Stimer for aerogrill

Today we'll talk about why we need a steamer for aerogrill. Along the way, we will consider issues related to the subject of using the device.

Convection oven

Convection oven is good because the food in it is overgrown with an appetizing crispy crust, without burning. Americans are especially fond of crisp, because the honor of the invention belongs to the United States.

Components of aerogrill:

  1. Saucepan( bowl) of heat-resistant glass.
  2. Massive stand with two handles for carrying the device.
  3. Cover with control panel, equipped with heating elements and a fan.

The design provides for the use of a minimum of fat during cooking, that is, it is designed to reduce cholesterol levels. Products do not defrost beforehand. Interesting fact: chicken breasts cooked in aerogrill contain less animal fat, which is quickly deposited under the skin, but reluctantly consumed during exercise.

Note! Cholesterol is involved in fat metabolism, forming a double lipid layer of cells. Without it, the skin is rapidly aging, sex hormones decrease, bile acids lose volume. Excess - the cause of atherosclerosis and ischemic( coronary) heart disease.

The principle of operation of the aerogrill

A couple of notesTemperature control is regulated by a thermostat, the upper limit reaches 260 ° C.

to the Philistine Logic prompts that air is being recirculated. There are questions in connection with this - where does the excess of air expanding when heated go, and how is its shortage replenished when it shrinks when the aerogrill cools? Obviously, several slots on the lid of the device are provided for solving these problems. The next question that arises according to the logic of things:

  • If you turn off the device and do not open it, when it cools down, a negative pressure drop will be created. Consequently, there must be the possibility of air intake from the outside for this case, otherwise the lid will open, to put it mildly, problematic.

As the Americans have decided these two difficulties, the reviews are silent.

In any case, the operating instructions do not advise bringing the face close to the aerogrill in the cooking process when opening the lid - burns with steam and hot air are inevitable.

But the questions fade at the mention of one unique ability of aerogrill - to prepare several dishes at the same time. Initially, the oven is designed for barbecue, but the internal diameter of the bowl allows you to place three ceramic pots. Plus the use of pots - the dishes do not lose moisture, they are succulent. In the convection oven cooked pilaf, soups, other dishes - what is enough of imagination.

The nuances of the aerogrill design.

A conventional fan heater burns oxygen: the red-hot spiral reacts with the air. Constructively, the convection oven and the fan heater are similar, but the heater heaters are a glass flask filled with halogen, surrounding the spiral. The glass is inert, does not react when heated. The Americans decided to issue safety aerogrill for health.

The heating element is ring-shaped, the fan blade is located above. The bowl is made of transparent glass that allows you to visually control the cooking process. Operators of commercials are delighted with the accelerated shooting: the meat on the eyes is covered with a delicious crust. Heat-resistant glass is not afraid of light blows, the bowl is washed in the dishwasher.

Cooking on aerogrill

Consider the process technology. The kit includes:

  • a couple of grids, one double;
  • steamer for aerogrill;
  • rice cooker;
  • forceps;
  • additional expansion ring, which increases the height of the saucepan;
  • skewers.

Convenience Double Grid - the height above the bottom of the saucepan varies. Tongs help to get and put the ingredients of the recipe inside. Steamer is a perforated saucer where the product is laid out, sliding off the grid or falling into a large mesh. Risovarka resembles an ordinary pot, slightly expanding upwards.

The advantage of aerogrill - most recipes do not require the use of fats or oils, which reduces the caloric content and cholesterol content in the prepared dish. Quality stays on top. A roller advertising aerogril offers to see the process of cooking french fries placed on the grid above the legs. The look and taste of the cooked dish does not differ from that fried in butter, the meat retains its juiciness, appetizing look. Manufacturers claim that ordinary grills, microwaves, hobs, etc. are no longer needed.

The statement is too bold, but tasty and healthy food on the convection oven is obtained. The authors of the roller comparing aerogrill with a multivarker expressed a practical idea: to extinguish in a multivark, to fry - in aerogrill. Although the latter is suitable for the preparation of porridge, baking, etc.

. Formulation of aerogrill. The device is heated for 2-3 a temperature of 250 ° C, lower the temperature by 30 ° C, spread the dough for 5 minutes to rise. Baking is brought at a temperature of 170 ° C for ten minutes. Shortly before the end of the process, the cover of the aerogrill is opened and the pastry is greased with egg yolk. Sesame or icing sugar is added to taste. If the dough is damp, put the pastry inside the rice cooker, cover with a lid and incubate for a quarter of an hour at 180 ° C.

Steam cooking in the convection oven

The double grille is set to the lower position, a steamer is placed on it and covered with a large piece of foil. The ingredients are laid out on the foil, filled with hot water at a quarter of the height. The edges of the foil are wrapped in a paper bag. Cooking time 15-30 min.depending on the recipe. Then the bundle carefully unfolds to release steam. Multicooker in this case, better aerogrill, becausepreparatory activities will take less time.

Smoking in the oven

Smoking is cold and hot. Stimer is used as a tray for sawdust. He is placed on the bottom of the bowl of airgrill, poured a handful of sawdust moistened with water. Experts say that the amount of chips does not depend on the mass of the product, so there will be enough pinch of wood. It is not recommended to re-use sawdust in aerogrill.

The double grill is placed on top of the steamer in the lower position, fish or meat is laid on it. The temperature of cold smoking is 95 ° C, and the hot temperature is 250. Follow this rule to kill harmful bacteria in fish and meat.

Stimer for aerogrill

The kit includes one steamer, the second is not needed. If necessary, purchase, choose the same. Actually, the steamer is an ordinary steel perforated saucer, and therefore it is easily replaced with a similar fixture from kitchen utensils.

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