dishwashers in the review. Of the five models presented, 3 are full-size and 2 are narrow. All devices are the same in height and depth.

Place # 1: Popular Model GLA 689

This is a full-size model of silver color, which fits up to 12 sets of dishes. In the options there is a launch delay of 1-9.5 hours. The user is available 8 programs and 7 temperature regimes. This set allows you to choose exactly the washing algorithm that is needed in each case.

Programs are enough to choose two or three most convenient for permanent use. Usually this is one long intensive wash, delicate and fast.

The design of the dishwasher includes an electronic control unit and a closed panel with a digital display.

The functionality of this Coopersberg dishwasher:

  • self test;
  • Alert the user to add salt, rinse aid;
  • class of washing, drying, energy consumption - A.

The camera includes the top tray for small kitchen utensils and a separate basket - you can use them separately or together. The upper compartment is easily adjustable in height. In operation, the unit behaves quietly. The noise level is lower than the recommended 47 dB.

Of the main programs, an intensive dishwashing with heavily soiled dishes is most often used — pots, baking pans, and frying pans. Fast operation at low temperatures is suitable for dishes that you just need to rinse. There is also a pre-rinse, eco, delicate. Optional: half load, pre-soak.

Special attention is given to the process of turbo-drying. Even inside the machine, the dishes are completely dried, it does not need to be wiped or wait until it dries. Surfaces do not have stains after processing. The machine is equipped with a 3-in-1 function, which ensures optimal consumption of detergents. You can use modern tablets in it, each of the components of the product will be delivered on time and in the right quantity.

Place # 2: Night Worker GL 6088

The machine is made in white and silver color. There is a night mode option when the unit is quieter. But with him and with standard programs the noise is minimal - 44 dB. The special Multizone system allows you to load compartments in half. Dishwasher has a popular “Beam on the Floor” indicator, which indicates the completion of a wash cycle.

The device has an amazing capacity of 14 sets, and water consumes only 9 liters. Plus, the GL 6088 has an increased class of energy consumption - A +. Adds advantages to the inverter motor. This device is a new generation with an increased lifetime, but with less power consumption.

The machine is quite high, so it is suitable for furnishing a kitchen whose users are above average in height. It should be borne in mind that the niche for it should be 8 cm more in height.

The functionality of this dishwasher "Kupersberg" incorporated 10 programs, and the temperature regimes of all three. But such a set is quite enough to provide high-quality washing. Of the programs there are traditional: intensive, delicate, eco, fast, auto. In addition to the night mode, hygiene, self-cleaning, daily and pre-rinse, half load options are added.

Let us dwell separately on an automatic car wash. Its temperature range is 45-60 degrees. Optionally, the program independently sets the optimal parameters, guided by the load and the degree of contamination on the dishes. In hygiene mode, dishes are treated with very hot water, which eliminates most bacteria. In this mode, you can handle children's dishes.

Baskets move easily and smoothly, literally “by touch”. This is another advantage of the brand's technology - thoroughly thought over aspects of ergonomic design. The tray for small kitchen utensils is convenient in that the objects are distributed in the cells in the prone position. The construction is removed, it can be pulled out loaded and sent to the table together with cutlery.

Total Aqua Stop system is responsible for the safety of operating PMM. Thanks to her, you can safely start the machine at night to save energy at a reduced rate, and when the owners are not at home. Of the minuses, users note the lack of internal lighting in the dishwasher. From the pros buyers like roominess, which is enough for a large family.

Place # 3: GS 4505 budget option

The main advantage of this dishwasher is the price. It costs only 21.5 thousand. rub. What does a user get for such money? 4 automatic programs, a capacious camera for 10 sets, a delicate mode for processing fragile glasses and glasses. The device is made in white or silver color. The design is different laconic forms and simple lines.

There is no complicated electronics, which increases its resistance to breakdowns - the machine will react poorly to voltage drops in the power grid. There is also a leak protection system - Overflow.

The chamber has a height-adjustable upper compartment even when fully loaded, designed for light and fragile dishes - saucers, salad bowls, cups (there is a special shelf for them).

The design includes a basket for small kitchen utensils and a lower compartment that is easily extended by a two-way wheel system. This compartment is designed for bulk dishes - trays, pots, large plates.

Another plus is the reduced width, so the dishwasher will easily fit in a narrow niche. She has a mechanical control unit with very clear functionality. Comfortable and roomy compartments are additionally equipped with holders. They can be used for fixing objects or omitted if not needed.

In the lower part of the device there is a salt compartment and a triple filtration system. Inside there is a convenient compartment on the door for loading rinse aid and tablets. On the door of the machine made special holes and fixtures for the installation of the front cover.

4 programs of the model:

  1. Eco (50 degrees) - the usual long wash for this model.
  2. Delicate (45 degrees) - is distinguished by its careful attitude to glasses, thin glasses. Such delicate dishes are gently processed without a temperature shock.
  3. Intense (65-70 degrees) - it can be turned on when fully loaded with heavily soiled dishes.
  4. Half load - saves resources if not many sets are assembled to start the unit at full capacity.

The model is 2017, therefore, equipped with an inverter motor. The device is very easy to use. As soon as the owner turns on the device, the indicator lights up to help determine which program will start. Additionally, the panel has indicators that alert the owner of an insufficient amount of salt and rinse aid. Starting the car wash can be delayed from 1 to 12 hours.

Place # 4: traditional and economical GL 6033

The machine is made in white. In its functionality, there are 8 programs, one of which provides for quiet operation in the night mode. The owner can turn on the unit and not worry about leaks - the device is equipped with Total Aqua Stop protection. The remaining programs are eco, auto, intensive, daily, 30-minute. Added and pre-rinse.

The dishwasher chamber holds 14 sets, but at the same time consumes the minimum amount of resources - just 9 liters of water and 1 kW per wash cycle. It can be called the most economical with such parameters. There is enough camera volume for servicing a large family and washing dishes after a party, a festive event.

According to the device, the camera has a unique shelf for cutlery, which is equipped with a folding mechanism. If spoons, forks accumulated a little, you can remove the excess surface and place the devices in one part of the tray. The upper basket has special levers, by clicking on them it is easy to adjust the height of the compartment.

Collapsible tray design allows you to free up space for carafes or other high kitchen utensils. It is divided into three parts, you can leave one or two. Plate clamps in the lower compartment are easily folded to accommodate pots and other dimensional objects. There is only one sprinkler at the dishwasher, but it is so well thought out that water flows into all parts of the chamber.

The model is equipped with a clear, convenient electronic panel, which is easy to handle literally at the first meeting. There is a digital display, so controlling the choice of programs and the washing process is very simple. Thanks to the start delay button, the owner can set the device to turn on after 1-12 hours at intervals of 60 minutes.

Let's not disregard the All-in-One function and Multizone. The first is included when loading tablets. The latter provides for loading only one basket out of three to choose from. Special indicators notify the user about the need to load the salt and rinse. The option "Beam on the floor", which all MMP users like, is missing.

Place # 5: narrow and functional GL 4588

Another model with a width of 45 cm and a relatively high cost for this line "Coppersberg". Made in a nice steel color. The machine has a digital display and electronic control. The inscriptions on the panels are intuitive, it is easy to set the desired program, temperature conditions (45, 50, 65) and additional options.

In the functional, there are 8 standard programs for the manufacturer and 3 temperature modes. But the short program for this model is almost instant and takes only 25 minutes. There is a night, auto, eco, intensive, daily washing and additional rinsing. On the panel, you can select the "Multizone" option and load the dishes into the selected basket only, and leave the rest empty.

You can’t call a narrow type camera, it can hold up to 10 sets. Inside the top compartment there are 4 latches for cups. A significant feature of the model is an additional shelf for cups, a bowl that is installed on the top basket, which allows you to place even more items. The lower compartment accommodates large dishes and a box for small kitchen utensils.

The special shape of the impeller and the water supply system to it guarantee a perfect washing result. The pump participates in the scheme providing a powerful pressure. The owner can delay the start of the PMM for a period of 1-12 hours so that the machine starts later. "Beam on the floor," indicators of salt, rinse is.

The machine is the most economical of the presented energy consumption - it consumes only 0.83 kW per cycle and belongs to the class A +. A green indicator on the start button notifies about the completion of work. Of the interesting features can be identified optical sensor pure.

Dishwashing table

The table shows that all models are the same in depth and height, but in width there are narrow and full-size ones. An earlier instance of the GLA 689 has increased water consumption due to a conventional engine. Modern units with an inverter engine and improved functionality consume only 9-10 liters.

Dimensions (w * w * g, cm) Number of sets (pcs.) Water consumption (l) Noise level (dB)
GLA 689 82x59.8x55 12 13 46
GL 6088 82x59.5x55 14 9 44
GS 4505 82x44.8x55 10 10 49
GL 6033 82x59,5x55 14 9 44
GL 4588 82x44,5x55 10 9 48

The narrowest models turned out to be the cheapest. The most expensive copy in the line is equipped with the richest functionality.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Video presentation of embedded appliances with the Kuppersberg logo:

All built-in dishwashers from this manufacturer are reliable appliances that provide high-quality washing. They have the lowest noise level from other brands on the market. Devices differ in capacity, functionality, safety.

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