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Deep-fried chips and french fries. This fat or a mixture of oils, heated to a high temperature. In this culinary cooking technique, there are a lot of subtleties, and lovers of a healthy lifestyle are serious about choosing a fryer. Fryer and a healthy lifestyle are incompatible due to oil. Yes, but according to scientists, as a result of this method of processing the product retains more useful properties and has a lower calorific value than after frying. I want french fries - choose a deep fryer!

Big Fryer

Features of frying in Fryers

It all starts with the temperature. You can take a simple saucepan, frying pan, perform the necessary operations. The first fryers looked more like kitchen utensils listed above. Oval or round-shaped saucepan with a transparent lid, the original ingredients are placed in the working grid of dishes. At the bottom of the splashing hot oil.

In primitive fryers there is no impossibility to accurately determine the temperature of the oil. For an approximate assessment of the inside throwing a ball of dough. Oil around intensively boils - the conditions are already acceptable. More precisely, the temperature of 160 degrees Celsius is enough for french fries, fish, meat in batter and most dishes. Donuts, belyashi and other similar products require fire conditions. In this case, a lump of dough thrown into the oil may burn slightly.

I had a chance to watch a Ukrainian video telling that fryers are considered uneconomical. But in contrast, arguments were cited - fish and meat in batter fry up to four loads, french fries are twice as large. They say that the volume of oil exceeds the mass of the product four times, but we have witnessed how Channel One reduced the rate to 2.5.Mentioning that frying 1 kg of tubers requires 2.5 liters of olive oil.

Fryer for frying potatoes

There are no polyunsaturated fats in olive oil, polymerization does not occur, which allows you to fry endlessly.

It turns out a little expensive. We take into account - the oil for frying is used once, and only olive oil is allowed to apply again. Restrictions associated with the formation in the fat carcinogen. It has been proven that burning food can cause the growth of cancer cells.

Not any oil is suitable for deep-frying. It is not recommended to take expensive and fragrant varieties of the first spin. The most delicious in terms of cooking salad and will burn. The same applies to unrefined oil. It is dark and will begin to form harmful substances( trans fats) already at low temperatures, filling the surrounding space with smoke. Never use margarine. Well, of course, butter is not suitable for cooking, and ghee is applicable with restrictions.

Our opinion: the fryer is expensive. If before the Crimean events the products from Europe were expensive, then the economic sanctions against Russia were put in their places. A Soviet frypot can easily ruin a typical Russian family — 300 rubles a liter of raw materials. Existing standards do not limit the volume of fried products, but rather, prescribe to keep track of time.

Fried chicken

For example, the cooled oil can no longer be used, and before that it is allowed to fry products in it for 40 hours. Clearly, you need to follow, so as not to darken and not burnt. In these cases, the oil changes. Why such restrictions: the oil is oxidized, the reason - the surrounding air. Longer contact is a negative result. Modern fryers are fitted with a lid to limit the intake of oxygen. A number of fryers are supplied with a reinforced lid to create pressure, which speeds up the process of cooking.

Home Fryer Design We have already described the principle. Add: the pan is electrically heated, and store 1 kW of power per liter of oil. The deep fryer is not an economical device. There are two points to consider:

  1. Large consumption can overload the home network. It is not recommended to take the device with power over 2 kW.
  2. This means two liters of oil and four times fewer ingredients.

And if the payment of electricity bills does not ruin, put 600 rubles for french fries not everyone can afford. We remind you: use olive oil twice, the other should be poured immediately.

A typical fryer has a transparent lid for supervising cooking. Otherwise, Tefal ActiFry. The device can be called briefly "oil free fryer".The rule of the ratio of the volume of butter and potatoes, which is familiar to Ukrainians, is sharply violated. Buying a fryer Tefal - exit for lovers of french fries, going to use the technique for one dish. According to measurements, 3% oil is required relative to standard volume. It is necessary to dose the oil accurately, using a special spoon.

The essence of innovation: in the center of the bowl is a shaped mill, slowly mixing potatoes, running a marathon around the perimeter. In addition, the oil is pumped through the channel in the bottom and splashes up. As a result, the potatoes gradually find contact with a boiling medium. This will allow baking fries without typical volume requirements. But what about the quality, because they say - when frying, the pieces should not touch. Tefal, constantly thinking about us, came up with something new.

We strongly doubt that the device will prepare fish or meat in batter, and cauliflower - please! As for the typical models of fryers, they contain programs according to the available food groups. Choosing the right, the cook sets the temperature. The alarm clock is set at the numbers specified in the instructions, and the period is automatically calculated.

Professional Fryer Models

The story is incomplete without mentioning professional fryers. The units are distinguished by a number of features:

. Professional Fryer

  • . For example, the PFE600 fryer is tightly draped during cooking. The process is under pressure and is controlled by an integrated pressure gauge. The pressure reaches a peak, shortening the cooking time. At the end of the program, the fryer hatch cannot be opened. Wait for the pressure to reach 8.5 atm. Otherwise, the cooks can simply kill and scald with boiling oil, rushing at a sharp plowing in all directions. Observe protection measures. Inside calmly fits 6 kg of potatoes. Oil will need a whole bucket. The temperature setting mode is not satisfactorily implemented. For example, for setting 157 degrees Celsius for cauliflower, you have to press a button an uncountable number of times. However, the information is taken from the video, we recommend that businesses read the instructions before buying.
  • Frifri Fryer allows you to work on a predetermined program, set the temperature and time accurately. The function of automatic net lifting is laid, in the previous version of the fryer, the prepared food was removed manually by grip. But at PFE600 special hooks on the edges, you can hang the design, hooking the sides of the tank. Not bad, considering - 6.5 kg of potatoes is not easy to lift a fragile woman. Oil in Frifri is periodically filtered, increasing the period of use without topping up. No cover, then the oxidation factor is enhanced. The filter for a deep fryer reminds a grid in a form. Inside the material, pieces of food settle, then it is washed, cleaned to its original condition. The PFE600 is an industrial deep fryer aimed at large volumes, Frifri is suitable for a small restaurant where food consumption is not so great. Pleases - the built-in pump helps to drain the waste oil in any container.

In both models, automatic temperature control will not allow the temperature level to fall below the bar, for Frifri it is 153 degrees Celsius. The preventive step prevents the oil from soaking into the products, which is constantly happening with the drop in heat. The working chamber will not heat up more, the oil will not light up.

Fryer gives a lot of joy, despite the price. Looks good Tefal ActiFry. After reading the tips, buy a fryer with a removable bowl and refresh.

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